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928 torrents in subcategory "Rap" RSS

Added commentsNameSizeSeedsLeechers
24 Mar 15[D] Music video for No Pressure (Produced By: Deraj) ft. Yakkidivioshi performed by Ghetto The Plug. in Rap18.17 MB01
17 Oct 12[D] @jSilvadolla – WHO IS J. SILVA in Rap117 MB01
30 Jun 10[D] Dj Smoke - I'm Dat Nigga Pt. 4 in Rap96.43 MB10
02 Sep 10[D] Dj Smoke – Mixing up the Medicine Pt 4 in Rap142.11 MB10
03 Aug 10[D] Dj Smoke – Tha Murdah Mixtape Pt. 8 Hosted by M.A.N. in Rap131.2 MB10
24 Jan 11[D] Dj Smoke – Twitter Radio 2.0 Hosted By Dj Tommy Gunz in Rap184.36 MB11
24 Jan 11[D] Dj Smoke – Twitter Radio 2.0 Hosted By Dj Tommy Gunz in Rap184.36 MB20
21 Apr 10[D] The Home Team Dj's Present 420: Kush Piff & Sour in Rap172.06 MB10
07 Apr 10[D] Yung Boss - Da Flood 2.0 Hosted by Dj Smoke in Rap117.43 MB10
30 Jun 15[D] [Video] Raja - Mannaquin @RajaforLifee in Rap14.29 MB10
13 Jul 15[D]#ChicagoMusic Polar Bear @I_AMPOLARBEAR - Fear or Loyalty Hosted by Dj Smoke in Rap68.8 MB10
13 Jul 15[D]#ChicagoMusic Polar Bear @I_AMPOLARBEAR - iPhone TwerkN in Rap15.4 MB10
01 May 12[D]#H3Entertainment Presents #H3Lifestyle Mixtape Vol. 2 @DjJumpoff & @DjSmokeMixtapes in Rap179.81 MB10
20 Aug 12[D]#HOTNEWMUSIC ReP - Doin' Me Featuring Chris Jones in Rap6.35 MB10
03 Jan 16[D]#Mixtape DJ Smoke x Home Team Djs x @PromoMixtapes - Smoked Out Radio 46 in Rap83.14 MB11
17 Aug 16[D]#NewMixtape Dj Smoke - Dope Shxt v1 | @DjSmokemixtapes in Rap163.48 MB10
08 Sep 16[D]#NewMusic Gucci Mane - That ain't no money | @Gucci1017 x @I_amPolarBear in Rap10.3 MB06
31 Aug 16[D]#NewMusic Heavy Crownz - Black Sauce | @Heavy_Crownz in Rap2.28 MB20
22 Apr 14[D]#SmokingSessions #420 #Mixtape mixed by @DjSmokeMixtapes @KingFusion in Rap139.71 MB10
24 Mar 09[D]"Black Independent" By BiBz *Creator of The Dark Knight Rises Song* in Rap3.46 MB10
10 Dec 09[D]"Catch My Breath" by BiBz *Creator of The Dark Knight Rises Song* in Rap7.79 MB10
26 Jul 09[D]"Fly Wit Me" By BiBz *Creator of The Dark Knight Rises Song* in Rap3.94 MB01
27 Mar 09[D]"Go Away" By BiBz *Creator of The Dark Knight Rises Song* in Rap4.13 MB10
21 Jan 10[D]"How We Do" by BiBz x Balliztic *Creator of The Dark Knight Rises Song* in Rap10.63 MB10
20 May 10[D]"I'm Doing Good" by BiBz *Creator of The Dark Knight Rises Song* in Rap3.08 MB10
11 Nov 141 comments[D]"Just To Get A ReP" Hosted by DJ TwoFive (ft. Kanye West, Stalley, Sam Scarfo, FameSchool) in Rap71.52 MB20
10 Aug 09[D]"Lay Low" by BiBz *Creator of The Dark Knight Rises Song* in Rap2.75 MB10
23 Jul 093 comments[D]"Lonely People" By BiBz x Don Warbucks x REP *Creator of The Dark Knight Rises Song* in Rap6.03 MB10
