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97 torrents in subcategory "Psychedelic" RSS

Added commentsNameSizeSeedsLeechers
19 Jan 10[D]1997 - a long psycadelic story-song about the end of days in Psychedelic18.03 MB20
26 Oct 091 comments[D]5 songs by John Kammerer in Psychedelic22.67 MB20
03 Sep 16[D]Artem Bemba - Sanctuary in Psychedelic135.15 MB20
23 Nov 09[D]AWESOME POP-ROCK-PSYCADELIA in Psychedelic133.78 MB30
27 Jan 10[D]Burgundy - Full-on Psychedelic selection 20-01-2010 in Psychedelic69.25 MB10
08 Nov 11[D]Classic Psychedelic Rock with Strings - Royalty Free Music by Dano @ in Psychedelic9.58 MB10
16 Dec 09[D]Clinker - Clinker (2008) ["best unsigned album of 2008"] in Psychedelic83.38 MB10
17 Mar 11[D]Clinker - Good Trip, Bad Trip (2011) in Psychedelic121.46 MB10
27 Feb 10[D]Clinker - Pizzo Tung EP (2009) & Open See EP (2010) [ in Psychedelic101.87 MB10
23 Sep 09[D]Clinker - Thru' the Fly Machine(2009) ["...their most complete work yet"] in Psychedelic112.68 MB12
01 Sep 08[D]Clinker - When I Grow Up I Wanna Be A Space Cadet (2007) ["A psychedelic masterpiece"] in Psychedelic52.46 MB10
17 Jun 11[D]D3AD P1X3L - Selphyric Acid in Psychedelic4.5 MB10
30 Jun 10[D]DJ Subzofo & DeciBelle (B2B Psy Trance - Andy Whitby Set) in Psychedelic60.27 MB10
23 Feb 11[D]DJ Subzofo - Exclusive Psy Set 2011 (Full on ish) in Psychedelic67.86 MB10
11 Jan 10[D]DJ Subzofo - Grungadelic (Psy Trance) in Psychedelic48.89 MB10
21 Feb 12[D]DJ Subzofo - Psyprize! (Full On Psy Trance) in Psychedelic70.62 MB10
12 Jan 10[D]DJ Subzofo - Subadelic (Psy Trance) in Psychedelic59.07 MB10
12 Jan 10[D]DJ Subzofo - Sureal (Psy Trance) in Psychedelic58.68 MB10
18 Feb 10[D]DJ Subzofo - Voyagershroom (Psy Trance) Full on Infected Mushroom mix in Psychedelic74.94 MB10
28 Oct 12[D]DJLogic - Burning The Space Suit (PsyCore Trance) in Psychedelic175.66 MB10
08 Feb 11[D]DJLogic - Fight Like An Egyptian (PsyTrance PsyCore) in Psychedelic95.25 MB10
04 Jan 14[D]DJLogic - Forest Nightmare in Psychedelic151.08 MB10
19 Jul 0912 comments[D]DJLogic - Inside The Mushrom (Psychedelic-Dark Trance) in Psychedelic175.09 MB20
14 Nov 10[D]DJLogic - Liquidators Of Chernobyl (Psy-DarkTrance)2010 in Psychedelic99.33 MB10
17 Aug 095 comments[D]DJLogic - PsychoLogic (Psychedelic Trance) in Psychedelic196.34 MB20
22 Jan 10[D]DJLogic-CuestionDeSuerte PsyFullDark Trance 01-2010 in Psychedelic192.79 MB10
11 Aug 092 comments[D]DJLogic-LiveSetBarcelona-2007(PsyTrance) in Psychedelic330.41 MB40
26 Dec 09[D]DJLogic-Sin Setas No Hay Paraiso(320Kbps)-Psy-Full-Dark Trance Session12-2009 in Psychedelic187.31 MB10
22 Feb 12[D]DOGDRUGS in Psychedelic77.42 MB10
21 Jul 10[D]Double Dragon - Continuum - Re-mastered & Extended (2010) in Psychedelic91.68 MB01
07 Sep 10[D]Female DJ Decibelle & DJ Subzofo - Awsum Tour [ Psy Trance Set ] in Psychedelic60.27 MB20
06 Feb 10[D]Female DJ DeciBelle - Vocal/Bootleg Psytrance - Free Mix Download Mininova Torrent in Psychedelic59.49 MB20
