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Muzik 4 Machines - Live in Quebec City 04-09-2008 VIDEOS


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Category: Music > Trance / House / Dance

Total size: 950.61 megabyte

Added: 3124 days ago by Muzik4M

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Muzik 4 Machines Presents: Live in Quebec september 4th 2008
minimal electro house performed by machines for machines(may be suitable for humans too)

the 128 kbps mp3 from the other torrent is included in this download for those who prefer to download just one torrent


Track list
part 1: music is the answer
part 2: The interweb.../Deadm0uch3
part 3: Damn! Hoover/jam 1
part 4: Public Interest/Organ Donor(1)
part 5: Hands up/jam 2/Recovery
part 6: Organ Donor(2)/Tracne
part 7: Apregarot/Pedal pumper/Pumping Jack Flash/flay-a-live/benny/Another Rhythm Machine
part 8: les legumes
part 9: smells like teen spirit

videos previews

music is the answer
Apregarot/Pedal pumper/Pumping Jack Flash/flay-a-live/benny/Another Rhythm Machine
The interweb.../Deadm0uch3
Damn! Hoover/jam 1
Public Interest/Organ Donor(1)
Hands up/jam 2/Recovery
Organ Donor(2)/Tracne
les legumes
smells like teen spirit

Artist...............: Muzik 4 Machines
Album................: live2008
Year.................: 2008
Genre................: minimal electro house
Comment..............: live
Type.................: live
Duration.............: 81 minutes
Number of Songs......: 1

Audio Format.........: MP3
Encoder..............: LAME
Bitrate..............: (128 Kbps)
Hz...................: 44,100
Channels.............: Joint Stereo

video format:........:h.264/x.264
video resolution:....:720x480
video sound:.........:192 Kbps VBR AAC
Video Bitrate:.......:Average 1300Kbps

Release Notes

esx1: all sequencing and drum sounds

tx81z: reverby/pumpy sawtooth bass/lead (path:tx81z-mfc42-alesis nanoverb-dbx266 ch1(pump)-ch2(compression)-mixer)

mks50: hoover/saw/lead/pumpy synth (path MKS-boss sl20-dbx266(stereo)(mostly pump)-zoom rfx2200-mixer)

Redsound SoundBite Pro: vocals/looping

korg kaoss pad 2: delay

kaoss pad 3: loops/looper(snare rolls)/grainshifter

kaossilator: noise sweeps (path: k01-mini kp(delay)-mixer)

er1: beatbox AND sidechain signal (path: left out-boss v-wha-sansamp gt2-boss volume pedal-boss dd5 delay-volume pedal(stereo from the delay)-mixer)

Motu midi mixer: my mixer, controlled by the BCF)

Kawai midi patchbay:guess :lol:

dbx mc 6: output compressor

NOT used:
a computer, besides recording it; no edition, no mastering, What you hear is what i send out of the main outs


Muzik 4 machines is a band from Montreal, Canada, which produces electronic music with a grunge twist.

The band was formed in 1996 by TBA03 and was particularly active from 1999 to 2002. From 2002 to 2005, Tb concentrated on some solo works and third-party productions. In 2008, they resumed where they left with some outside gigs and events during the summer and shows in small venues and bars.

It started as a 1 man project, equipped with a Portastudio, a guitar and a TR-707 drum machine, early compositions were a mix between early house and grunge music, mixing the 4 on the floor rhythm with loud fuzz guitar. As the technology evolved, so did the Project; recruiting performers and signers and buying, finding or building new gadgets and sound mangling devices. When computer became powerful enough to generate and process sound, a new page of M4M history started.

The Music also evolved from simple riffs over a steady beat to more complex and mysterious texture in some works and at the same time exploded into Rave party music in others. The band got some good charts apparition online and even sold Cd's worldwide on the then underground website that since closed.

Over the years, different styles were explored as the personel changed (house music, techno, drum and bass, rock, noise rock, pop, trance, urban music and some unclassifiable sounds). Performers including Luke, MisterW, YUL and DP participated to different Live events and special recordings (all available online).

Back to housy-electro-Rock&noise, the band now produces new material, performs it live, and uploads it to youtube.


if anyone cares to at least comment, it would be nice