24 Jul 09[D]"Mastermind" By BiBz *Creator of The Dark Knight Rises Song* in Rap3.35 MB10
18 Jul 09[D]"On The Line" By Real Lyfe Enterprise *Label Submitted* in Rap3.64 MB10
12 Sep 09[D]"Skip To Romance Pt. I" by BiBz *Creator of The Dark Knight Rises Song* in Rap6.29 MB10
18 Jul 09[D]"Soon You'll Understand" BiBz Ft. Don Warbucks *Creator of The Dark Knight Rises Song* in Rap4.96 MB10
17 Jul 091 comments[D]"They Don't Know About Me" By BiBz *Creator of The Dark Knight Rises Song* in Rap3.88 MB10
12 Jun 101 comments[D]"What Goes Around" by BiBz *Creator of The Dark Knight Rises Song* in Rap3.38 MB10
26 Jul 10[D](Hip hop rap 974) Hardcore Melody Rap Instrumental by Idjed Lion (Highdjed) 2010 in Rap11.02 MB11
26 Jul 10[D](Rap 974 remix) Xzibit "Hurt Locker" featuring Idjed Lion (Highdjed 974) in Rap11.02 MB10
19 Jan 12[D]01 - Lemdi & Moax - Intro (Dj Lyrik) in Rap3.76 MB10
19 Jan 12[D]02 - Lemdi & Moax - Lourde Peine in Rap4.87 MB10
23 Jan 12[D]03 - Lemdi & Moax - Boire la tasse in Rap6.55 MB10
25 Jan 12[D]04 - Lemdi & Moax - On avance .mp3 in Rap5.42 MB10
25 Jan 12[D]05 - Lemdi & Moax - La creation in Rap5.57 MB10
18 Nov 13[D]16 Bars (Freestyle Accapella) - Enty3way in Rap8.75 MB10
21 Jun 08[D]2 Serious - What you know??? - Music video, Grime, Dubstep. in Rap149.37 MB310
14 Apr 08[D]2 Serious Music Video in Rap103.72 MB130
18 Dec 09[D]2009 - New - Money Mind - Go Dummie -Mp3 in Rap2.71 MB10
18 Dec 09[D]2009 - New - Money Mind - Im Just Roll'N MixTape in Rap8.71 MB10
18 Dec 09[D]2009 - New - The Money Mind Music Show 1 in Rap9.15 MB10
18 Dec 09[D]2009 - New - The Money Mind Music Show 4 in Rap12.29 MB10
18 Dec 091 comments[D]2009 New - Money Mind - Stop'N The Show in Rap3.38 MB10
21 Feb 091 comments[D]2009 New D-Bizz Keep'EM Coming Back CD in Rap14.41 MB10
16 Apr 092 comments[D]2009 New Money Mind Outta This World in Rap1.94 MB10
02 Apr 091 comments[D]2009 New Money Mind - Get Slammed in Rap1.21 MB10
21 Feb 093 comments[D]2009 New Money Mind - Lets Ride 5 Song Cd in Rap6.71 MB11
02 Jun 092 comments[D]2009 New Money Mind - We BangN in Rap2.35 MB10
21 Feb 091 comments[D]2009 New Money Mind - Weed - Shrooms - Alcohol in Rap4.86 MB10
21 Feb 091 comments[D]2009 New Money Mind 6 Song Cd Release in Rap4.83 MB10
11 Mar 095 comments[D]2009 New Money Mind Feat. Ninja - SmashN in Rap2.22 MB01
16 Apr 091 comments[D]2009 New Money Mind Hater Keep HopeN in Rap1.42 MB10
07 Mar 091 comments[D]2009 New Money Mind Just Smashin Single in Rap1.58 MB10
30 Apr 095 comments[D]2009 New Release Beam Down On Em Cd By Money Mind in Rap13.45 MB10
18 Dec 09[D]2009 New The Money Mind Music Show 2 in Rap6.85 MB10
18 Dec 09[D]2009 New The Money Mind Music Show 3 in Rap8.68 MB10
