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Madman the Greatest - Engima [Official] (2016)


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Category: Music > Hip Hop

Total size: 163.87 megabyte

Added: 123 days ago by blingblung

Language: English English

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Madman the Greatest
The official collection

Format: DJ Promo CD / Digidownload
Genre: Urban Contemporary / Rap
Label: Playaz Cliq Recordings
General Release Date: 18/11/16


Press Release:
Contrary to any beliefs, Madman the Greatest has always been a very misunderstood artist. Whether as a rapper, producer or performer, the habit of many seem to derive from the distinction of his production to his vocal accent. Innocently, many still don't understand what he does, who he is or the amount of work he drives into creating and perfecting his music. At a time when the digital market is over flooded with everything, he admits he is still looking for the difference. He's still strives for that edge in music that creates his own entity. In making a decision, the one thing that has always preyed on the back of his personality is the unknowing.

Enigma is a symbol of his personality. He likes the idea of being the unknown uniqueness that can stir conversation. Taking inspiration from Sia, MF Doom, Kiss & Dangermouse, this compilation is constructed around the concept of hidden personalities and characteristics of the person behind the mic. Songs like Where to you going which refers to the childhood conversations he had with his parents and the future conversations with his child about the direction they are moving into and Why I'm Me (Remix) which refers to his human normal self without the ever fight for fame balance out the enormous artist ego of survival on Cannot stop me now & Be Like Playaz.

Throughout the whole compilation, Madman the Greatest transitions from track to track continuously delivering his distinctive production creating solely at GR8-1 Music Lab, Birmingham and energetic vocals he is still known for.


01 Be like Playaz
02 Put the pressure up (ft Ruff MP)
03 Cannot stop me now
04 The power of the pen
05 Wont get the chance
06 Not interested
07 Wishwashers
08 All I can (Remix) (ft Bryan O'Quinn)
09 Do that dance for me
10 Move girl
11 Got me watching
12 Watch your girl
13 Shake that ass
14 Someone Special
15 Why I'm Me (Remix)
16 Where you're going to
17 The world of our children's children
18 They Wonder
19 Bella act like you know
20 Tomorrow
21 A father's letter

Written by C. Buffong Clarke
Production by Madman the Greatest.
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at GR8-1 Music Lab, Birmingham.
Designs by Silly Sketch Vizuels
All right reserved.