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13782 torrents in category "Music" RSS

Added commentsNameSizeSeedsLeechers
29 Jul 12[D]Conclusion - Good On Ya Mate in Hip Hop3.99 MB10
16 May 10[D]Concrete Creeps Filth - Beton Arme [ Noisy & Distorded Breakbeat / Broken Beat / Ambient ] in Drum N Bass50.02 MB10
10 May 10[D]Concrete Muffin #10 in Electronic72.95 MB10
05 May 10[D]Concrete Muffin #11 in Electronic48.77 MB10
01 Jun 10[D]Concrete Muffin #12 in Electronic45.01 MB10
09 Jun 10[D]Concrete Muffin #13 in Electronic54.47 MB10
22 Jun 10[D]Concrete Muffin #14 in Electronic42.36 MB10
19 Jul 10[D]Concrete Muffin #16 in Electronic40.74 MB10
20 Jul 10[D]Concrete Muffin #17 in Electronic51.23 MB10
03 Aug 10[D]Concrete Muffin #18 in Electronic65.14 MB10
17 Aug 10[D]Concrete Muffin #19 in Electronic63.24 MB10
20 Mar 10[D]Concrete Muffin #2 in Electronic22.3 MB10
10 Sep 10[D]Concrete Muffin #20 in Electronic52.51 MB10
15 Oct 10[D]Concrete Muffin #21 in Electronic48.02 MB10
15 Oct 10[D]Concrete Muffin #22 in Electronic61.48 MB10
07 Nov 10[D]Concrete Muffin #23 in Electronic42.39 MB10
22 Nov 10[D]Concrete Muffin #24 in Electronic53.19 MB10
01 Jan 11[D]Concrete Muffin #25 in Electronic54.38 MB10
05 Mar 11[D]Concrete Muffin #26 in Electronic47.34 MB10
20 Mar 10[D]Concrete Muffin #3 in Electronic61.71 MB10
20 Mar 10[D]Concrete Muffin #5 in Electronic47.06 MB10
23 Mar 10[D]Concrete Muffin #6 in Electronic52.87 MB10
06 Apr 10[D]Concrete Muffin #7 in Electronic46.44 MB10
19 Apr 10[D]Concrete Muffin #8 in Electronic41.34 MB10
26 Apr 10[D]Concrete Muffin #9 in Electronic38.53 MB10
22 Mar 12[D]Concrete Muffin 37 in Electronic33.47 MB10
13 Apr 08[D]Confessions of a dangerous Mind in Other4.12 MB10
02 Aug 09[D]Confusion Is Next - The Generation of This Order [2009, 192kb MP3] in Alternative51.53 MB02
03 Mar 16[D]Connecting With The Dead Spirit - Théodicée [electro] in Electronic4.99 MB20
28 Jul 11[D]Connexion Bizarre Mix by sOuL_sCientiSt in Electronic80.18 MB10
22 May 13[D]conscious haze - dark ages (320 master) in Dubstep12.96 MB10
24 May 13[D]conscious haze - darkness (320 master) in Dubstep86.63 MB10
19 May 13[D]conscious haze - for you (320 master) in Dubstep13.76 MB10
21 Jul 13[D]conscious haze - rusty river (320 master) in Dubstep11.95 MB10
05 Jun 13[D]conscious haze deep dubstep mix 2013 in Dubstep48.75 MB10
03 Jul 13[D]conscious haze dubstep mix 2013 in Dubstep38.95 MB10
24 Nov 10[D]Conscripts - Centrophase [FLAC] in Electronic83.43 MB10
24 Nov 10[D]Conscripts - Centrophase [mp3 320] in Electronic20.77 MB10
24 Nov 10[D]Conscripts - Reverse Chronology [FLAC] in Electronic63.56 MB10
24 Nov 10[D]Conscripts - Reverse Chronology [mp3 320] in Electronic16.61 MB10
13 Apr 10[D]Conscripts - Skyline [FLAC] in Electronic182.77 MB20
14 Apr 10[D]Conscripts - Skyline [mp3 320] Re-release in Electronic46.39 MB10
18 Nov 13[D]Consistent (Freestyle Accapella) - Enty3way in Rap5.68 MB10
24 Nov 09[D]Conspiracy of Mind in Hip Hop5.5 MB10
05 Mar 10[D]Conspiracy of Mind "Civilian Rebellion" feat. BEAST 1333 in Hip Hop7.18 MB10
05 Mar 10[D]Conspiracy of Mind "What now America?" feat. PRESTO in Hip Hop4.99 MB10
02 Dec 09[D]Conspiracy of Mind & Guerilla War Tactix "GENOCIDE" in Hip Hop6.96 MB10
