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Doc & Lena S. - Cosmic Lullabies (meditative space ambient, Musictrade MT018 24bit FLAC)


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Category: Music > Ambient

Total size: 561.22 megabyte

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Doc and Lena Selyanina
Cosmic Lullabies

Musictrade release MT018
Released: January 23, 2008
24bit 44.1 kHz FLAC encoding - audiophile edition
Includes hi-res cover artwork

Cosmic Lullabies is the sixth album from the Finnish ambient producer Doc and the Russian pianist Lena Selyanina, cosmic and meditative in its style and spirit.

The opening track Bell Meditation is a pure meditation song based on huge bell sounds that resonate and vibrate for extended periods of time. Gradually rising ethereal echoes from sacred eastern choral tradition mix with the bells to form a calm and majestic cosmic setting, perfect for deep relaxation and meditation. (Note: this track version is a much longer edit than the earlier 14 minute single version, containing also some gorgeous high pitched meditation bells in the end section.)

The starting point for Neptune was Lena's beautiful impressionistic piano improvisation moving in G# Minor, "the bluest of musical modes", as Lena puts it. The piano then gets surrounded by a mysterious and meditative ambient soundworld. The entire 17 minute song can be interpreted as a long, symbolic probe-like dive through the blue, dreamlike gas layers of Neptune to ever deeper and darker realms, all the way down to the solid rock and metal core of the planet, and from there back to the starlight. (Note: this track version is identical to the earlier single release.)

The final track Andromeda is an ambient voyage into the majestic sphere of our neighbour galaxy.

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