11 Mar 13[D]Flembaz - Bridging Time (flac) in Psychedelic42.51 MB10
11 Mar 13[D]Flembaz - Bridging Time (mp3) in Psychedelic15.06 MB10
11 Mar 13[D]Flembaz - Bridging Time (wav) in Psychedelic66.22 MB10
11 Mar 13[D]Flembaz - Magic Mint (feat. Filipe Teixeira) (flac) in Psychedelic45.82 MB10
11 Mar 13[D]Flembaz - Magic Mint (feat. Filipe Teixeira) (mp3) in Psychedelic15.05 MB01
11 Mar 13[D]Flembaz - Magic Mint (feat. Filipe Teixeira) (wav) in Psychedelic66.17 MB10
11 Mar 13[D]Flembaz - The Playground (flac) in Psychedelic58.61 MB11
11 Mar 13[D]Flembaz - The Playground (mp3) in Psychedelic19.71 MB10
11 Mar 13[D]Flembaz - The Playground (wav) in Psychedelic86.71 MB10
24 Dec 09[D]Hot Fur - Street Music [prog rock, progressive rock, post rock, jazz] - Lior Frenkel in Psychedelic78.49 MB10
30 Nov 09[D]KABBAGE - PATCHWORK SOUP 2008 breakbeat ambient IDM electronic psychedelic drum bass in Psychedelic38.86 MB01
21 Oct 08[D]KraftiM - FraxurY (experimental electronica, Musictrade MT020 24bit FLAC) in Psychedelic501.37 MB10
21 Oct 08[D]KraftiM - FraxurY (experimental electronica, Musictrade MT020 mp3 version) in Psychedelic89.23 MB10
05 Mar 09[D]KraftiM - Soliv (experimental electronica, Musictrade single 24bit FLAC) in Psychedelic233.65 MB10
05 Mar 09[D]KraftiM - Soliv (experimental electronica, Musictrade single mp3) in Psychedelic18.81 MB10
07 Jul 12[D]Lost Boots & Rare Gems: Part 2 in Psychedelic153.39 MB10
08 Jul 12[D]Lost Boots & Rare Gems: Part 3 in Psychedelic163.84 MB10
11 Jun 11[D]Mecha Shiva - A Retake Myth Fans Fifty Wit (D3AD P1X3L M1X) in Psychedelic22.17 MB20
27 Jun 11[D]Mecha Shiva - Electro Davis in Psychedelic110.84 MB10
28 Mar 12[D]New Slang - Tilting at Windmills (Highest Quality) [2012] in Psychedelic575.69 MB01
31 Mar 091 comments[D]Pandagod - Ahmadabad Single in Psychedelic8.06 MB10
09 Aug 12[D]Reu Ra - Reuben Rakim in Psychedelic14.79 MB10
18 Mar 15[D]Reza (Nikita Reznik) - Box full of voices (2006-2008) in Psychedelic203.83 MB01
18 Mar 15[D]Reza (Nikita Reznik) - Box full of voices (2006-2008) part 2 in Psychedelic266.17 MB10
18 Mar 15[D]Reza (Nikita Reznik) - Conceptualism (2009) part 1 in Psychedelic276.04 MB10
18 Mar 15[D]Reza (Nikita Reznik) - Conceptualism (2009) part 2 in Psychedelic265.42 MB11
18 Mar 15[D]Reza (Nikita Reznik) - diary of the psychopath (2007) part 1 in Psychedelic281.5 MB21
18 Mar 15[D]Reza (Nikita Reznik) - diary of the psychopath (2007) part 2 in Psychedelic211.99 MB11
18 Mar 15[D]Reza (Nikita Reznik) - diary of the psychopath (2007) part 3 in Psychedelic139.48 MB10
18 Mar 15[D]Reza (Nikita Reznik) - No way back (2006-2007) in Psychedelic296.92 MB10
18 Mar 15[D]Reza (Nikita Reznik) - No way back (2006-2007) part 2 in Psychedelic342.32 MB10
18 Mar 15[D]Reza (Nikita Reznik) - Reza (2008) in Psychedelic285.58 MB22
18 Mar 15[D]Reza (Nikita Reznik) - Reza and Inna (2007) in Psychedelic189.76 MB11