29 Aug 091 comments[D]Conspiracy of Mind - "The Day After" EP 2009 in Hip Hop36.79 MB10
13 Sep 09[D]CONSPIRACY OF MIND - Children of Men in Hip Hop5.91 MB10
11 Apr 11[D]Constant Contract by Project Tu (pop-punk/8-bit rock/prog rock) in Alternative6.99 MB30
11 May 11[D]Contemporary worship in Christian30.66 MB03
08 Oct 09[D]Contravene - 2002 - Times Of War, Times Of Peace [] in Punk291 B20
09 Oct 09[D]Contravene - 2002 - Times Of War, Times Of Peace [] in Punk17.31 MB10
08 Oct 094 comments[D]Contravene - 2002 - Times Of War, Times Of Peace [] in Punk291 B20
03 Nov 09[D]Convenience Stories in Alternative32.34 MB10
04 Dec 08[D]Cool Breeze - "Cre-A-Tine" (Haroon Al-Qahtani Remix) in Hip Hop3.68 MB10
10 Mar 11[D]Cool Kid Piddy - Chevy's & Polo's Ft. Fat Pimp off mixtape 'Cool Points Vol.1' Available Now! in Hip Hop3.23 MB10
10 Mar 112 comments[D]Cool Kid Piddy - Cool Points Vol. 1 in Rap88.23 MB10
10 Mar 11[D]Cool Kid Piddy - Energy Ft Keri Hilson off mixtape 'Cool Points Vol.1' Available Now! in Techno4.69 MB10
10 Mar 11[D]Cool Kid Piddy - Hands Itchin Ft Amante and OJ Da Juiceman off mixtape 'CoolPoints Vol.1' Available in Dubstep5.57 MB10
10 Mar 11[D]Cool Kid Piddy - I Am Vicious Ft PayPa, The Game and Jim Jones off mixtape 'Cool Points Vol.1' Avail in Hip Hop7.2 MB10
10 Mar 11[D]Cool Kid Piddy - I Get Money Ft Lil Flip off mixtape 'Cool Points Vol.1' Available Now! in Hip Hop2.98 MB10
10 Mar 11[D]Cool Kid Piddy - I Like Girls Ft Gorilla Zoe off mixtape 'Cool Points Vol.1' Available Now! in Techno4.52 MB10
10 Mar 11[D]Cool Kid Piddy - Keep Runnin Ft Gucci Mane off mixtape 'Cool Points Vol.1' Available Now! in Hip Hop5.18 MB10
10 Mar 11[D]Cool Kid Piddy - Make It Hot Ft Wiz Khalifa off mixtape 'Cool Points Vol.1' Available Now! in Pop5.83 MB10
10 Mar 11[D]Cool Kid Piddy - Minaj Ft Que and Bama off mixtape 'Cool Points Vol.1' Available Now! in Hip Hop6.71 MB01
10 Mar 11[D]Cool Kid Piddy - Our Night Ft Jimmy Z off mixtape 'Cool Points Vol.1' Available Now! in Hip Hop6.74 MB10
10 Mar 11[D]Cool Kid Piddy - Talkn Bout The Money Ft G4 Boyz ft Lil Wayne off mixtape 'Cool Points Vol.1' Avail in Hip Hop5.12 MB10
10 Mar 11[D]Cool Kid Piddy - That Tree Ft Snoop Dogg and Kid Cudi off mixtape 'Cool Points Vol.1' Available Now! in Dubstep4.35 MB10
10 Mar 11[D]Cool Kid Piddy - Wake N' Bake Ft Bizniz Kid off mixtape 'Cool Points Vol.1' Available Now! in Hip Hop9.78 MB10
16 Dec 161 comments[D]Coping Mechanisms - Mixed CD by Jay Skinner [HOUSE] in Trance / House / Dance55.48 MB30
25 Nov 09[D]Corbelijn: gloomy state of melancholy in Indie4.71 MB10
02 Sep 09[D]Corda Mill- Channels Of Love ep (2009) in Hip Hop55.09 MB10
02 Sep 09[D]Corda Mill- Channels Of Love ep (2009) in Pop55.09 MB20
02 Sep 09[D]Corda Mill- Channels Of Love ep (2009) in R&B55.09 MB20
04 Jul 10[D]CordaMill "Black Book Series" in R&B49.34 MB10
10 Jul 10[D]CordaMill -BlackBook:TheIntroduction in Hip Hop47.62 MB10
11 Jan 12[D]CordaMill- D.R.U.N.K feat. BennyMicgurty in Pop4.38 MB10
11 Jan 12[D]CordaMill- D.R.U.N.K feat. BennyMicgurty in Hip Hop4.38 MB10
11 Jan 12[D]CordaMill- D.R.U.N.K feat. BennyMicgurty in Alternative4.38 MB10
23 Jun 10[D]CordaMill-All @ once feat.Glo in Pop3.07 MB10