25 Dec 09[D]2009New Money Mind 2 Track Special Roll'N High & This Is My Life in Rap4 MB10
27 Apr 101 comments[D]2010 Money Mind - Breaking Into The Industry (NEW) in Rap3.43 MB10
27 Apr 101 comments[D]2010 Money Mind - End The Pain- NEW (Good Song) in Rap3.74 MB10
27 Apr 102 comments[D]2010 Money Mind - Rock That - (New) in Rap2.4 MB10
30 Jun 12[D]2012 Rap Instrumental Gunshot Riddim DJTR Beats Jacko in Rap22.55 MB11
24 Dec 15[D]2Dayz Exclusives Vol. 30 in Rap209.72 MB10
18 Aug 12[D]2Tone - The Beginning @2tonenunez Hosted by Dj Fusion in Rap91.32 MB10
17 Sep 12[D]3rd Eye Land Vol 3 (2012 Past Life Records) in Rap132.14 MB10
25 Apr 13[D]5 One @FiveOneMuzik - The Workout in Rap93.24 MB10
24 Apr 101 comments[D]800 The Jewell - Life At 31 in Rap89.36 MB41
23 Nov 10[D]@803djdyce, @djcannonbanyon & @scdjeffect - TWEET THIS!!! Mixtape in Rap100.36 MB10
09 Sep 14[D]@BennieFranks x @ProjectPatHCP "Dough Boy" via #StackOrStarve @Promomixtapes in Rap4.59 MB10
15 Feb 14[D]@bibzthadon "B.I.B.Z" - Post Traumatic Stress *T.D.K.R: Infinite Reign* in Rap4.89 MB20
18 May 14[D]@bibzthadon "B.I.B.Z" - The Dark Horse Remix in Rap5.31 MB20
15 Dec 12[D]@Bluelegacy - DREAM (produced by DJ Finness) in Rap4.5 MB10
25 Sep 14[D]@Bomshot - Trickin ft Lil Flip x Lil Scrappy via @PromoMixtapes in Rap22.58 MB10
07 Mar 13[D]@DDeNiro1000 - Get It How You Live @DJSmokeMixtapes, @DJYoungJD in Rap57.71 MB10
12 Aug 13[D]@DerJuan_StrikeZ - Goin Ham Ft @iiiGotMojo via @Promomixtapes in Rap4.81 MB10
12 Feb 13[D]@DJSmokeMixtapes @IBDJCBIT @DJ_SR - Smoked Out Radio 34 in Rap200.49 MB10
23 Sep 12[D]@DjSmokeMixtapes & @DjJumpOff - #H3Lifestyle Vol 4 Hosted by @Hearontracks in Rap145 MB31
12 Nov 12[D]@DjSmokeMixtapes & @DjJumpOff - #H3lifestyle Vol.5 "A Very Scary Mixtape" in Rap138.01 MB10
20 May 12[D]@DjSmokeMixtapes - #AllStarCompilation V.11 in Rap122.64 MB01
31 Dec 13[D]@DJSmokeMixtapes - All Star Compilation Hosted by @the1stBlazeB in Rap89.49 MB10
06 Jun 12[D]@DJSMOKEMIXTAPES - SMOKED OUT RADIO 30 in Rap110.04 MB20
10 Nov 12[D]@DJSmokeMixtapes @DJ_SR - Smoked Out Radio 32 (Hosted By @Chicagoshowtime) in Rap132.24 MB10
13 Jan 13[D]@DJSmokeMixtapes @DJ_SR - Smoked Out Radio 33 Hosted By @FrankWhyte305 in Rap171.71 MB10
24 Feb 13[D]@DJSmokeMixtapes @DJ_SR - Smoked Out Radio 35 in Rap144.44 MB11
02 May 13[D]@DJSmokeMixtapes @DJ_SR - Smoked Out Radio 36 in Rap130.94 MB10
13 Jul 13[D]@DjSmokeMixtapes Releases 5 NEW mixtapes on mininova! in Rap11.38 MB10
30 May 14[D]@DjSmokeMixtapes, DJ S.R. - Smoked Out Radio 37 Hosted by B Dubb in Rap123.04 MB01
06 Sep 13[D]@Dramati2ue - FireBomb (The Burn Mixtape Intro) in Rap8.51 MB10
19 Mar 12[D]@H3Entertainment Presents - #H3Lifestyle Mixtape (@DjSmokeMixtapes & @DjJumpoff) in Rap180.75 MB10