18 Mar 15[D]Reza (Nikita Reznik) - Sound of mind (2007) in Psychedelic317.57 MB10
18 Mar 15[D]Reza (Nikita Reznik) - Way back (2007-2008) in Psychedelic289.59 MB10
23 Mar 095 comments[D]Ronnie the Bull - The History of Ronnie the Bull (space rock, crazy psychedelic, cool weird music) in Psychedelic115.3 MB20
21 Mar 101 comments[D]Shaman Strings Chant Medley in Psychedelic54.89 MB20
17 Nov 10[D]Soli-Ohm - Epistemology (Goa, Trance, Chill-out, Psychedelic - 320 Kbps MP3) [AUDCST041] in Psychedelic166.14 MB210
28 May 11[D]Spoonjuice Records - Cohen - Figgy Pudding - 2011 in Psychedelic60.45 MB10
12 Apr 10[D]Sunships - The Parachute Never Opened (Highest Quality) [2010] in Psychedelic422.47 MB10
26 May 09[D]The Merkabah Tribe - B sides (as TMT and Boris Paninski) in Psychedelic119.32 MB10
27 Jun 092 comments[D]The Merkabah Tribe - Bravado (+ a remix of AON) in Psychedelic28.66 MB20
04 Jun 09[D]The Merkabah Tribe - Illuminaughty (Mininova Exclusive) in Psychedelic12.51 MB10
24 Apr 10[D]The Merkabah Tribe - Jeebus in Psychedelic42.55 MB10
16 Jul 09[D]The Merkabah Tribe - Jerk-off (Tool Cover) in Psychedelic10.24 MB10
29 Jun 091 comments[D]The Merkabah Tribe - Mininova Demo 3 in Psychedelic25.59 MB10
21 May 09[D]The Merkabah Tribe - Mininova Demo part 1 in Psychedelic35.32 MB10
21 May 09[D]The Merkabah Tribe - Mininova Demo part 2 in Psychedelic46.54 MB01
02 Jul 09[D]The Merkabah Tribe - Shattered Waves of Mind ep in Psychedelic36.78 MB10
22 May 09[D]The Merkabah Tribe - The Electronic Eclectic Collection Disc 1 in Psychedelic171.46 MB11
24 Apr 10[D]The Merkabah Tribe - The Esoteric Exponential Perpetual Principles Sampler in Psychedelic153.37 MB10
14 May 101 comments[D]The Merkabah Tribe - The Reign of Sight (Discs 1 and 2) in Psychedelic325.81 MB10
25 May 09[D]The Merkabah Tribe as Boris Paninski - Faster and Faster ***MININOVA EXCLUSIVE*** in Psychedelic71.54 MB20
26 May 09[D]The Merkabah Tribe as Boris Paninski - Lucid Nightmare and The Gravity Bong Effect in Psychedelic218.18 MB11
20 Dec 10[D]Titee - ChasTitee [320kbps MP3s] in Psychedelic123.38 MB10
04 Jul 10[D]V1rus - Till it goes click 2010 in Psychedelic29.44 MB10
04 Jul 10[D]V1rus - Volkswagon 2009 in Psychedelic38.9 MB10
01 Oct 12[D]VRANGSINN - MOON PSYCHEDELIA COLLECTION - Misantrof ANTIRecords - in Psychedelic57.55 MB10
29 Mar 11[D]Wiz Khalifa & Cool Kid Piddy (Super Producer)-Makeover:Rolling Papers Edition-Car Service in Psychedelic4.2 MB20
06 Jan 10[D]Wukimon - Circles (Extra Psychedelic Mix) [experimental electronica for fans of Bjork, Mum & MGMT] in Psychedelic17.7 MB10
20 Feb 11[D][FRB005] Cagey House - Lark in Psychedelic100.51 MB10
07 Apr 12[D][FRB019] Swagman Didgeridoo - Dawn of Time in Psychedelic207.84 MB20
16 Nov 12[D][FRB021] Swagman Didgeridoo - Magic Tree in Psychedelic126.34 MB10
08 Jul 15[D][SCL167] Artem Bemba - Basscoast in Psychedelic97.54 MB10
02 Dec 15[D][SCL176] Pk jazz Collective - Youth Aspirations in Psychedelic106.81 MB20