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Muzik 4 Machines Feat Gato - Aux Gouvernements 260VBR


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Category: Music > Alternative

Total size: 44.74 megabyte

Added: 3346 days ago by Muzik4M

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Last updated: 29 minutes ago

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Muzik 4 Machines Presents: Aux Gouvernements featuring Gato On vocals (264 Kbps VBR)

Artist...............: Muzik 4 Machines Featuring Gato
Album................: 1st
Year.................: 1995-1998-2008
Genre................: Rock
Comment..............: form an analog 4 track
Type.................: Studio
Duration.............: 16 Minutes
Number of Songs......: 4

Audio Format.........: MP3
Ripper...............: dbpowerAMP Music Converter
Encoder..............: LAME
Bitrate..............: (Avg 262 Kbps VBR)
Hz...................: 44,100
Channels.............: Joint Stereo

Release Notes
Track listing:

01. Aux Gouvernements (Final 2008 Re-edit/Re mix)
02. Aux Gouvernements (Final 2008 Re Mix/Edit, transposed to original speed)
03. Aux Gouvernements (1995 Original Mix)
04. Aux Gouvernements (1998 Reworked Mix)

Music By TBA03
Words By Gato


This song was retrieved (or should I say salvaged) form a tascam 244 4 track master and transfered to Logic (2 track forward and 2 backwards) pitched up one octave (which, i learrnt, is too much, i needed 10 semitones and 42 cents) and re synchronized them (see album art) re amped the guitars, tuned the vocal, doubled the 707 drums with acoustic sounds, created a bass track from the clean guitar and cleaned up the structure a bit(removed the lame drum fills, deleted the whacky ugly solo)

I also tempted a restoration of the original 2 mixes which were on another cassette un played for 10 years so the sound had lost a lot of highs during the de noising process, and the 1998 mix missed almost all the left channel up until the solo, which I tried to fix in the mastering


Muzik 4 machines is a band from Montreal, Canada, which produces electronic music with a grunge twist.

The band was formed in 1996 by TBA03 and was particularly active from 1999 to 2002. From 2002 to 2005, Tb concentrated on some solo works and third-party productions. As of late 2005, the band officially decided to get back together and prepare some new material.

It started as a 1 man project, equipped with a Portastudio, a guitar and a TR-707 drum machine, early compositions were a mix between early house and grunge music, mixing the 4 on the floor rhythm with loud fuzz guitar. As the technology evolved, so did the Project; recruiting performers and signers and buying, finding or building new gadgets and sound mangling devices. Computers were a revolution in the course of things, starting with trackers, evolving towards MIDI sequencers and then full blown audio sequencing.

The Music also evolved from simple riffs over a steady beat to more complex and mysterious texture in some works and at the same time exploded into full blown (at the time) modern Rave party music in others. The band got some good hits and even sold Cd's worldwide on the then underground website that since closed.

Over the years, different styles were explored as the personel changed (house music, techno, drum and bass, rock, noise rock, pop, trance, urban music and some unclassifiable sounds). Performers including Luke, MisterW, YUL and DP participated to different Live events and special recordings (all available online).

Back to full housy-electro-Rock&noise lately, the band producing new material and making some videos.