13 Jan 14[D]@HomeTeamDjs Presents: - C-Bit\'s $Treetmix Vol. 1 mixed by @ibdjcbit in Rap44.68 MB20
14 May 12[D]@Joe_Gator "G2: NOW OR NEVER" Hosted BY: @TRIGGADaDJ & @DJOKGeneral in Rap105.9 MB10
31 Aug 15[D]@KDakaHandman) Presents “Im N Da Streets Not Industry 10” Hosted @DaSixFoota in Rap96.49 MB10
22 Jun 14[D]@MarcusAreli - Grindin' Process 2 [No Dj Version] in Rap108.97 MB10
06 Feb 14[D]@MikeRoachNC - Product Of The Struggle Hosted by @DJSmokeMixtapes @DJ_SR @HomeTeamDJs in Rap57.59 MB10
26 Mar 13[D]@Rogizz aka Black Blago - A Day In The Life Of A Skitzo Hosted by @KingFusion in Rap148.54 MB10
16 Dec 121 comments[D]@Smalls1984 - I'm So High in Rap4.32 MB10
27 Jul 13[D]@SouthDat - Bandz in Rap3.44 MB10
11 Nov 12[D]@Walkstherunner - Encore in Rap152.87 MB10
22 Apr 11[D]A One Way Hustle - 8ight Tha Sk8, Tension in Rap109.77 MB10
03 Jul 14[D]A.J Old Alabama in Rap6.62 MB10
25 Apr 14[D]Absooloot - @absoloot - Bat Outta Hell in Rap92.8 MB10
30 Sep 13[D]Absooloot @Absooloot - Poundcake Freestyle in Rap7.39 MB10
30 Sep 13[D]Absooloot @Absooloot - Real Right in Rap5.73 MB10
14 Jun 13[D]Acapella Rap in Rap24.69 MB01
16 Jun 14[D]Ace Mac @OgAceMac - Big Bro feat Fat Joe in Rap9.55 MB10
01 May 13[D]Aceito Banks @Aceitobanks - Hell Yea feat Paris Beuller in Rap146.1 MB10
14 Oct 12[D]Ahmad - Sometimes in Rap4.93 MB10
11 Apr 12[D]Album Losee Loss aka Ikki - Resurrection (2012) in Rap118.08 MB10
16 Jul 13[D]All Star Compilation Vol. 17 Hoste by @DjSmokeMixtapes in Rap220.82 MB20
22 May 14[D]Antonine - Shadows in Rap6.29 MB10
28 Jun 11[D]Apollo Benjamin - You're All Welcome in Rap66.75 MB10
19 Aug 10[D]ARVANGIAPOSSE - CHIESA A SAN VITTORE entire album - RAP HIP HOP POSSE - in Rap16.91 MB10
19 Aug 10[D]ARVANGIAPOSSE - PROFUGHI URBANI entire album - RAP HIP HOP POSSE - in Rap16.88 MB10
20 Apr 11[D]Audible Hustle - Hit My Line_Insomniac in Rap7.07 MB10
11 May 11[D]AUDIO DIARIES in Rap61.68 MB10
23 May 11[D]Autalions - Enty3way (Past Life Records Mix Tape) in Rap56.43 MB10
07 Apr 103 comments[D]Az Iz - Gainesville Muscle Vol. 1 Hosted by Dj Smoke in Rap114.85 MB10
14 Oct 12[D]B-Dubb - Dreaming in Rap7.43 MB10
22 Oct 13[D]B-Dubb @OfficialBDubb - Respected (prod.Dreas) in Rap4.22 MB10
16 Dec 12[D]B.F.C. ENT The Jfb Project Hosted By @Djsmokemixtapes in Rap109.82 MB10
13 Oct 13[D]B.I.B.Z (@bibzthadon) - "Too Egotistical" (T.D.K.R: Infinite Reign) in Rap33.99 MB01
09 Feb 14[D]B.I.B.Z (@bibzthadon) - In The Ocean *T.D.K.R: Infinite Reign* in Rap5.71 MB10
28 Jan 14[D]B.I.B.Z (@bibzthadon) - Lyrical Icon Feat. Balliztic (@balliztic) *T.D.K.R: Infinite Reign* in Rap5.67 MB10
10 Mar 13[D]B.I.B.Z - All Gold Everything Remix in Rap2.59 MB10
