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Torrents uploaded by Faturenet (75 torrents) RSS

AddedCategory commentsNameSizeSeedsLeechers
01 Oct 16Music[D]waverine - We Go Digital - 5tr EP in Electronic63.52 MB20
22 Apr 16Music[D]waverine - Counting On The Stars - 5tr EP in Electronic51.66 MB10
15 Jan 16Music[D]waverine - Sugar Exterior EP in Electronic60.89 MB20
15 Jan 16Music[D]waverine - Fruition EP in Electronic48.5 MB20
06 Jan 16Music[D]waverine - Microbe (13 tracks + 3 bonus) in Electronic168.61 MB20
30 Dec 14Music[D][FNet067] Smoke & Mirrors By Plutonium Telecom (experimental, noise) in Electronic102.88 MB10
01 Dec 14Music[D][FNet066] Hellscion - The Cerebral Forest (industrial techno) in Electronic78.92 MB10
05 Nov 14Music[D][FNet065] My Own Cubic Stone - Brain Death (breakbeat, electronica) in Electronic136.22 MB10
28 Sep 14Music[D][FNet064 ] Vivien Lake - Psychological Armoury (hip hop, boom bap) in Hip Hop102.56 MB10
01 Sep 14Music[D][FNet063] ACL - Bits, Pieces, And All The Kit And Caboodle (synthpop, chillout) in Easy Listening133.64 MB30
27 Jul 14Music[D][FNet062] Various - Broken Symmetry (ambient electronic, impressions of higgs boson) in Electronic243.42 MB10
29 Jun 14Music[D][FNet061] Various - Pick n Mix Vol.6 (electronic, beats, mix) in Electronic219.97 MB10
25 May 14Music[D][FNet060] Plutonium Telecom - The Devils Mistake (experimental electronic, industrial, noise) in Electronic77.37 MB10
27 Apr 14Music[D][FNet059] Various - Project 4.2 (sample mindfuck, experimental electronic) in Electronic194.8 MB10
16 Apr 14Music[D][FNet058a] Waverine - Fell In Love With Humanity EP (electro, pop, ethnic, piano, asian) in Electronic40.27 MB10
30 Mar 14Music[D][FNet058] Waverine - Vintage (electro, pop, rock, new age, piano, brass) in Electronic114.4 MB10
23 Feb 14Music[D][FNet057] Delcraft - Dressed Blessed (house, techno, electronic) in Electronic111.14 MB01
26 Jan 14Music[D][FNet056] Hypnokid - Sunshine (bass trap juke hip hop electronic) in Electronic47.69 MB10
22 Dec 13Music[D][FNet055] My Own Cubic Stone - A New Cycle (electronic, downtempo) in Electronic144.57 MB10
24 Nov 13Music[D][FNet054] Incentive - Eschatology (noise, drone, post-industrial, idm) in Electronic63.62 MB10
27 Oct 13Music[D][FNet053] Hellscion - Reflection Of Spirit Forms (industrial techno) in Electronic63.5 MB10
18 Oct 13Music[D][FNet042d] Waverine - Wedding EP (instrumental electronic) in Easy Listening32.58 MB10
29 Sep 13Music[D][FNet052] Hardy Kuester - VIP Drumz (atmospheric drum 'n bass, dnb) in Drum N Bass167.07 MB10
31 Aug 13Music[D][FNet051] L.Bridge - An Abstract Tomorrow (experimental electronic, breakbeat, downtempo microtonal) in Electronic56.03 MB10
21 Jul 13Music[D][FNet050] Various - 2MM2 (electronic) in Electronic308.75 MB10
30 Jun 13Music[D] [FNet049] Absorption - Project X (dark ambient, experimental) in Electronic104.1 MB20
26 May 13Music[D][FNet048] Azotic Compounds Laboratory - Island Of Secrets (synthpop, chillout, electronica) in Electronic95.97 MB20
28 Apr 13Music[D][FNet047] Hardcore Faction - Black Sunday (electronica, breakbeat) in Electronic124.12 MB10
15 Apr 13Music[D][FNet042c] Waverine - Ode To A Hobnob EP (electro pop dance soundtrack jazz) in Electronic67.24 MB10
24 Mar 13Music[D][FNet046] Delcraft - Drum 'n Space (drum n bass) in Electronic81 MB10
24 Feb 13Music[D][FNet045] Sean Archibald - day:dot EP (downtempo, electronic, dnb) in Electronic89.13 MB10
27 Jan 13Music[D][FNet044] Illusion Of Presence - Everyone Belongs To Everyone Else (electronic, idm, ambient) in Electronic162.26 MB10
08 Jan 13Music[D][FNet042b] Waverine - Nothing EP (soundtrack, newage, breakbeat, lo-fi, experimental) in Electronic66.1 MB10
24 Dec 12Music1 comments[D][FNet043] Various - Pick n Mix Vol.5 (electronica, breaks, techno, experimental, ambient) in Electronic118.76 MB10
25 Nov 12Music[D][FNet042] Waverine - Sounds Of Life (soundtrack, new age, pop, dance, rock, blues, jazz) in Electronic158.13 MB11
28 Oct 12Music[D][FNet041] Plutonium Telecom - Reasonless Results (electronica, industrial, idm, experimental) in Electronic88.81 MB10
23 Sep 12Music[D][FNet040] Incentive - Cyberpunk Age (post-industrial, minimal, idm, electronic, experimental) in Electronic49.9 MB10
17 Aug 12Music1 comments[D][FNet039] Leithal - Five (experimental, electronic) in Electronic108.62 MB10
