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84 torrents in subcategory "Folk" RSS

Added commentsNameSizeSeedsLeechers
02 Aug 13[D]Acoustic Folk Traditional | The Long Road Home | Dan-O @danosongs in Folk6.28 MB20
28 Jul 09[D]Adam McHeffey - Let's Kick Fire [Apple Lossless] [ZORLiN-CC] in Folk232.74 MB10
28 Jul 09[D]Adam McHeffey - Let's Kick Fire [FLAC] [ZORLiN-CC] in Folk203.61 MB10
08 Jun 09[D]Adam McHeffey - Let's Kick Fire [MP3 128k] [ZORLiN-CC] in Folk42.75 MB10
28 Jul 09[D]Adam McHeffey - Let's Kick Fire [MP3 320k] [ZORLiN-CC] in Folk85.04 MB10
29 Jul 093 comments[D]Adam McHeffey - Let's Kick Fire [OGG Q6] [ZORLiN-CC] in Folk45.63 MB10
15 Sep 09[D]Adam McHeffey - Let's Kick Fire [OGG Q9] [ZORLiN-CC] in Folk77.89 MB10
18 May 10[D]Andreina Valentini & Sharadi - Yet Still... The Sea (again) in Folk117.99 MB20
20 Oct 12[D]Appunti di Viaggio EP - Daniele 'Pancho' Bianchini. in Folk12.3 MB10
14 Dec 10[D]Art Of Empathy - Posthuman Decadence [2010, 320kbMP3] in Folk157.89 MB10
13 Nov 10[D]Art Of Empathy - Posthuman Decadence [320] (dark folk, acoustic, ambient) in Folk157.89 MB10
19 May 12[D]Ben and the Sea - A Life Outside EP (Bon Iver, Civil Wars, Fleet Foxes) in Folk25.9 MB21
06 Jun 11[D]Benjamin Webb - Breathe In (Single) (Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Civil Wars) in Folk9.43 MB41
29 Mar 10[D]Black Butterfly EP - Dan Tindall in Folk11.92 MB10
06 Sep 106 comments[D]Bluejay - Goblins (2010) in Folk111.76 MB10
11 Sep 11[D]Blurry LP - The Little Miracles Of Misanthropy in Folk25.35 MB22
24 Feb 11[D]Cerebral Pain - Vida (EP, 2011) in Folk12.86 MB10
11 Apr 10[D]Closer Still - Never Knew [MP3 320k] [ZORLiN-CC] in Folk38.24 MB10
05 Aug 10[D]Clyde Herrington - Clowns Aren't Always Smileyer Single in Folk4.24 MB10
01 Oct 09[D]Eric Perry and the Digital Silence - Change Is... [2007] [MP3] in Folk30.61 MB10
04 Feb 10[D]Fanny Krief - Hello Aloud - 2009 [AAC 256kbps M3U] in Folk112.67 MB40
25 Mar 10[D]Free EPs - Matthew Moss in Folk82.11 MB10
28 Aug 13[D]Hanna Elson * Before: 2010-2012 (Acoustic - Folk - LoFi) in Folk62.75 MB11
15 Jul 10[D]Hors d'Oeuvres EP - Tony Provencher in Folk12.02 MB10
17 Mar 09[D]Hot Sauce and Cheese - Be Cool music video in Folk97.67 MB10
17 Mar 09[D]Hot Sauce and Cheese - Untitled 3 music video in Folk202.98 MB10
23 Sep 10[D]I'm Sorry by Chris Robb's 40312 in Folk3.14 MB10
02 Apr 10[D]Immortality EP - The Nasty Angels in Folk25.65 MB50
14 Apr 141 comments[D]Insomnia EP - Jared 'Doc' Estes in Folk30.5 MB11
06 Jul 10[D]Irish Celtic Traditional Folk Instrumental Music - Royalty Free Music by Dano @ in Folk2.61 MB40
30 Nov 09[D]Isaac Graham - Empty Vessels [2009] [FLAC] in Folk201.58 MB21
01 Dec 09[D]Isaac Graham - Empty Vessels [2009] [V0 MP3] in Folk64.93 MB20
30 Jun 14[D]Janis - Crying in Folk1.7 MB11
13 Sep 09[D]Julean and the Rai-Muse Tree(LP)(2007)-folk-rock-acoustic-indie-crows-sufjan-mraz-jack-matthews in Folk50.68 MB10
11 Sep 09[D]Julean and the Rai::Spring Sampler 2009 // Indie Folk Rock Acoustic in Folk18.63 MB10
11 Sep 09[D]Julean and the Rai::SUMMER Sampler 2009 // Indie Folk Rock Acoustic in Folk22.52 MB10
22 Sep 09[D]Julean Rai: The Windfall Collection 2001 (2 EPS: AXIS1 (1999) / Logical Muse (1999)) Indie Folk in Folk51.24 MB10
30 Jul 081 comments[D]Lena Selyanina - Oi Da Ne Vecher [electronic folk, Musictrade single, 24bit FLAC version] in Folk145.46 MB10
30 Jul 08[D]Lena Selyanina - Oi Da Ne Vecher [electronic folk, Musictrade single, mp3 version] in Folk12.3 MB20
20 Aug 16[D]M.Grankov - Otstuplenie in Folk54.86 MB10
