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Save Me - The First Song Ever Transmitted into Deep Space by an Ameican- Darren Farris


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Category: Music > Pop

Total size: 8.57 megabyte

Added: 1424 days ago by darrenfarris

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The first song to be transmitted into deep space from a US act was Save Me by Darren Farris. The first song to be transmitted into deep space from a UK act was Across the Universe by the Beatles. Ironically Farris' song was transmitted from a UK Telecom transmitter (British Telecom’s historic Goonhilly satellite earth station in Cornwall UK) , while The Beatles was transmitted by an American transmitter (NASA). Both songs were broadcast in the form of analog audio waves at the speed of light and theoretically can be received forever and will continue to travel through space for eternity. There are multiple sources online for both events.

Pop-Rocker Darren Farris Debuts New Single into Deep Space

Darren Farris' Song 'Save Me' Broadcasts Into Deep Space At The Speed of Light.

Los Angeles, California April 1, 2009

Darren Farris may be picking up new fans in some unlikely places this week, after he becomes the first American artist to launch a new song into deep space.

The Los Angeles based singer/songwriter's latest single 'Save Me' was transmitted into deep space on Wednesday, by SentForever. It was broadcast in the form of radio waves that travel at the speed of light and will travel through space for the rest of time.

Traveling at a speed of 670 million miles an hour, 'Save Me' passed by the sun eight minutes after transmission and left our solar system just five hours later.

When asked about his music someday being the first musical communication to be received by extraterrestrial life, Farris says, "Hopefully the lyrics will be meaningful and representative of mankind's feelings towards each other, and of course, everybody likes a good song!"

However, he jokes, "I just hope they don't wake me up in the middle of the night asking for a tour of the planet."

SentForever usually transmits people's messages of love, remembrance and celebration into deep space where they travel through space and time for all eternity.

Stephanie Baillache, co-founder of SentForever says, "Darren's song 'Save Me' is a very meaningful song and he deserves to be the first US artist to debut a single this way." She adds, "It's also great that if the transmission is ever received by some distant life form, a ballad like 'Save Me' is one of the first songs they receive from Earth."