02 Oct 13[D]B.I.B.Z - For Certain Feat. Balliztic & Don Warbucks (T.D.K.R: Infinite Reign) in Rap69.79 MB10
19 Jan 14[D]B.I.B.Z - Ginormous Booty Prod. @sillyboysteve in Rap6.86 MB10
05 May 101 comments[D]B.I.B.Z - It's About Time Mixtape (ft. Modern Warfare 2) *Creator of T.D.K.R: Infinite Reign* in Rap32.25 MB10
19 Mar 13[D]B.I.B.Z - It's Nothin' Remix in Rap4.62 MB10
04 Jun 10[D]B.I.B.Z - Modern Warfare 2 *Creator of T.D.K.R: Infinite Reign* in Rap3.3 MB10
09 May 13[D]B.I.B.Z - Real Professional Feat. Don Warbucks (T.D.K.R: Infinite Reign) in Rap3.44 MB10
05 Jul 14[D]B.I.B.Z - Relax (On My Pillow) Feat. Don Warbucks in Rap9.53 MB10
11 Jul 151 comments[D]B.I.B.Z - Sick & Tired EP *creator of T.D.K.R: Infinite Reign* in Rap47.58 MB01
26 May 14[D]B.I.B.Z - Where I'm From Remix (Lyrical Assassin) in Rap5.8 MB10
13 Aug 13[D]B.I.G. Reese @Reesemusic1985 - Fucks Wit U (Remix) Ft. @Chi_Pmusic & @Marvo11 in Rap24 MB20
20 Mar 095 comments[D]Backpackers Anonymous - CYRANO & CYNERGY - Y'all gon soon CY in Rap111.4 MB01
24 Dec 12[D]Balliztic - I'm The Shit "The Best Out" in Rap8.86 MB10
28 Dec 14[D]Balliztic - SMH *brought you the hit "Like a Car" and featured in Hip Hop Weekly* in Rap74.36 MB01
23 Apr 16[D]Balliztic - Sweet Design New Single on the billboard charts in Rap5.61 MB10
18 Sep 12[D]Balliztic - Where's The Sauce *Radio Banger* in Rap8.26 MB10
15 Jul 13[D]Bars Major - Top Flight Hosted by @DjSmokeMixtapes & Rob Street in Rap74.85 MB10
17 Nov 14[D]Basic Analog Ft Enty3way In This Life in Rap5.19 MB10
31 Jul 11[D]Beadz - Amy Whinehouse in Rap4.89 MB11
04 Aug 11[D]Beadz - Go Dumb in Rap6.35 MB11
18 Feb 111 comments[D]BEN FRANK A.M.I.L. - IV EQUITY HOSTED BY J GREEN MONEY TALKZ in Rap43.14 MB10
15 Jul 09[D]BiBz "Politics As Usual" The Mixtape *Creator of The Dark Knight Rises Song* in Rap40.84 MB10
03 Jun 123 comments[D]BiBz - The Dark Knight Rises Official Release in Rap3.64 MB10
12 Jul 13[D]Big Perk - Only GOD can judge me Hosted by @DjSmokeMixtapes in Rap62.1 MB01
23 Sep 12[D]Biz Da Ambassador - 12 Bar Interlude in Rap3.36 MB10
23 Sep 12[D]Biz Da Ambassador - Shake in Rap2.56 MB10
23 Sep 12[D]Biz Da Ambassador - U Don't Get Down in Rap3.67 MB10
03 Apr 14[D]Bizniz - Million $$ Dreamz in Rap3.28 MB10
06 Aug 10[D]BJ Smith - Derek Jeter Single in Rap7.34 MB10
30 Jul 11[D]Black C.O.A.L - The Gamble Mixtape Hosted BY DJ Schemes in Rap50.49 MB10
03 Jul 14[D]Black Money - Chronicle in Rap7.27 MB10
03 Jul 14[D]Black Money - Waiting On Death in Rap6.35 MB10
06 Oct 14[D]Blanco Caine - Day In The Life Vlog Pt. 2 Trailer (Dir. By @RickYungSauce) via @Promomixtapes in Rap7.94 MB10
08 Feb 13[D]Blue Legacy @BlueLegacy - Street Gospel in Rap87.83 MB10
10 Sep 09[D]Bonus Track_D.Truman Freestyle Track - Produced By D.Truman in Rap2.83 MB10
