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KraftiM - FraxurY (experimental electronica, Musictrade MT020 24bit FLAC)


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Category: Music > Psychedelic

Total size: 501.37 megabyte

Added: 2373 days ago by Musictrade

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Musictrade release MT020
Released: October 21st, 2008
24bit/44.1 kHz FLAC encoding - audiophile edition
Includes hi-res cover artwork.

FraxurY is KraftiM's third full album release on Musictrade. The entire album is built on wave material from the Swedish electronic musician and sound engineer Frags. The structural skeleton for the album comes from the holy Dutch hexagram of Earth, Man, Fire, Water, Air and Beer, and the scandinavian origin of the waves gave the impulse for the short track titles.

Musically Fraxury is a story of how the mentioned six elements influence our daily perception. In Amli the nervous states of mind are explored and put into a position. Tulo includes KraftiM's own synthesizer based percussion bringing in more structure. Isev's processed guitar makes it a dense rock trip where fire and ice meet and stir up the a slumbering brain. Seim includes occasional bass lines provided by Alfred who has contributed also to some earlier KraftiM works. There's a sense of heaven crying desperately in a search for inner rest. Ilut includes material from KraftiM's rural field recordings. Aam is a track liberated from all trivial down to earth harassment, giving us a change to explore the serenity of the leftovers of our broadened mind again.

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