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502 torrents in subcategory "Indie" RSS

Added commentsNameSizeSeedsLeechers
18 Jul 13[D] Afterthem / Liz Matta Watching Them Come And Go in Indie12.41 MB10
24 Jul 13[D] Afterthem / Pyro (extra crispy mix) in Indie9.65 MB10
09 Jul 10[D]! Mr Who - Bullets For Goodbye (Placebo vs Archive)( in Indie13.13 MB10
09 Dec 10[D]! Mr Who - Dead Disco In A Forest (The Cure vs Metric) in Indie8.23 MB10
12 Feb 10[D]! Mr Who - Indiepill 1 ( in Indie90.13 MB10
27 Jul 10[D]! Mr Who - Indiepill 10 ( in Indie86.82 MB10
12 Feb 10[D]! Mr Who - Indiepill 2 ( in Indie98.59 MB10
07 May 09[D]! Mr Who - Indiepill 3 ( in Indie93.82 MB11
07 Sep 09[D]! Mr Who - Indiepill 4 ( in Indie110.56 MB10
16 Feb 10[D]! Mr Who - Indiepill 5 ( in Indie74.42 MB11
24 Feb 10[D]! Mr Who - Indiepill 6 ( in Indie79.86 MB10
30 Mar 10[D]! Mr Who - Indiepill 7 - The One To Rule Them All ( in Indie88.66 MB10
10 May 10[D]! Mr Who - Indiepill 8 ( in Indie76.69 MB10
09 Jun 10[D]! Mr Who - Indiepill 9 ( in Indie96.5 MB10
07 Jun 11[D]! Planet Funk - Mr.Who Said (Mr.Who Bootleg) in Indie7.94 MB20
09 Oct 082 comments[D]#089 Indie Disco mixtape (Acoustic) in Indie112.28 MB10
23 Oct 09[D]#094 Indie Disco mixtape (Halloween) in Indie166.63 MB10
18 Dec 09[D]#104 Indie Disco mixtape (Christmas Special) in Indie167.73 MB10
02 Dec 11[D]#105 Indie Disco mixtape (Best of 2008) in Indie167.63 MB10
21 Oct 12[D]#121 Indie Disco mixtape (Acoustic) in Indie166.06 MB20
21 Oct 12[D]#122 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie170.16 MB10
20 Oct 12[D]#123 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie168.54 MB10
20 Oct 12[D]#124 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie167.31 MB10
12 May 092 comments[D]#125 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie165.14 MB20
16 May 09[D]#126 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie169.22 MB10
23 May 09[D]#127 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie167.45 MB10
31 May 091 comments[D]#128 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie169.09 MB10
06 Jun 092 comments[D]#129 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie168.29 MB10
13 Jun 09[D]#130 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie166.89 MB11
20 Jun 091 comments[D]#131 Indie Disco mixtape (Post-Punk Revival) in Indie167.7 MB20
28 Jun 091 comments[D]#132 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie165.69 MB10
06 Jul 091 comments[D]#133 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie166.08 MB20
12 Jul 09[D]#134 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie164.84 MB20
18 Jul 09[D]#135 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie165.04 MB20
18 Aug 093 comments[D]#136 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie168.46 MB20
24 Aug 09[D]#137 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie167.61 MB20
31 Aug 091 comments[D]#138 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie164.94 MB20
07 Sep 09[D]#139 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie166.63 MB10
14 Sep 09[D]#140 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie173.18 MB10
26 Sep 09[D]#141 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie165.9 MB10
10 Oct 09[D]#142 Indie Disco mixtape (Acoustic) in Indie165.48 MB10
07 Nov 09[D]#143 Indie Disco mixtape (Halloween) in Indie183.16 MB10
14 Nov 09[D]#144 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie168.16 MB10
05 Dec 09[D]#145 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie168.8 MB10