23 Jun 10[D]CordaMill-All @ once feat.Glo in Hip Hop3.07 MB10
23 Jun 10[D]CordaMill-All @ once feat.Glo in R&B3.07 MB10
10 Jul 10[D]CordaMill-BlackBook:TheIntroduction in Pop47.62 MB10
11 Mar 10[D]CordaMill-Running from R love in Pop6.99 MB20
11 Mar 10[D]CordaMill-Running from R love in R&B6.99 MB20
11 Mar 10[D]CordaMill-Running from R love in Hip Hop6.99 MB21
23 Dec 13[D]CoreCaine - Hell's Basement [Hardcore/Speedcore] in Electronic54.1 MB10
16 Feb 14[D]CoreCaine - LIVE [Speedcore/Hardcore] in Electronic211.04 MB10
12 Aug 10[D]Corey (I Love Watchin' You Fight) by Chris Robb's 40312 in Electronic5.82 MB10
14 Oct 09[D]Corrigan Fest - demo (5t, 2004) ( in Punk16.61 MB20
10 Feb 13[D]Cortex Accelera - The Place We Went To - Genre: Electronica (Think DJ Shadow, Amon Tobin) in Electronic36.19 MB10
04 Oct 12[D]Cortex Accelera - The Place We Went To ALBUM Electronica in Electronic36.19 MB10
24 Mar 14[D]Corwyn : "Prodigal" in Hardrock50.51 MB11
04 Apr 0917 comments[D]Cosmic Noise - Mixed CD by Jay Skinner [TRANCE HOUSE BREAKS] in Trance / House / Dance66.79 MB20
18 Apr 13[D]Cosmology Mix Series 2 - Dr. J!nx in Electronic75.76 MB10
02 Jun 101 comments[D]Country Instrumental MP3 - Royalty Free Music by Dano @ in Country / Western3.35 MB10
11 Jul 082 comments[D]Country music singer Stephen Cochran, live concert and music video in Video clips27.14 MB10
05 Sep 14[D]Cousin Lou - In The Service Of Machines - Album (Think Amon Tobin, Boards of Canada, Ninja Tune) in Electronic46.51 MB10
17 Apr 12[D]Cousin Lou - Moody Dollar - Album - Dubby Doped Out Electronica in Electronic76.97 MB10
10 Feb 13[D]Cousin Lou - Moody Dollar - Album - Genre: Electronica (Think OnU Sound, Ninja Tune) in Electronic76.97 MB10
29 Jun 091 comments[D]Coverclub - Guilty Pleasures (Indie-covers of hits, including a MJ-cover by Silence is Sexy) in Alternative68.36 MB01
17 May 082 comments[D]Covet Chaos - Terrorvision (Sepultura like UK Thrash) in Metal7.35 MB10
17 Dec 092 comments[D]Covet Chaos - Trailblazer In Space (UK Thrash ALBUM) in Heavy/Death Metal45.88 MB10
12 Aug 08[D]Covet Chaos - Wendigo (UK Thrash) in Metal7.2 MB10
10 Jun 11[D]Cow Pals (Philly Indie-Rock) RIYL Modest Mouse and Pavement in Indie109.14 MB10
06 Apr 10[D]Cowboy Ghosts EP - The Nasty Angels in Lo-Fi23.83 MB20
16 Mar 08[D]CP - The Stashbox hosted by BK One in Hip Hop61.61 MB10
08 Dec 10[D]Cr0okKid - No Excuses (2009 - Hip Hop)(256 kbps MP3) TVP NETWORK in Hip Hop6.01 MB10
16 Aug 10[D]Cr0okKid - Propaganda (2009 - Hip Hop)(320kbps MP3) TVP NETWORK in Hip Hop8.06 MB01
24 Sep 10[D]Cr0okKid - Punch Lines (Hip-Hop/Grime)(320 kbps MP3) TVP NETWORK in Hip Hop3.74 MB01
23 Oct 10[D]Cra Cra zZee - Enty3way in Hip Hop16.38 MB10
11 Nov 14[D]Crackbutcher [Noise/Drone] in Electronic54.3 MB10
25 Jan 10[D]CRAFT MOMO - Record Imagination in Electronic5.33 MB10
18 Apr 15[D]CRAPPEO & BREAD as Twyll The ChyllTyrant - (Twinkle, Twinkle) Little Star (MP3) (Single) (C.R.E.M.) in World Music2.32 MB32
07 May 16[D]CRAPPEO Presents Twyll The ChyllTyrant & The Crooked Empire - Level One (Single) (C.R.E.M.) (2016) in Hip Hop7.59 MB10
29 Apr 16[D]CRAPPEO Presents Twyll The ChyllTyrant - Garbage Day (Single) (C.R.E.M.) (2016) in Hip Hop19.77 MB40
