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THE MOTHER TONGUE BAND - Live! Dec. 9, 2009


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Category: Music > Rock

Total size: 62.53 megabyte

Added: 2624 days ago by tbone543

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Recorded live at The Queens Hotel, Nanaimo, BC
December 9, 2009

Nathan McKay - keyboards, vocals
Phill Albert - bass, vocals
Tristan Armstrong - guitar, vocals
Allan Cameron - drums

Band website:
Band Twitter: @tmtband

To Whom it May Concern,

Shortly before The Mother Tongue Band was formed, there were discussions amongst some of those that would eventually become members of The Mother Tongue Band, discussions pertaining to the process of creating and performing music, specifically, what types of people and instruments are required to create the type of music that these people, these (at the time) potential band members, wanted to eventually create. They spoke, on and off, for some measure of time before determining that several key ingredients would be necessary. These ingredients included guitars, basses, drums, and keyboards. At the time, puffy shirts were not a part of the discussions (these came later). Instruments, and people to play the instruments, were gathered, and the people wrote some songs using the instruments (and sometimes humming), dusted some older songs off, and began playing shows, to what would be critical acclaim, that is, if they lived in the kind of town that had genuine real-life music critics. As it was, crowds responded enthusiastically, both to the music, and the puffy shirts, and the band made an ep, simply called “The Mother Tongue Band”, and sold it at shows for 5 dollars. Soon they were rich beyond their wildest expectations, shortly after this they awoke, remembering that it would take a sizeable amount of 5 dollar CD sales to make anybody rich, meanwhile so many of the things that they enjoyed, such as fancy guitars and suchlike, had expensive price tags attached to them. Also, many of the people that played in the band had dogs, cats, and kids to feed (in reverse order), so nobody got carried away with the vast profits from the album. In fact, after gas, beer and expenses were subtracted, somehow the CD came out owing them money! It remained steadfast in its refusal to pay up.

“The Mother Tongue Band” is made up of several people. They play music, all at the same time, using different instruments. Many of them sing. They all help with writing the songs. If you like the kind of songs that they play and sing, or enjoy them on a level that is purely aesthetic, then they may just be the band for you.

Best Wishes,
Nathan McKay