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Combined Extra Assets Beta 01 For L4dOnL4d2 Campaigns


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Category: Games > Game fixes/patches

Total size: 162.75 megabyte

Added: 2572 days ago by l4d2aoi

Language: English English

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Last updated: 36 minutes ago

Downloads: 19,563

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Extra Assests Beta 1 (missing texture fix for l4donl4d2 campaigns) by gauss5546

This file simply combines the extra assets and pak03 with a few additions. Now in No Mercy Mod the fence that everyone saw checkered is actually a normal barred fence now. Also in Crash Course Mod the wooden pallets should be fixed if you were having issue with them.

1. Before installing this please delete your extra_assets.vpk, pak03_dir and any other extra assets files from your L4D2 folder as they have conflicting files.

2. Place the "combined_extra_assets_beta01.vpk" into your Left 4 Dead 2 addons folder.

3. Enjoy L4donL4D2 campaigns :)

This is a conversion project porting the campaigns from
Left 4 Dead into it's sequel, Left 4 Dead 2 (PC Only!)
This project is about choices!

Our team has made 2 versions of each original L4D campaign. One is an original conversion from L4D to L4D2 with the only new addition being L4D2 weapons, infected, and minor fixes to make events work in L4D2. The other versions of these same L4D campaigns will be brand new with L4D2 features, such as daytime, hard rain effects, counter strike weapons, new infected, crescendo events, et cetera... We have VPK format available for each campaign, however they only work in Co-Op mode because of an unfixed L4D2 Source SDK glitch making the modes Realism, Scavenge, Survival & Versus incompatable in VPK format. We have a fix around this using exe format for simple installation of our campaign conversions that are not in VPK format.

Uploaded by: Left 4 Dead 2 AddOn Installer (L4D2AOI)