27 Nov 16[D]CRAPPEO Presents Twyll The ChyllTyrant - Rap Style (Triple Single) (MP3) (C.R.E.M.) (2016) in Hip Hop30.43 MB40
04 Mar 14[D]CRAPPEO presents Twyll The ChyllTyrant - Yo! The Infection 2014 HARD BODY (Single) (C.R.E.M.) (2014) in Hip Hop29.53 MB10
15 Apr 15[D]CRAPPEO Presents Twyll The ChyllTyrant as BREAD - Weird (Single) (C.R.E.M.) (2015) in Hip Hop10.62 MB31
13 Jan 16[D]CRAPPEO Presents Tyrant - Do 2 Def (Single) (C.R.E.M.) (2016) in Hip Hop4.31 MB20
03 Dec 15[D]CRAPPEO Presents Tyrant - TOP 05 (Single) (C.R.E.M.) (2015) in Rap7.23 MB20
06 Oct 09[D]CRASS - 1978 - REALITY ASYLUM (7'') [WWW.ANARCHO-PUNK.NET] in Punk15.6 MB10
07 Oct 09[D]CRASS - 1978 - THE FEEDING OF THE 5,000 (LP) [WWW.ANARCHO-PUNK.NET] in Punk73.54 MB10
06 Oct 09[D]CRASS - 1978 - THE FEEDING OF THE 5,000 (LP) [WWW.ANARCHO-PUNK.NET] in Punk73.54 MB10
06 Oct 09[D]CRASS - 1980 - NAGASAKI NIGHTMARE (7'') [WWW.ANARCHO-PUNK.NET] in Punk18.67 MB10
07 Oct 09[D]CRASS - 1981-1995 - YOU'LL RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE [WWW.ANARCHO-PUNK.NET] in Punk37.95 MB01
06 Oct 097 comments[D]CRASS - 1982 - CHRIST - THE ALBUM (LP) [WWW.ANARCHO-PUNK.NET] in Punk4.18 MB10
07 Oct 09[D]CRASS - 1982 - HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE THE MOTHER OF 1000 DEAD (7'') [WWW.ANARCHO-PUNK.NET] in Punk16.44 MB10
07 Oct 09[D]CRASS - 1983 - SHEEP FARMING IN THE FALKLANDS (1982 FLEXI & 1983 7'') [WWW.ANARCHO-PUNK.NET] in Punk13.72 MB380
07 Oct 09[D]CRASS - 1983 - WHODUNNIT (7'') [WWW.ANARCHO-PUNK.NET] in Punk9.79 MB10
07 Oct 09[D]CRASS - 1983 - YES SIR, I WILL (LP) [WWW.ANARCHO-PUNK.NET] in Punk40.7 MB10
07 Oct 09[D]CRASS - 1984 - ACTS OF LOVE (LP) [WWW.ANARCHO-PUNK.NET] in Punk40.1 MB20
07 Oct 09[D]CRASS - 1984 - YOU'RE ALREADY DEAD [WWW.ANARCHO-PUNK.NET] in Punk18.81 MB20
16 Jun 10[D]Crates Anatomy - Head Nod Supreme - 2010 - Research Deluxe in Hip Hop8.24 MB10
26 Jan 10[D]Crates Anatomy - Rusty Tapes - Live on WPRK 91.5 in Lo-Fi3.38 MB10
23 Dec 09[D]Crates DJ's - B.Boy Field Trip pt.1 - 2008 - Research Deluxe in Indie39.99 MB10
02 Feb 09[D]Crawled Out of a Grave - New Rock Song About a Soldier Coming Home from War by Dan-O ( in Rock5 MB11
21 Jul 09[D]Crazy from the Message - Electric Guitar Rock Instrumental MP3 - Royalty Free Music by in Rock2.91 MB01
29 Dec 143 comments[D]Creatures Of The Night - Mixed CD by Jay Skinner [HOUSE BREAKS TECHNO] in Trance / House / Dance70.1 MB10
22 Sep 13[D]Crimson Falls - Downpours Of Disapproval (Official band release) in Heavy/Death Metal177.06 MB21
17 Oct 13[D]CRN:66116 * Process Revival (Dark Ambient - Drone - Noise) in Electronic117.88 MB10
07 Dec 14[D]CRN:66116 - Music For Serial Killers To Masturbate To [Noise/Ambient] in Electronic83.85 MB10
09 May 14[D]CRN:66116 - Trapped In The Ways Of The Gray [Ambient] in Ambient32.82 MB10
02 Aug 13[D]Crooked I - Apex Predator CD FLAC 2013 PERFECT in Hip Hop264.67 MB01
16 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Banger On My Lap (Promo CDS) in Hip Hop15.79 MB01
23 Jul 08[D]Crooked I: Best Rapper Alive VIBE.COM (Freestyle over Kanye West: Stronger) in Hardcore6.18 MB10
02 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Cali Boyz (CD Single) in Hip Hop18.44 MB10
22 May 084 comments[D]Crooked I: Dream Big (ft. Akon) in Hip Hop11.32 MB11
