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Ascended Essence - The Dark Flow Theory (Hosted by DJ HOODIE)


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Category: Music > Hip Hop

Total size: 205.48 megabyte

Added: 1555 days ago by AscendedEssence

Language: English English

Share ratio: Perfect1 seed, 0 leechers

Last updated: 15 minutes ago

Downloads: 49,711

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Ascended Essence Movement
Proudly Presents:
                88888888ba,                         88         
                88      `"8b                        88         
                88        `8b                       88         
                88         88 ,adPPYYba, 8b,dPPYba, 88   ,d8   
                88         88 ""     `Y8 88P'   "Y8 88 ,a8"    
                88         8P ,adPPPPP88 88         8888[      
                88      .a8P  88,    ,88 88         88`"Yba,   
                88888888Y"'   `"8bbdP"Y8 88         88   `Y8a  
                88888888888 88                                 
                88          88                                 
                88          88                                 
                88aaaaa     88  ,adPPYba,  8b      db      d8  
                88"""""     88 a8"     "8a `8b    d88b    d8'  
                88          88 8b       d8  `8b  d8'`8b  d8'   
                88          88 "8a,   ,a8"   `8bd8'  `8bd8'    
                88          88  `"YbbdP"'      YP      YP      
    888888888888 88                                                         
         88      88                                                         
         88      88                                                         
         88      88,dPPYba,   ,adPPYba,  ,adPPYba,  8b,dPPYba, 8b       d8  
         88      88P'    "8a a8P_____88 a8"     "8a 88P'   "Y8 `8b     d8'  
         88      88       88 8PP""""""" 8b       d8 88          `8b   d8'   
         88      88       88 "8b,   ,aa "8a,   ,a8" 88           `8b,d8'    
         88      88       88  `"Ybbd8"'  `"YbbdP"'  88             Y88'     

Non-Profit Digital Release on December 21st, 2012

Worldwide Distribution via
Major Blogs, Forums, Torrent Portals, and popular Social Networking hubs.

.::Official Editorial Write-up on DFT::.

  88b           d88 88                                                        
  888b         d888 ""               ,d                                       
  88`8b       d8'88                  88                                       
  88 `8b     d8' 88 88 8b,     ,d8 MM88MMM ,adPPYYba, 8b,dPPYba,   ,adPPYba,  
  88  `8b   d8'  88 88  `Y8, ,8P'    88    ""     `Y8 88P'    "8a a8P_____88  
  88   `8b d8'   88 88    )888(      88    ,adPPPPP88 88       d8 8PP"""""""  
  88    `888'    88 88  ,d8" "8b,    88,   88,    ,88 88b,   ,a8" "8b,   ,aa  
  88     `8'     88 88 8P'     `Y8   "Y888 `"8bbdP"Y8 88`YbbdP"'   `"Ybbd8"'  
      88888888ba                        88                                
      88      "8b                       ""                                
      88      ,8P                                                         
      88aaaaaa8P' ,adPPYba, 8b       d8 88  ,adPPYba, 8b      db      d8  
      88""""88'  a8P_____88 `8b     d8' 88 a8P_____88 `8b    d88b    d8'  
      88    `8b  8PP"""""""  `8b   d8'  88 8PP"""""""  `8b  d8'`8b  d8'   
      88     `8b "8b,   ,aa   `8b,d8'   88 "8b,   ,aa   `8bd8'  `8bd8'    
      88      `8b `"Ybbd8"'     "8"     88  `"Ybbd8"'     YP      YP                                                                             

The spiritual gangstas are back with!! Three years after releasing the esoteric cosmic laced full album, The Grand Unification which grossed over 100k+ downloads Worldwide in 2009-2010 within the Torrent community, iTunes, Amazon, and Associated digital distribution. Ascended Essence, made up of four emcees and two in-house beat makers, hailing from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and beyond, returns the multicity collective with "Dark Flow Theory", their latest full length offering just in time for the conscious-shift era and/or before the end of the human civilization- depending on if you believe the Spiritual Hype/Mayan Prophecy.

If The Grand Unification lifted the listener to the clouds with positivity and clean lyrics then Dark Flow Theory is the express elevator back to Earth. Serving as tour guides on this lyrical journey back to the real world, emcees Epademc, Arc-Diz, Morpheous, and Mt. Sinai deliver their dissertations in tandem respectively without outshining each-other. The end result is an introspective and cohesive commentary on society, beliefs, and philosophy from each rappers perspective. In-house Beatmakers StraitDropp (Brent T.) and Recruit (Rick Root) have created a sonically diverse bed for the listener to crawl into and for four emcees to transmit their dreams and expressed vision.

Staying consistent with the previous astrophysical/theoretical themed album titles, Epademc decided to navigate the Ascended Essence starship vessel into uncharted territory. Forcing the evolution of the group by embracing the Darkness that resides in the soul of mankind. "This album is a trial by fire." says Epademc; "With a more organic introspective look at into the artist's incumbent, I wanted to shed light on the Darker-side of the artist's character traits and personalities. Hence, 'Dark Flow Theory' was juxtaposed with the groups staple brand conscious allure and supercharged with the inherent chaos of the cosmos."-- Epademc further states, "The title serves as a metaphor acting as the unseen force propelling the evolution/expansion of the group in correlation to the movement of galaxies in our universe; In the astrophysics community 'Dark Flow Theory' postulates that unseen forces (Parallel Universes) effect the large scale 'flow' of galaxy super-clusters in our observable universe."

