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Ruller - ManualMatic 2013


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Category: Music > Electronic

Total size: 88.43 megabyte

Added: 1304 days ago by ru11er

Language: English English

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ManualMatic is Ruller's first official offering to the masses, a compilation of polished gems that takes the listener on a fantastic voyage, without the Coolio. Starting of with Beep Beep Richie, Ruller sets the tempo nice and fast, but unwinds near the end only to come back in with Man with the screaming brain, and distorted Rearview mirror. Mutainted Donkey Lips gives a glimpse into Ruller's take on downtempo dubstep. Randys Night out at McDonalds takes you back into the diverse mind of Ruller, and spits you back into Dance mode with Rullertron, struttin, and the sweet treat of The international Sign of the Donut.

About Ruller

Ruller was born and raised in the small province of Ontario in Canada. At the young age of 13, he was introduced to the audio production program known then as screamtracker through the use of BBS's (dial up bulletin board systems).
Years went by twisting up Screamtracker, until he graduated onto ImpulseTracker 3 until the age of 23. When it was time to ditch the old analog DOS audio programming software and move into a full fledged DAW (digital audio workstation), Ruller researched reviews and recommendations and settled on purchasing a copy of Ableton Live v 5; along with a M-audio Oxygen 8 midi controller off of eBay.
In his older years, Ruller can be spotted still using Ableton for his DAW, but he has upgraded his PC specs, his audio recording hardware, processing software, external midi inputs, as well as live instruments such as guitar, vocal and experimental percussion over the years, transforming his own sound into the unique one of kind Ruller's edge; YEAH BABY!

Ruller has many external influences and it shines threw his own music, often citing samples and examples of his favorites, some of Ruller's influences include Mike Patton, Micheal Reznor, Les Claypool, Travis Ellis, Matt Sargent, Joel Zimmerman, Micky Melachandio, and numerous EDM artists and songs.