29 Dec 093 comments[D]#146 Indie Disco mixtape (Best of 2009) in Indie168.35 MB10
03 Jan 10[D]#147 Indie Disco mixtape (Best of the '00s) in Indie171.63 MB20
16 Jan 102 comments[D]#148 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie169.09 MB10
17 Feb 10[D]#149 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie165.85 MB10
22 Mar 10[D]#150 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie164.23 MB20
01 Aug 101 comments[D]#151 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie169.92 MB10
17 Nov 10[D]#152 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie169.28 MB10
25 Nov 10[D]#153 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie171.09 MB10
31 Dec 10[D]#154 Indie Disco mixtape (Best of 2010) in Indie165.89 MB10
06 Feb 11[D]#155 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie168.78 MB10
12 Mar 11[D]#157 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie167.93 MB10
20 Mar 11[D]#158 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie166.35 MB10
16 May 11[D]#160 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie168.92 MB10
16 Nov 11[D]#161 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie170.55 MB10
16 Nov 11[D]#162 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie168.6 MB10
16 Nov 11[D]#163 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie169.09 MB10
16 Nov 11[D]#164 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie168.04 MB10
16 Nov 11[D]#165 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie167.25 MB10
17 Nov 11[D]#166 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie169.58 MB10
17 Nov 11[D]#167 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie171.57 MB10
01 Jan 12[D]#168 Indie Disco mixtape (Best of 2011) in Indie167.93 MB10
04 Feb 12[D]#170 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie169.51 MB10
06 May 12[D]#171 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie168.76 MB10
20 Jul 12[D]#172 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie166.71 MB10
17 Aug 12[D]#173 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie166.97 MB10
03 Sep 12[D]#174 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie168.43 MB10
02 Oct 12[D]#175 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie164.69 MB10
18 Oct 12[D]#176 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie168.49 MB20
24 Oct 12[D]#177 Indie Disco mixtape (Halloween) in Indie168.55 MB10
11 Jan 13[D]#178 Indie Disco mixtape (Best of 2012) in Indie167.94 MB10
01 Apr 13[D]#180 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie166.39 MB20
09 Jun 13[D]#181 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie169.54 MB20
15 Aug 13[D]#182 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie169.6 MB20
21 Sep 13[D]#183 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie167.47 MB20
20 Oct 13[D]#184 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie170.37 MB30
07 Dec 13[D]#185 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie170.49 MB20
03 Jan 14[D]#186 Indie Disco mixtape (Best of 2013) in Indie175.73 MB20
23 Apr 14[D]#187 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie165.7 MB32
27 Jun 14[D]#188 Indie Disco mixtape in Indie169.04 MB20
30 Jan 15[D]#189 Indie Disco mixtape (Best of 2014) in Indie276.7 MB21
02 Dec 11[D]#25 Indie Disco mixtape (Best of 2007) in Indie169.3 MB11
28 Nov 13[D]"Breaking Bad" and "Oceans " by Christian Rafael NEW ALBUM 2014 in Indie22.76 MB40
