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! Mol - James Harmon and Production Unit Xero - [Ambient - Experimental] [2013]


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Category: Music > Ambient

Total size: 104.52 megabyte

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Mol is a collection of ambient works by James Harmon and Ramon Mills (Production Unit Xero), produced between February and June of 2013. Listening to Mol is like experiencing a sobering, dream-filled slumber while awake, and even if some of the pieces have dark or threatening qualities, the moments of unease are temporary, like a passing nightmare whose feeling lingers briefly upon waking but whose content is forgotten. The two artists have woven their interpretations of the music seamlessly into one another, and the melodicism here keeps the entirety of the album in the forefront of the listener's consciousness.

General Information

Artist...............: James Harmon and Production Unit Xero
Album................: Mol
Year.................: 2013
Genre................: Ambient - Experimental
Bitrate .............: 320 kbps

Tack Listing:

01. James Harmon - Ante (7:12)
02. Production Unit Xero - Wisp (4:40)
03. James Harmon - Just Passing (3:41)
04. Production Unit Xero - Awakening (4:40)
05. James Harmon - OPE (5:18)
06. Production Unit Xero - Dissipating Stasis (8:08)
07. James Harmon - Purest (5:34)
08. Production Unit Xero - Tapestries of Sunlight (5:40)

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