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Torrents uploaded by DJLogic (22 torrents) RSS

AddedCategory commentsNameSizeSeedsLeechers
20 Jul 14Music[D]Toxic People DJ Set by DJLogic (Deep-Club-Techno) in Techno122.05 MB15
04 Jan 14Music[D]DJLogic - Forest Nightmare in Psychedelic151.08 MB10
14 Dec 12Music[D]DJLogic - Dark Sun (Dark Minimal Techno Session) in Techno212.11 MB10
28 Oct 12Music[D]DJLogic - Burning The Space Suit (PsyCore Trance) in Psychedelic175.66 MB10
08 Feb 11Music[D]DJLogic - Fight Like An Egyptian (PsyTrance PsyCore) in Psychedelic95.25 MB20
14 Nov 10Music[D]DJLogic - Liquidators Of Chernobyl (Psy-DarkTrance)2010 in Psychedelic99.33 MB10
22 Jan 10Music[D]DJLogic-CuestionDeSuerte PsyFullDark Trance 01-2010 in Psychedelic192.79 MB10
03 Jan 10Music[D]DJLogic-NewYearSession(01-2010)Pre-Release(320Kbps)Minimal-Techno in Techno226.57 MB10
26 Dec 09Music[D]DJLogic-Sin Setas No Hay Paraiso(320Kbps)-Psy-Full-Dark Trance Session12-2009 in Psychedelic187.31 MB10
10 Nov 09Music1 comments[D]DJLogic - Addiction in Techno207.28 MB10
17 Aug 09Music5 comments[D]DJLogic - PsychoLogic (Psychedelic Trance) in Psychedelic196.34 MB30
11 Aug 09Music2 comments[D]DJLogic-LiveSetBarcelona-2007(PsyTrance) in Psychedelic330.41 MB20
19 Jul 09Music12 comments[D]DJLogic - Inside The Mushrom (Psychedelic-Dark Trance) in Psychedelic175.09 MB10
09 Jul 09Music7 comments[D]DJLogic - Glimmersmall (minimal-techno) in Techno165.19 MB10
05 May 09Music1 comments[D]DJLogic - FOEMix (FOEM Records Session) in Electronic181.84 MB10
30 Apr 09Music3 comments[D]DJLogic - Lost In Myself - Minimal Techno Session 09-2008 in Techno165.01 MB01
14 Apr 09Music3 comments[D]DJLogic-Recycled Minimal Techno Set 12-2008 in Techno181.95 MB10
09 Apr 09Music7 comments[D]DJLogic-Techno Techno Set 10-2008 in Techno182.28 MB10
08 Apr 09Music5 comments[D]DJLogic-Humaliens Minimal Techno Session 11-2008 in Techno178.07 MB10
05 Apr 09Music11 comments[D]DJLogic-Minimalicious Minimal Techno Session 02-2009 in Techno179.14 MB10
03 Apr 09Music3 comments[D]DJLogic-PlugTheHeadphones Minimal Techno Session 03-2009 in Techno172.96 MB10
02 Apr 09Music14 comments[D]DJLogic-Minimal Mushrooms Minimal Techno Session 01-2009 in Techno114.1 MB01