In essence, the group has streamlined heavenly celestial bars over darker theme tracks with more lyrical grit and deep philosophies, said the groups chief engineer Epademc on the approach to putting together the new release. With production and writing of the first song 'Our Time' beginning in summer 2011, the group originally set out to make DFT a full length album but instead chose to take the material and give fans a free mixtape instead. Describing the process of converting the project from full length album to mixtape Epademc commented, 'Given that Ascended Essence produces, writes, records, and masters our music in-house. The effort took a bit longer than initially anticipated.'

Veteran Roanoke, Virginia, turntablist, DJ Hoodie hosts the twenty-one track project, which is available for download through (Content Distribution), Kick-Ass Torrents,,, various Worldwide Hip-hop blogs as well as the official Ascended Essence Website on December 21, 2012.

.::General Information::.

           | |:  Ascended Essence Music  :|
           | |:    "Dark Flow Theory"    :|
           | |:     ,-.   _____   ,-.    :|
           | |:    ( `)) [_____] ( `))   :|
           |v|:     `-`   ' ' '   `-`    :|
           |||:     ,______________.     :|
           `.___/ /====/ /=//=/ /====/____/

Type.................: Audio
More Info............: 
Image type...........: IDv3.2.3/MP3
Encoder..............: Epademc of Ascended Essence

Artist...............: Ascended Essence
Mixtape..............: Dark Flow Theory 
Year.................: 2013
Genre................: Hip-hop/Rap

Encoder .............: Sonar X1/Adobe Audition CS5(32bit/LAME)
Bitrate .............: 320 kbps
Size ................: 205 MB 

.::Track Listing::..

 "Dark..." ___               o/o/   "Theory..."
          o/o/    "Flow..."           ___
                 _______________     o/o/
 l    ___    l oo [::::] [] [] oo l    ___    l
 l  /:::::   l--------------------l   :::::  l
 l |:::::::| l  l   __    __   l  l |:::::::| l
 l |:::::::| l  l _(__)__(__)_ l  l |:::::::| l
 l   :::::/  l  l______________l  l  :::::   l

01. Intro Dissertation feat. Epademc
02. Call It feat. Epademc, Arc-Diz
03. Letters of Love feat. Mt Sinai, Epademc, Morpheous
04. Can't Stand feat. Mt Sinai, Morpheous
05. Dissertation 1: DJ Hoodie
06. Flare Helix feat. Morpheous, Epademc, Arc, Mt Sinai
07. Dark Flow Theory feat. Epademc, Morpheous, Mt Sinai
08. Dissertation 2: DJ Hoodie
09. All In It feat. Epademc
10. Been 2 Long feat. Epademc, Arc-Diz
11. The Bullshit feat. Epademc
12. Rock Rite feat. Epademc, Arc-Diz
13. Soldier On feat. Epademc, Arc, Morpheous, Sinai
14. No More Games feat. Epademc, Arc-Diz
15. Your Time feat. Epademc, Arc-Diz
16. Let Em Know feat. Epademc, Arc-Diz, Mt Sinai
17. Pipe Dreams feat. Arc-Diz, Epademc
18. Yes We Can feat. Epademc, Morph, Sinai, Arc
19. Dissertation 3: DJ Hoodie
20. Swervematic feat. Epademc and Arc-Diz
21. Outro Dissertation: DJ Hoodie


Total Run-time 67:00+ Mins
Total size of torrent 205 MB

.::Build with the Movement::.

              88           88               88                    
              88           ""               88                    
              88                            88                    
              88           88  8b,dPPYba,   88   ,d8   ,adPPYba,  
              88           88  88P'   `"8a  88 ,a8"    I8[    ""  
              88           88  88       88  8888[       `"Y8ba,   
              88           88  88       88  88`"Yba,   aa    ]8I  
              88888888888  88  88       88  88   `Y8a  `"YbbdP"'  

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                                db        88888888888  
                               d88b       88           
                              d8'`8b      88           
                             d8'  `8b     88aaaaa      
                            d8YaaaaY8b    88"""""      
                           d8""""""""8b   88           
                          d8'        `8b  88           
                         d8'          `8b 88888888888  
         88b           d88 88        88  ad88888ba  88   ,ad8888ba,   
         888b         d888 88        88 d8"     "8b 88  d8"'    `"8b  
         88`8b       d8'88 88        88 Y8,         88 d8'            
         88 `8b     d8' 88 88        88 `Y8aaaaa,   88 88             
         88  `8b   d8'  88 88        88   `"""""8b, 88 88             
         88   `8b d8'   88 88        88         `8b 88 Y8,            
         88    `888'    88 Y8a.    .a8P Y8a     a8P 88  Y8a.    .a8P  
         88     `8'     88  `"Y8888Y"'   "Y88888P"  88   `"Y8888Y"'