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Screw Comics! #1 - HD .cbz - Milqtoast Comics - toOnZDaY


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Category: Books > Comics

Total size: 40.68 megabyte

Added: 1016 days ago by MurderWeapon

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Screw Comics! #1 by Jarrod L. Perez -
Published 2009 by Milqtoast Comics

Issue 1 of the flagship comic book by Houston, TX based creator Jarrod L. Perez, this HD-optimized eComic features 3 stories and a grip of mini-comics. Featuring crazy characters, insane stories, and a rough, grey-scaled art style this independent comic is sure to please.

The cover story has our favorite stoner/dealer Juju come up with his stash missing, in it a dope strain that can stop time. When an evil scientist hellbent on time traveling accidentally releases a 63-foot time demon that wreaks havoc on the city, Juju must team up with a mysterious fine chick named Lucille to set things right, armed with only a mirror and a 45 record...but under everyone's nose there's someone much bigger that's responsible.

Next, we have PJ and Gizmo in what starts out as a simple lunchbreak turned into a kidnapping plot - over a vibrating toy cat.

And the last story has sky captain General Summer Solstice gunnin' to settle the score with the evil empress Adeena Castleroy.

.cbz file Optimized for viewing in HD on Retina displays, 74 pages, 40.6 MB

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