15 Jul 12Music[D][FNet038] Hellscion - Burning Bridges (techno, industrial, hardcore, breaks) in Electronic66.82 MB01
17 Jun 12Music[D][FNet037] ACL - The New Myself (synthpop electronica chillout) in Electronic129.76 MB10
20 May 12Music[D][FNet036] Und Indem Halbraum Gestalten By Process Geschäftsführer (avantgarde) in Electronic149.26 MB01
15 Apr 12Music[D][FNet035] Various - Pick n Remix Vol.1 (synthpop breakbeat house techno experimental) in Electronic185.82 MB20
22 Mar 12Music[D][FNet034] Fature - Bad Form (broken beat, nu-jazz, breakbeats, ambient, dnb) in Electronic100.19 MB10
22 Mar 12Music[D][FNet033] Absorption - Evolution (dark ambient, experimental) in Electronic101.87 MB10
21 Mar 12Music[D][FNet032] Various - Project 4 (electronic, sample manipulation) in Electronic93.77 MB10
21 Mar 12Music[D][FNet031] ACL & Crew - Golden Fish (electro, synthpop, techno, ambient, chillout, breakbeat) in Electronic246.14 MB10
21 Mar 12Music[D][FNet030] Waverine - Hope (breakbeat, soundtrack, new-age, electro, lo-fi) in Electronic91.19 MB10
21 Mar 12Music[D][FNet029] Hellscion - All That Remains The Same (breaks, industrial techno) in Electronic38.84 MB10
20 Mar 12Music5 comments[D][FNet028] Leithal - Musica Para Porro I Casa (abstract, experimental, breaks, soundart) in Electronic118.69 MB10
20 Mar 12Music[D][FNet027] Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers (The Remixes) in Electronic63.25 MB30
20 Mar 12Music[D][FNet026] Babungus - Knuckle Chunder (dub, dubstep, drum & bass) in Electronic162.26 MB10
20 Mar 12Music[D][FNet025] ACL - Nitrogene (electronica, synthpop, chillout) in Electronic105.98 MB71
20 Mar 12Music[D][FNet024] Plutonium Telecom - The Shiny Shit & The Bitter Ones (experimental, noise) in Electronic110.23 MB10
20 Mar 12Music[D][FNet023] Waverine - Blinded By The Sun (avantgarde pop, electronica) in Electronic133.77 MB20
20 Mar 12Music[D][FNet022] Drew Costigan - Sound Mind (electronica, fusion) in Electronic105.27 MB10
20 Mar 12Music[D][FNet021] Various - 2 Minute Masterpieces (experimental electronic) in Electronic244.87 MB10
20 Mar 12Music[D][FNet020] Provote - Feed the Devil, Make a Deal EP (dnb, drum & bass) in Drum N Bass67.7 MB10
19 Mar 12Music[D][FNet019] ACL - Azotomania (ambient, synthpop, chillout) in Electronic112.56 MB10
19 Mar 12Music[D][FNet018] Fature - Choice by Definition (experimental, future jazz, broken beat, microtonal) in Electronic87.26 MB11
19 Mar 12Music[D][FNet017] Hellscion - Rigid Reflection (breaks, hardcore, gabba, industrial, idm) in Electronic48.82 MB10
19 Mar 12Music[D][FNet016] Plutonium Telecom - Observe, Strip, Reprogram (experimental, industrial, noise) in Electronic91.31 MB10
19 Mar 12Music[D][FNet015] Various - Colours from Thought II (electronic, dubstep, dnb, ambient, breakbeat, dnb) in Electronic240.75 MB10
19 Mar 12Music[D][FNet013] Nabux - Introspect (dub, breaks, downtempo) in Electronic45.57 MB10
19 Mar 12Music[D][FNet012] Ambient Anonymous - The Lighthouse (electronic, ambient, downtempo, breakbeat, dnb) in Electronic117.06 MB21
18 Mar 12Music[D][FNet011] Waverine - Underneath the Waves (electronica; downtempo; avantgarde pop) in Electronic115.35 MB10
18 Mar 12Music[D][FNet010] ACL - Island of Pleasure (electronic, synthpop, chillout) in Electronic112.28 MB10
17 Mar 12Music[D][FNet009] Various - Pick n Mix Vol.4 (electronic, techno, ambient, orchestral, experimental) in Electronic132 MB10
17 Mar 12Music[D][FNet008] Television Overdose - DeepThoughtStill EP (electronic, breakbeat) in Electronic45.18 MB10
17 Mar 12Music[D][FNet007] Various - Pick n Mix Vol.3 (electronica, trance, techno, breaks, experimental, downtempo) in Electronic199.68 MB10
17 Mar 12Music[D][FNet006] Various - Pick n Mix Vol.2 (electronic, industrial, breaks, dnb) in Electronic183.19 MB10
17 Mar 12Music[D][FNet005] Various - Pick n Mix Vol.1 (electronic, boombap, breaks, dnb, experimental) in Electronic37.71 MB10
17 Mar 12Music[D][FNet004] Hellscion - Season of Change (industrial, techno) in Electronic20.87 MB01
17 Mar 12Music[D][FNet003] Trait - Airborne (experimental electronic, breakbeats) in Electronic45.65 MB10
17 Mar 12Music[D][FNet002] Various - Colours from Thought (electronic, experimental, dubstep, microtonal, breaks) in Electronic101.1 MB10
17 Mar 12Music[D][FNet001] Various - Release of Attacks (trance, dnb, electro, experimental, breaks, ambient) in Electronic84.5 MB10