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Crimson Falls - Downpours Of Disapproval (Official band release)


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Category: Music > Heavy/Death Metal

Total size: 177.06 megabyte

Added: 1282 days ago by crimsonfalls

Language: English English

Share ratio: Good2 seeds, 2 leechers

Last updated: 25 minutes ago

Downloads: 19,122

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TL;DR: Crimson Falls does not think of torrent downloaders as pirates, so we
listed a bunch of ways you can support us if you like the music in this


Thanks for taking the time to download Downpours Of Disapproval, a new release
by Crimson Falls. It took blood, sweat and tears, and a few months of our time.
We hope you will enjoy our music as much as the effort we put into it.

Contrary to popular opinion, Crimson Falls does not immediately think of
torrent downloaders as music pirates. There can be many reasons as to why you
chose to get our album this way. Perhaps you live in a country with difficult
access to our music, maybe you just want to check out some tracks before buying
or maybe you don't know of some of the other places where you can listen to our

Regardless, we're going out on a limb here and assume that you don't just want
to steal from us. That's why this package contains high-quality mp3's and the
complete cd booklet so that you have the best possible way to decide whether
you like what we created.

So, here's how you can support us:

1. Facebook: Go to and like our
page, leave a comment and share it with your friends.

2. Stream our music: All of our music, including previous releases, can
be found on every music streaming site (Spotify, Deezer, Symfy and many
more). Lots of these have free or low cost accounts and every time you
stream a song, we get paid a little bit.

3. Buy digital: All our music can also be bought digitally at all major
online outlets (iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon Music, etc.). Protip: Don't
want to pay for an album you just downloaded for free? Then why not buy
just one or two of your favorite songs from one of these sites (it'll
cost you less than your morning coffee...).

4. Buy physical: Next to all of the online stuff above, we also produced
classic cd-packages which can be purchased from our online store at

5. Buy merch: In the online store, you can also find a current selection
of t-shirts and hoodies. Like the album? Then wear our name proudly! We
ship worldwide.

6. Shows: Come to our shows! We mostly play Belgium and The Netherlands,
but we're aching to visit your country too! Let's us know where we
should play on our Facebook page.

7. Pay us directly: You can send us money through paypal to our band
email address ''. If you like our release, then
you decide how much it is worth to you.

Horns up!

Crimson Falls

- Kristof Damen
- Wim Jacobs
- Jeroen Foré
- Tom Trancez
- Youri Seynhaeve

License: CC-BY-SA-3.0 (
This means that you are allowed to reuse and adapt this text (and just this
text, not the booklet or the music) for your own purposes, even commercially,
as long as attribute Crimson Falls as the original creator of the text and
include the same license with your own text.