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AddedCategory commentsNameSizeSeedsLeechers
23 May 16Music[D]Smoke Sessions Vol. 23 VEMF Special pt . 2 mixed by AFL in Drum N Bass46.65 MB10
23 May 16Music[D]Smoke Sessions Vol. 23 VEMF Special pt . 1 mixed by AFL in Dubstep65.85 MB01
21 May 16Music[D]AFL - Cascadia Rising (DJ MIX) in Electronic137.24 MB10
21 May 16Music[D]Halfway Crooks - NSFW! Session 6 (DJ MIX) in Electronic162.58 MB10
27 Jan 16Music[D]Halfway Crooks - NSFW! Session 5 (DJ Mix) in Electronic112.29 MB30
27 Jan 16Music[D]Halfway Crooks - NSFW! Session 3 (DJ Mix) in Electronic143.76 MB30
24 Jan 16Music[D]Halfway Crooks - Dope Dealers (Original Mix) in Electronic11.63 MB30
02 Nov 15Music[D]Halfway Crooks - NSFW! Session 4 (DJ Mix) in Electronic169.48 MB10
02 Nov 15Music[D]Halfway Crooks - NSFW! Session 2 (DJ Mix) in Electronic130.05 MB20
01 Nov 15Music[D]Halfway Crooks - NSFW! Session 1 (DJ Mix) in Electronic123.16 MB60
01 Nov 15Music[D]Tinashe ft Schoolboy Q - 2 On (Halfway Crooks Bootleg) in Electronic13.16 MB20
01 Nov 15Music[D]AFL - November Rain (DJ Mix) in Electronic97.57 MB20
16 Aug 13Music[D]Bass Tan mixed by AFL (Deep/Tech House, Aug 2013) in Trance / House / Dance165.54 MB01
28 Feb 11Music[D]Smoke Sessions Vol. 22 mixed by AFL (Dubstep) in Dubstep83.56 MB10
24 Nov 10Music[D]Smoke Sessions Vol. 21 mixed by AFL (Dubstep) in Dubstep53.74 MB10
27 Aug 10Music[D]Smoke Sessions Vol. 20 mixed by AFL (Dubstep) in Dubstep71.58 MB10
11 Jun 10Music[D]Kaskade - Dynasty (AFL's Dada Life Die-nasty Bootleg) (320kbps, Dubstep) in Dubstep10.45 MB10
15 May 10Music1 comments[D]Smoke Sessions Vol. 19 mixed by AFL (Dubstep) in Dubstep54.67 MB01
16 Apr 10Music[D]Faded a DJ Mix by AFL (Apr 2010, Glitchy Chill Out) in Electronic70.56 MB20
10 Feb 10Music[D]AFL - Smokers Riddim (320kbps, Dubstep) in Dubstep12.35 MB10
10 Feb 10Music[D]Lynx & Kemo - Global Enemies (AFL Remix) (320kbps, Dubstep) in Dubstep12.4 MB10
10 Feb 10Music[D]AFL - Go Deep (320 kbps, Dubstep) in Dubstep10.45 MB10
26 Dec 09Music1 comments[D]Smoke Sessions Vol. 18 compiled by AFL (Dubstep) in Dubstep133.27 MB10
10 Oct 09Music5 comments[D]Smoke Sessions Vol. 17 mixed by AFL (Dubstep) in Dubstep110.66 MB10
27 Sep 09Music2 comments[D]AFL - Mark of the Beast (Dubstep, 320kbps) in Dubstep9.84 MB10
27 Sep 09Music[D]iiO - Smooth (AFL's Pure Phase Dubstep Refix) 320kbps in Dubstep9.32 MB10
21 Sep 09Music10 comments[D]Smoke Sessions Vol. 16 mixed by AFL (Dubstep) in Dubstep100.99 MB10
20 Jul 09Music1 comments[D]Shadow Jugglin' mixed live by AFL on CITR 101.9fm (Dubstep & Glitch Hop) in Electronic55.7 MB10
29 Jun 09Music4 comments[D]Smoke Sessions Vol. 15 mixed by AFL (Glitch Hop & Dubstep) in Electronic82.62 MB10
10 Jun 09Music5 comments[D]Smoke Sessions Vol. 14 mixed by AFL (Dubstep) in Electronic57.55 MB10
27 May 09Music3 comments[D]Dub Soda mixed by AFL (Dubstep) in Electronic68.96 MB10
19 May 09Music10 comments[D]Reggae Remixes by AFL (Dubstep, 320kbps) in Electronic22.43 MB10
01 May 09Music8 comments[D]Smoke Sessions Vol. 13 compiled by AFL (Dubstep) in Electronic87.63 MB10
19 Apr 09Music9 comments[D]Smoke Sessions Vol. 8 mixed by AFL (Downtempo) in Electronic31.71 MB10
04 Apr 09Music9 comments[D]Smoke Sessions Vol. 11 mixed Live @ Hush Nightclub by AFL (Dubstep) in Electronic74.58 MB01
28 Mar 09Music[D]Smoke Sessions Vol. 10 mixed by AFL (Drum & Bass) in Electronic75.99 MB01
26 Mar 09Music1 comments[D]Smoke Sessions Vol. 9 mixed by AFL (Dubstep) in Electronic51.05 MB10
24 Mar 09Music2 comments[D]Smoke Sessions Vol. 7 mixed by AFL (Dubstep) in Electronic74.02 MB10
19 Mar 09Music4 comments[D]Smoke Sessions Vol. 6 mixed Live @ Young Lake, BC Canada by AFL (Dubstep) in Electronic99.68 MB10
14 Mar 09Music[D]Smoke Sessions Vol 5. mixed by AFL (Dubstep) in Electronic93.83 MB10
12 Mar 09Music6 comments[D]Smoke Sessions Vol. 4 mixed by AFL (Dubstep) in Electronic45.59 MB10
10 Mar 09Music1 comments[D]AFL's Dance Party (Smoke Sessions Vol. 3) mixed by AFL (Dance) in Electronic56.87 MB10
10 Mar 09Music1 comments[D]Smoke Sessions Vol. 2 mixed by AFL (Dubstep) in Electronic55.49 MB10
10 Mar 09Music4 comments[D]Smoke Sessions Vol. 1 mixed by AFL (Dubstep) in Electronic126.12 MB10
07 Mar 09Music5 comments[D]Smoke Sessions mixed by AFL Vol. 12 (Dubstep) in Electronic129.52 MB10