15 Dec 093 comments[D]2010 French Music Sampler - French songwriter/composer Kim Cao Promotion Pack in Indie157.45 MB10
27 Nov 11[D]2011.11.25 - Mecha Shiva Live @ The Globe Bar and Grille in Indie104.01 MB10
10 Feb 13[D]2419 Record Label Compilation Indie Jazz, Electronica, Indie-rock (think Ninja Tune, 4AD) in Indie111.76 MB10
24 Jan 1014 comments[D]5SKS - Soundtrack to the End of the World (Indie Rock) in Indie138.54 MB10
26 Oct 101 comments[D]5SKS - Subliminal - The Banned LP in Indie78.57 MB10
15 Jul 109 comments[D]5SKS - Subterranean - Artist Release - Indie Rock in Indie164.63 MB10
09 Dec 11[D]9Gotti - All In (We Up In Here) in Indie4.64 MB10
01 Oct 15[D]A Espiral de Bukowski - Debut Album (Think, Mumford and Sons, Pink Floyd, Air, Mum) in Indie32.99 MB60
30 Aug 101 comments[D]Accident - Vert Bleu Noir [2010, 320kb MP3] in Indie59.8 MB10
03 Jan 10[D]AFGROND by Shabby inC. (sic.020/2008) in Indie55.22 MB10
29 Sep 09[D]Amada - Nuovi Re in Indie41.16 MB10
28 Aug 15[D]ANEZ - Dust Album - (Think Aphex Twin, Kraftwerk, Bjork, Florence And The Machine) in Indie90.29 MB20
01 Oct 096 comments[D]ARTHUR ADAM (full album 2008) [INACABINWITH] (imagine Jeff Buckley,Damien Rice & Patrick Watson) in Indie44.46 MB50
23 Nov 08[D]ArtistOne Analytics - Analytical Impressions Podcast Episode 6 - in Indie30.4 MB10
23 Nov 08[D]ArtistOne Analytics - Analytical Impressions Podcast Episode 7 - in Indie15.43 MB10
23 Nov 08[D]ArtistOne Analytics - Analytical Impressions Podcast Episode 8 - in Indie19.13 MB10
28 Jan 10[D]ASTROLAB - EP 2008 (like Placebo, Interpol, The Cure, Radiohead, Joy Division) in Indie51.66 MB10
23 Jul 10[D]ASTROLAB-Call Me Insane-Demo 2010 (sounds like Placebo, Interpol, The Cure, Radiohead, Joy Division) in Indie9.82 MB10
22 Jul 10[D]ASTROLAB-Empty Spaces-Demo 2010 (sounds like Placebo, Interpol, The Cure, Radiohead, Joy Division) in Indie8.99 MB10
02 Feb 10[D]ASTROLAB-EP 2009 (sounds like Interpol, The Cure, Radiohead, Joy Division, Placebo, New Order) in Indie2.65 MB10
29 Jan 10[D]ASTROLAB-Heart of Stone-EP 2008 (like Placebo, Interpol, The Cure, Radiohead, Joy Division) in Indie8.75 MB10
29 Jan 10[D]ASTROLAB-Ultraviolet-EP 2008 (like Placebo, Interpol, The Cure, Radiohead, Joy Division) in Indie10.13 MB10
09 Dec 11[D]ATrane - Smoke With Me in Indie3.07 MB10
07 Dec 09[D]Aviary Ghost - Memory is a Hallway (Full album, 2008) in Indie73.69 MB10
09 Jul 09[D]bad day? - All the demos in Indie80.59 MB10
09 Dec 11[D]Bama - Lay Low in Indie5.27 MB10
22 Nov 11[D]Baron von Yus - Live 2007 in Indie88.66 MB10
09 Dec 11[D]Beadz Bo Deal & Waka Flocka - Wild Out in Indie4.91 MB10
30 Mar 09[D]Behold my puny bears, Vol. I - V.A. (BEEP-2008) in Indie41.29 MB10
26 Mar 107 comments[D]Behold My Puny Bears, Vol. II (BEEP-2010) in Indie64.84 MB10
21 Nov 11[D]Ben's Imaginary Band - Trust LP [2011] in Indie119.71 MB10
06 Sep 11[D]Billy the Kid & the Southside Boys - Ours (320 kbps mp3) in Indie83.79 MB10
07 Feb 13[D]Bjorn & Gorden - Autumnica EP - Genre: Post-Rock Indie (think kraftwerk, depeche mode) in Indie30.25 MB10
28 Aug 12[D]Bjorn & Gorden: Autumnica - Electronica & Post-Rock in Indie30.25 MB10
09 Apr 14[D]Black Vendetta - Black Vendetta III (2014) [Rock-Pop-Indie] in Indie27.47 MB10
09 Dec 11[D]Blakkwood - Pieces of My Mind ft Ice the Villian & The Mr. in Indie6.07 MB10
24 Feb 13[D]Bodypolitics - The Space of a Jump - Debut Album (Think Radiohead, The National, The Smiths) in Indie47.58 MB10
03 Nov 13[D]Boolfight - All In EP (2013) [indie-electro-pop-melodic] in Indie30.64 MB11