03 Jun 10[D]Boss G ft Gucci Mane - Hobby RMX in Rap4.03 MB10
28 Feb 111 comments[D]Bottle Poppin Pap - Where Do I Sign? in Rap70.85 MB10
17 Nov 14[D]Brain Ded - Through The Night in Rap6.52 MB10
14 Oct 12[D]Bre Millz - 3 Hunnit (Prod. By Young Shun Beats) in Rap5.52 MB10
12 Jul 12[D]Bre Millz - BodyBag (Produced by AarabMuzik) (@DjSmokeMixtapes) in Rap3.88 MB10
12 Jul 12[D]Bre Millz - Switch Lanes ft Spaid (Produced by Tarentino) @DjSmokeMixtapes in Rap7.22 MB10
21 Jun 13[D]Bre Millz @LoyalGangMillz - The City Of Dreams Hosted by @DjSmokeMixtapes in Rap39.72 MB01
12 Jul 12[D]Bre Millz ft Spaid - Nobodies Nigga (Produced By Genius Boy) (@DjSmokeMixtapes) in Rap6.43 MB10
23 Oct 14[D]Bro Nem @Tb79Homan - Doin What We Wanna Do Ft YB | #StackOrStarve #ChopSqaud @PromoMixtapes in Rap5.88 MB10
20 May 16[D]Bugzy Malone - Fire In The Booth PT2 (may 2016) in Rap21.03 MB10
30 May 14[D]C.O. Piscapo @Captainco9 & Houstin Valor - Green Carpet in Rap22.41 MB10
08 Mar 13[D]Cani - Lost In Space [2013] (@piffsworld) in Rap103.93 MB10
16 Aug 09[D]Cash Me Out - H.Truman, Barz, Moolah Brown, Su'ave - D.Truman's Mix - Produced By D.Truman in Rap3.93 MB01
20 Apr 13[D]Caz aka @Cazpa_Rothstein - Shit High Trippin in Rap2.34 MB10
15 Feb 14[D]Certified Trims - No Manners hosted by Mykal Million [Mixtape](2014) in Rap89.31 MB10
23 Sep 12[D]Chance Willz - The Chronicles Hosted by @DjSmokeMixtapes in Rap77.78 MB10
30 Sep 12[D]Charles Johnson - Ali Mc in Rap5.11 MB10
08 Jul 121 comments[D]Charles Johnson - Forever Young in Rap4.48 MB10
30 Sep 12[D]Charles Johnson - Money Right in Rap1.98 MB20
10 Apr 14[D]Che Stunna @Chemerk - Guiseppe ft Dre Willz in Rap8.31 MB10
24 Feb 13[D]ClaManiac - Independent Ladies in Rap6.52 MB10
26 Feb 10[D]Coast 2 Coast & Dj Smoke - The Showcase 67 in Rap429.9 KB10
17 Oct 10[D]Coast 2 Coast Dj's & Dj Smoke - The Showcase 141 (#4 of 50) in Rap114.92 MB10
22 Feb 103 comments[D]Coast 2 Coast Dj's Present: The Showcase 81 Starring Rhane P Mixed By Dj Smoke in Rap162.11 MB10
16 Aug 11[D]Coast 2 Coast Dj's/Dj Smoke Mixtapes Present: Kenwood - The Goodest Vol. 3 (Mixtape) in Rap126.31 MB10
16 Mar 10[D]Coast 2 Coast Djs Present The Showcase 96 Starring Twan Mac Mixed by Dj Smoke in Rap184.32 MB10
16 Mar 10[D]Coast 2 Coast Dj’s Present: The Showcase 100 Starring Obie One B.A. Mixed by Dj Smoke in Rap176.02 MB10
18 Mar 10[D]Coast 2 Coast Dj’s Present: The Showcase 105 Starring Rayz Mixed by Dj Smoke in Rap170.55 MB10
22 Feb 10[D]Coast 2 Coast Dj’s Present: The Showcase 84 Starring P. Hundred Mixed by Dj Smoke in Rap169.21 MB10
04 Jun 101 comments[D]Coast 2 Coast Vol. 128 Hosted by Talib Kweli & Hi Tek Mixed by Dj Smoke in Rap122.14 MB10