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[LCLNLD02] OICHO Dubclash


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Category: Music > Reggae

Total size: 88.27 megabyte

Added: 624 days ago by LCL_netlabel

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[LCLNLD02] OICHO Dubclash
Out on LCL (LibreCommeLair) July 2015
Creative Commons by-nc-nd license

/ / / TRACKLISTING / / /

OICHO IN DUB . . . . . .
01. Suck on dub
02. Ddowntown dubbing
03. Dub surfer
04. Dogbite dub

DR DUBZ RERUBZ . . . . .
05. Suck on version
06. Downtown versioning
07. Version surfer
08. Dogbite version


OICHO DUBCLASH – David Harrow meets Dr Dub

What happens when two ON.U Sound prodigies from different eras meet for a classic Jamaican style dub/soundclash?

Electronic music pioneer and multi instrumentalist David Harrow (UK) came to fame in the mid 80s, producing and
programming all time new wave classics like 'Sleeper in metropolis' and 'Our darkness' for Anne Clark.
Harrow has since worked with an impressive cast of British producers and artists such as Adrian Sherwood, Jah Wobble,
Psychic TV, The Orb and Andrew Weatherall. His solo outings have appeared under the aliases of James Hardway,
Technova and more recently, the OICHO multimedia project.

For the OICHO DUBCLASH release, Harrow has created 4 hammering tracks in which he played all instruments live.
He then joined forces with Netherlands based ON.U Sound archivist Patrick Dokter (Dr Dub) for versioning.
Dr Dub has been LCL (LibreCommeLair netlabel) family member from the beginning and he regularly appears in
Adrian Sherwood's UK underground club Shanty Town. He remixed for the likes of Tackhead, Asian Dub Foundation,
Dr. Das and French electrodub outfit Volfoniq.

The result is a true Jamaican style soundclash: the same tunes are featured on either side, but each side is telling a
different story. The ON.U Sound connection of both artists is unmistakable. However, both Harrow and Dr Dubz have created
their own unique sound, providing maximum aural assault...

/ / / CREDITS / / /

All tracks conceived & constructed by OICHO. All instruments played live.
# 1-4 mixed & mastered by OICHO.
# 5-8 versioned & mastered by Dr Dub.
Spoken word sample on trk. 6 by kind permission of Adrian Sherwood.

/ / / ARTISTS BIO / / /

David Harrow could easily play on musical heritage if he wanted, but that’s not his style. The man has
played with enough true legends of overground and underground music for several lifetimes,and could
dine out for years on the hair-raising stories of far out and extreme musical scenes he’s been involved
with. But what links all his musical adventures so far is a constant quest for new and stimulating
sounds, and that applies as strongly now as when he first launched into the post-punk climate at the
end of the 1970s.
So through synth-soaked new wave and Neue Deutsche Welle, defining a techno blueprint with poet
Anne Clark ,onto the San Francisco disco scene, through going deep into dub and experimental
electronics as part of On-U Sound and PTV, through the dirty rave haunts of London with Andrew
Weatherall, through huge international tours with The Orb, through a huge pop smash with Billie Ray
Martin, through his live drum’n’bass extravaganzas, through the filmscore world, on through the
Californian dubstep and weird-beat scenes to the esoteric ambient soundscapes and percussion
sketches he releases today, Harrow is always, as a wise man once said “on to the next one”. And that
hunger for the next sound, the next new idea, is what keeps his music as dazzlingly exciting as it has
ever been.
contact and bookings :
websites : /

: DR DUB :
From a secret location in Limbabwanesia, versionist extraordinaire Patrick Dokter (a.k.a. Dr Dub)
operates his 'sonic surgery station'. His house - somewhere in the deep south of the Netherlands -
is packed with ancient analog gear. Playing his sound machines and a mixing desk like a live instrument,
Dokter breaks all boundaries of sound and mind. Fully intuitive and packed with emotion, he creates what
Adrian Sherwood once described as 'NASA space flight dub chaos'. His style was inspired by the likes of
ON.U Sound/Adrian Sherwood, Lee Perry (Black Ark), Trevor Horn (ZTT) and 1980s 12" remix culture.
Dr Dub remixed for the likes of Tackhead, Asian Dub Foundation, African Head Charge and many more.
As a DJ he opened for Mark Stewart & the Maffia, Skip McDonald and the rhythm section of legendary
rockband Living Colour (Headfake Sound System). He also has a residency at Adrian Sherwood's underground
club Shanty Town (Ramsgate, UK) and is renowned for his archival work at the ON.U Sound record label.

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