01 Nov 12[D]Boolfight - Deluxe (2012) [indie-electro-melodic] in Indie9.35 MB10
10 Nov 12[D]Boolfight - Feral (2012) [indie-rock-electro-melodic] in Indie92.89 MB10
27 Oct 11[D]Boolfight - Loose Cannons & B-Sides (2011) [indie-smooth-melodic] in Indie37.94 MB10
13 Nov 11[D]Boolfight - Multiple Devils EP (2010) [indie-rock-electro-melodic] in Indie43.62 MB10
03 Nov 08[D]Booongs Over Baghdad - Hot Sauce and Cheese in Indie63.15 MB10
18 Nov 09[D]Bumbershoot Records No. 00 - The Andes - EP [2006] - 320 kbps in Indie53.58 MB10
18 Apr 10[D]Bumbershoot Records No. 01 - Oliver Bixby - For No One - [2007] - 192 kbps in Indie58.12 MB10
27 Oct 09[D]Bumbershoot Records No. 05 - The Andes - Vintager - [2009] - 192 kbps in Indie69.5 MB10
20 May 10[D]Bumbershoot Records No. 09 - Oliver Bixby - Silk Road - [2010] - 320 kbps in Indie10.39 MB20
03 Oct 11[D]Bumbershoot Records No. 10 - Oliver Bixby - Tumblecreep - [2011] - 320 kbps in Indie45.87 MB10
23 Dec 12[D]Bumbershoot Records No. 13 - Springtide [EP] - [2012] 320 kbps in Indie36.17 MB10
31 Aug 08[D]Children of the Sun - Hot Sauce and Cheese in Indie102.94 MB10
12 Feb 13[D]Chocolate Mic's Rolling Stone in Indie6.12 MB10
25 Mar 14[D]Christian Rafael - 1111 (Think Coldplay, Sam Smith, Justin Timberlake) in Indie32.57 MB20
21 Jul 14[D]Christian Rafael - Dualist (Think NIN, Radiohead, Justin Timberlake) in Indie86.33 MB20
27 Jul 14[D]Christian Rafael - Euphoria (Think The Black Keys, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Santana) in Indie39.26 MB62
14 Apr 14[D]Christian Rafael - Everything is A-Live 2014 (Think Coldplay, Sam Smith, Damien Rice) in Indie22.08 MB12
08 Nov 14[D]Christian Rafael - Gonzalez (Think Romeo Santos, Mark Anthony, Los Panchos) in Indie16.63 MB30
30 May 14[D]Christian Rafael - Odyssey (Think Sam Smith, Frank Ocean, Justine Timberlake) in Indie23.86 MB20
30 May 14[D]Christian Rafael - Scivias EP (Think Coldplay, Sam Smith, Damien Rice) in Indie21.17 MB22
08 Nov 14[D]Christian Rafael - Stir of Echoes (Think Thomas Newman, Hans Zimmer, Graeme Revell) in Indie15.55 MB11
22 Nov 14[D]Christian Rafael - Surrender (Think Coldplay, Sam Smith, Justin Timberlake) in Indie32.99 MB10
13 Dec 0915 comments[D]Christmas Candy From The Netherlands [Christmas songs by Dutch indie bands] in Indie82.2 MB30
06 Sep 081 comments[D]Clinker - Clinker est Innocent (2008) [ in Indie73.38 MB10
25 Nov 09[D]Corbelijn: gloomy state of melancholy in Indie4.71 MB10
10 Jun 11[D]Cow Pals (Philly Indie-Rock) RIYL Modest Mouse and Pavement in Indie109.14 MB10
23 Dec 09[D]Crates DJ's - B.Boy Field Trip pt.1 - 2008 - Research Deluxe in Indie39.99 MB10
03 Jan 11[D]D3AD P1X3L - Negative Zero in Indie20.38 MB10
18 Sep 10[D]D3AD P1X3L - Sh1ft C3ntr1c in Indie18.37 MB10
13 Jan 0912 comments[D]Dan Bull - Safe (Debut album) [2009] in Indie37.76 MB10
09 Jun 091 comments[D]Dance at the Postoffice (1st Release) in Indie55.87 MB10
14 Apr 10[D]Dance at the Postoffice (3Songs) in Indie22.13 MB10
08 Sep 09[D]Danish Daycare - A Purpose To My Sins [Single, 2009, 192kb MP3] in Indie23.87 MB10
14 May 10[D]Danish Daycare - A Story Of Hurt (2010 Edition) [2010, 256kb MP3] in Indie101.13 MB10
21 Nov 08[D]DARKFOLD - Metaverse [MP3 192VBR] [2008] [Rock] in Indie54.27 MB10
06 Apr 091 comments[D]Deastro - Spritle 7" (FTDT-001) in Indie23.18 MB10
05 Oct 11[D]Degrees - Dream On Dreamy (2011, 192kb MP3) in Indie77.1 MB10
20 Sep 09[D]Deja Entendu - 2009 - Skeletons EP [320 kbps-vbr] in Indie41.73 MB10