02 Apr 10[D]mam059 – Dirty Wedding – Songs For The Doomed (2008) (V0) in Folk27.43 MB10
02 Apr 10[D]mam060 - Kilroy, et al. - Chasing A Ghost (2008) (V0) in Folk50.22 MB10
16 May 10[D]mam069 - Castles - mother and child (2009) (FLAC) in Folk40.5 MB10
02 Apr 10[D]mam069 - Castles - mother and child (2009) (mp3) in Folk23.41 MB10
16 May 10[D]mam070 - Castles - hjem (2009) (FLAC) in Folk58.92 MB10
02 Apr 10[D]mam070 - Castles - hjem (2009) (mp3) in Folk41.68 MB10
26 Mar 10[D]mam099 - K. Wilhelm + el-tin fun - Floorboards (2010) (V0) in Folk42.71 MB10
18 May 10[D]mam105 - Jamie Yanda - What Is Worship (2010) (V0 MP3) in Folk17.61 MB40
04 Jul 10[D]mam109 - Castles - Howl IV (V0 MP3) in Folk52.07 MB10
04 Jul 10[D]mam110 - Castles - Black Hole or No Black Hole EP (V0 MP3) in Folk16.88 MB10
12 Oct 13[D]mam247 - Gobi Bear - Mais Grande EP (2013) (V0 MP3) in Folk29.8 MB10
18 Apr 11[D]Masquerade EP - Steve Adams in Folk14.28 MB10
13 Feb 09[D]Menhirs of Er Grah - 'Different World' EP in Folk65.78 MB10
06 Apr 12[D]Molly Malone Vocal - Irish Traditional Sung by Dan O'Connor (Dan-O) @danosongs in Folk5.08 MB21
22 Mar 10[D]mr. a balladeer - 'A Little Rain Has Never Hurt No One' (studio video) in Folk10.64 MB10
07 Mar 12[D]Musee Mecanique - Live from WNUR in Folk23.78 MB12
08 Mar 102 comments[D]My Bubba & Mi - How it’s done in Italy (BEEP-2010) in Folk59.66 MB30
27 Aug 16[D]notforme! - We Were Coalmine Canaries in Folk87.34 MB10
18 Dec 16[D]Nouchine - Already Gone . wav in Folk21.52 MB20
22 Sep 09[D]One After the Flash (EP)(2001)(128Kbps) Julean and the Rai (Acoustic Indie Folk Rock Rare Demos) in Folk23.02 MB20
22 Oct 13[D]P. Emerson Williams - Det Er Stille Under Vatnet in Folk113.36 MB10
01 Mar 09[D]Podcast Ping 51 - Kubla Kahn (Xanadu) in Folk16.49 MB20
04 May 09[D]Podcast Ping 53 in Folk15.88 MB10
01 Dec 10[D]Podcast Ping Special 1 in Folk18.84 MB10
26 Feb 091 comments[D]RouteNote - Hollie Rogers - Nicotine - Live Video Session in Folk48.93 MB10
12 Mar 15[D]Sean Gill - Better Days in Folk94.5 MB10
13 Oct 13[D]Sharadi - Turineire (2013) in Folk58.7 MB20
27 Jan 12[D]Sharadi - Turinstan - 2012 in Folk120.49 MB21
05 Jan 12[D]Simon Fagan - Unplugged EP [Indie-Folk-Vocal] in Folk48.99 MB10
30 Mar 10[D]Some Assembly Required EP - S.W. Campbell in Folk18.1 MB130
18 Jul 14[D]Talking to Alexander Hamilton About the Wonders of the Modern World - Little Miracles Of Misanthropy in Folk62.7 MB12
29 Jun 10[D]The Languid Man - You'll Have to Pay (Live in the Studio) in Folk76.61 MB10
22 Aug 12[D]The Mayor Of Kingdom City - S.W. Campbell in Folk14.25 MB61
21 Sep 09[D]The Muse Tree Demos (Demo Compilation LP)(2003) (128Kbps) Julean and the Rai (Rare Demos Indie Folk) in Folk39.62 MB10
02 Dec 12[D]Three EP Compilation - Dan Tindall in Folk46.06 MB10
01 Dec 09[D]Tilen Hrovatic - Sledi prehojene poti in Folk84.9 MB10
17 Apr 10[D]Various Artists - Folk Compilation in Folk44.3 MB10
17 Aug 10[D]Various Artists - Folk Compilation Vol 2 in Folk62.97 MB10
01 Aug 13[D]Various Artists - Folk Compilation Vol 3 in Folk47.17 MB10
25 Sep 091 comments[D][320KBPS QUALITY! CDRIP] Julean and the Rai - Here.(LP)(2008) Indie Acoustic entourage in Folk105.54 MB10
26 Sep 09[D][320KBPS QUALITY! CDRIP] Julean and the Rai - MUSE TREE (LP)(2007) Acoustic Folk Rock District 9 in Folk114.07 MB10
26 Apr 10[D][LCLCB03] Moolen - Art Of Heartwork [Post Rock, Folk, Electronica] in Folk59.66 MB10
24 Jun 10[D][LCLCB04] Cldscp - Menso Freakfolk [Folk, Electronica, lofi, Freakfolk, pop] in Folk45.18 MB10
26 Sep 10[D][LCLCB05] DELGARMA - Der Andra [Folk, world, chanson, pop, new wave] in Folk101.32 MB10