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[LCL27] Various Artists : Free As Air (dub, rap, dubstep)


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Category: Music > Electronic

Total size: 51.55 megabyte

Added: 2121 days ago by LCL_netlabel

Language: English English

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[LCL27] Various Artists : "Free As Air"
Out on LCL (LibreCommeLair) may 2011
CC by-nc-nd license


01. Free As Air (Original mix)
02. LibreCommeLair (Volfoniq Remix)
03. Liberu Che S'aria (Arrogalla remix)
04. Libre Como El Aire (Volatil remix)
05. Free As Air (Lata's International Dub Cloud remix)


" This EP celebrates the 5th anniversary of LCL (LibreCommeLair) online label.
5 years, 31 releases, and hundreds of thousands of downloads later, we keep the same aim : spread and connect !
The tale of LCL continues within the next chapters. Read hereafter what the instigators of this release have to narrate..."

LCL - may 2011

" Working with Ebsa is like listening to his flow, it comes natural. There are no artifices, his style and his own identity merge together - the need of spreading a message that unifies rather than dividing.
Producing the music for “Free as air” has been equally intense and natural, where dub style had to support rap lyrics in a functional way and therefore maintain a certain level of symmetry, seeking to reveal the contrast between controlled sound power in slow motion and fast flickering, sharp lyrics.
The choice by LCL to do a release for its fifth anniversary with Free as air is source of great pride ! Through the remixes it obtains the final form it should have : an intertwining track that is a sign of mutual friendship and respect between us."

mildtape - may 2011

" When mildtape and I decided to make a song together and once he sent me the instrumental track, I wrote the lyrics for Free as Air within an hour. They came to me very easily and it felt natural.
Influences for the lyrics include: the human world, people, my life, the project itself, and the LCL label.
The lyrics cover many universal themes: communication & internet, history & future, technology & nature, lyrics & music, sound system culture and the synergy that can be achieved when people “team up”.
Mainly written in the English language, I also used Italian and French phrases in the lyrics. This was to emphasise the notion that - though we are all from different countries, have different cultures and use different languages - all humanity is connected through music."

Ebsa - may 2011

::: CREDITS :::

+ Music : mildtape
+ Lyrics : Ebsa
+ #3 remix : Arrogalla
+ #5 remix : Lata
+ #4 remix : Volatil
+ #2 remix : Volfoniq
+ Cover artwork : Mg
+ Mastering : mildtape


Ebsa :
mildtape :
Arrogalla :
Lata :
Volatil :
Volfoniq :


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