09 Dec 11[D]DemoLyrics - Let me Hear You Say in Indie3.71 MB10
09 Apr 13[D]Dia Del Mercado - Seven Years Of Dirt - Album (Think Calexico, Pink Floyd, Ennio Morricone) in Indie58.28 MB20
25 Apr 16[D]Dj Y.K. The Pilot - Tunnel Vision feat Drake-Future-Kehlani-Nicki Minaj And more in Indie129.21 MB21
09 Dec 11[D]Domo Mayo ft neecy - Sweet Love in Indie4.82 MB10
24 Aug 092 comments[D]Don't Inject Me (the Swine Flu Vaccine song) by the Health Ranger 320K MP3 in Indie4.95 MB10
24 Aug 093 comments[D]Don't Inject Me (the Swine Flu Vaccine song) Music Video by the Health Ranger DivX avi in Indie36.1 MB10
12 Feb 13[D]Dr Perceptron - Days of Atonement - Album (Think Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Ladytron) in Indie84.69 MB21
12 Feb 13[D]Dr Perceptron - Points Of Intersection (Think Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream) in Indie103.68 MB11
07 Dec 092 comments[D]DREAM AND I - Imaginary Place [EP] (2009) (Post Rock/Noisy) in Indie40.22 MB10
30 Jun 10[D]DREAM AND I - Schizophrenia [EP] (2010) (Indie/Noisy) in Indie45.75 MB10
10 Dec 11[D]Duellen - Duellen [2011, 192kb MP3] in Indie26.65 MB10
06 Apr 09[D]Dying Giraffe Recordings presents some great and exciting tracks! in Indie46.01 MB10
23 Apr 12[D]EIMIC - Autommovements - Album - Genre: Alternative Indie Guitar Electronica in Indie76.73 MB10
26 Oct 15[D]El Xicano - La Grande Paura Album (Think Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, Mogwai, The National) in Indie52.34 MB21
29 Mar 09[D]Embrace fire - Thrown Unthrown (2007) in Indie12.88 MB10
29 Mar 09[D]Embrace fire - we lost our organ player... (2006) in Indie16.16 MB10
13 Feb 10[D]Emerald Park - For Tomorrow (2010 Edition) in Indie105.66 MB10
09 Dec 11[D]Empire - Touch Mics in Indie3.73 MB10
05 May 14[D]Eurovision Ãœber Alles - The Stench Of Mire [onmp231] in Indie37.43 MB10
12 Feb 13[D]Everything Is Made In China - Automatic Movements - Album (Think Radiohead, The Black Keys)) in Indie76.73 MB20
23 Apr 10[D]Fairhavens - Be constructive with your blues (2009) in Indie56.55 MB10
10 Oct 085 comments[D]Fakesensations - Isaac and the Secret Chord in Indie75.99 MB20
09 Dec 11[D]Fam B.I. - Hustlin In My Polo in Indie4.22 MB10
20 Nov 15[D]Feather Beds - Ah Stop EP (Think James Blake, Aphex Twin, Ninja Tune, Air, Mum) in Indie34.85 MB20
12 Feb 14[D]Fire To The Stars - Keep You Safe Album (Think Sonic Youth, Spacemen 3, Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd) in Indie21.46 MB10
13 Jan 14[D]FireFriend - Death'n'Sound - Album (Think The Black Keys, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, The National) in Indie58.67 MB20
15 May 12[D]FireFriend - Galaxies - Album - Genre: Indie-Rock, Post-Rock, Alternative in Indie86.84 MB10
09 Jan 12[D]Foster The People - Torches 2011 (320kbps) in Indie94.43 MB10
12 Feb 13[D]Fox Mulder - Miles - Album (Think Ninja Tune, Warp Records) in Indie75.68 MB10
09 Dec 11[D]Frank Whyte - Adultery in Indie4.83 MB20
16 Jan 09[D]Friday Night Dance Party Podcast #148 in Indie63.08 MB12
28 May 103 comments[D]Friends or Whatever - Friends or Whatever (2010) (192kbs) in Indie67.07 MB10
15 Jun 10[D]Friends or Whatever - Stuck In My Soul (2010) (192kbs) in Indie291 B10
11 May 10[D]Friends or Whatever - The Burns We Earn (2010) (192kbs) in Indie41.16 MB10
01 May 09[D]FUGITIVE KIND - You're Being Watched (Side 1) [2009] in Indie29.39 MB10
12 Feb 13[D]Fukkitol - Kiss - Album (Think Amon Tobin, Aphex Twin) in Indie50.78 MB10
09 Dec 11[D]G.Smooth - Back At it in Indie5.75 MB10