04 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Evolution Of A Boss CD1 in Hip Hop105.8 MB10
04 Apr 081 comments[D]Crooked I: Evolution Of A Boss CD2 in Hip Hop74.18 MB10
23 Jul 08[D]Crooked I: Freak (Block Obama) in Hip Hop5.49 MB10
04 Apr 087 comments[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Complete Collection) in Hip Hop294.73 MB10
03 Apr 083 comments[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 0) in Hip Hop3.83 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 1) in Hip Hop2.77 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 10) in Hip Hop3.45 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 11) in Hip Hop5.34 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 12) in Hip Hop5.82 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 13) in Hip Hop3.66 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 14) in Hip Hop6.04 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 15) in Hip Hop8.9 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 16) in Hip Hop4.68 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 17) in Hip Hop5.58 MB01
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 18) in Hip Hop3.79 MB01
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 18.5) in Hip Hop6.09 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 19) in Hip Hop6.06 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 2) in Hip Hop3.21 MB01
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 20) in Hip Hop4.52 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 21) in Hip Hop6.21 MB01
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 22 & 23) in Hip Hop7.77 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 24) in Hip Hop10.49 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 25) in Hip Hop3.92 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 26) in Hip Hop4.32 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 27) in Hip Hop3.38 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 28) in Hip Hop3.42 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 29) in Hip Hop5.88 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 3) in Hip Hop6.64 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 30) in Hip Hop6.32 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 31) in Hip Hop4.95 MB01
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 32) in Hip Hop4.74 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 33) in Hip Hop5.64 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 34) in Hip Hop7.18 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 35) in Hip Hop4.83 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 36) in Hip Hop5.53 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 37) in Hip Hop5.81 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 38) in Hip Hop7.87 MB01
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 39) in Hip Hop7.74 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 4) in Hip Hop7.59 MB01
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 40) in Hip Hop4.95 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 41) in Hip Hop5.16 MB10
03 Apr 08[D]Crooked I: Hip-Hop Weekly (Week 42) in Hip Hop5.33 MB01