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Torrents uploaded by Fedarro (62 torrents) RSS

AddedCategory commentsNameSizeSeedsLeechers
24 Dec 15Music[D]2Dayz Exclusives Vol. 30 in Rap209.72 MB20
24 Dec 15Music[D]DJ StreetCred - 2Dayz Exclusives Vol. 29 in Rap343.72 MB40
01 Nov 15Music[D]2Dayz Exclusives Vol. 28 in Hip Hop356.26 MB10
01 Nov 15Music[D]2Dayz Exclusives Vol. 27 (Hosted By Jadakiss) in Hip Hop345.56 MB21
23 Oct 15Music[D]DJ StreetCred - 2Dayz Exclusives Vol. 26 in Hip Hop323 MB20
22 Oct 15Music[D]DJ StreetCred - 2Dayz Exclusives (RnB) Vol. 14 in R&B259.54 MB30
17 Oct 15Music[D]DJ StreetCred - 2Dayz Exclusives Vol. 25 in Hip Hop272.58 MB10
28 Sep 15Music[D]2Dayz Exclusives (RnB) Vol. 13 in R&B289.58 MB80
05 Aug 15Music[D]Kaotic Cas - Up N' Runnin' EP in Hip Hop34.78 MB10
27 Jul 15Music[D]DJ StreetCred - 2Dayz Exclusives Vol. 24 in Hip Hop272.08 MB10
21 Jul 15Music[D]DJ StreetCred - 2Dayz Exclusives (RnB) Vol. 12 in R&B206.2 MB20
30 Jun 15Music[D]DJ Street Cred - Shout Out My Connect 2 in Hip Hop119.23 MB10
26 Apr 15Books[D]#CELLPHONEMILLIONAIRE - How To Make $10k A Month, Promoting Mobile Apps, Games, Music, and More! in Ebooks5.27 MB10
30 Jan 15Music[D]Kaotic Cas - 2 Minute Take-Off in Hip Hop5.27 MB10
23 Jan 15Music[D]A-Guttah - Where My N*GGuZ At? in Hip Hop8.63 MB10
19 Dec 14Music[D]Bling Team Ent. Presents J.R. King - Lionheart in R&B115.99 MB11
12 Sep 14Music[D]Oana Matache feat. Fedarro - Finally in Pop6.56 MB10
22 Dec 12Music[D]A-Guttah - King Shit in Hip Hop92.57 MB10
06 Nov 12Movies[D]Gucci 3D by Gucci Mane (DVD) Part 2 of 6 in Documentary316.46 MB42
02 Nov 12Music[D]Black Patt - Taking Myself Back in Hip Hop54.66 MB10
02 Oct 12Music[D]Skeet Team - The Kool Aid Is Cold in Hip Hop80.06 MB20
28 Aug 12Music[D]Tiffany LaShaye - BLUE HEART EP in R&B42.52 MB10
23 Aug 12Music[D]Gucci 3D by Gucci Mane (DVD) [Part 1 of 6] in Rap316.53 MB10
23 Aug 12Music[D]J.R. King - Rhythm And Crack Vol. II in R&B72.8 MB10
22 Aug 12Music[D]Gucci Mane - Gucci 3D By Gucci Mane (Hosted By DJ Holiday, The Comission) in Hip Hop98.69 MB10
10 Jul 12Music[D]Rockboy K9 - Celebrate Life (Feat. BJ The Chicago Kid) in Hip Hop6.22 MB10
13 Apr 12Music[D]Fedarro - Slowly (Feat. Mai Lee) in R&B4.26 MB10
03 Feb 12Music[D]D. Meeks & Mikey Streetz featuring REALLY DOE & Nia - Stars in Hip Hop10.9 MB20
20 Jan 12Music[D]J.R. King - Rhythm and Crack Vol. I in R&B120.38 MB10
10 Dec 11Music[D]A-Guttah Ft. J.R. King - The Drop in Hip Hop2.79 MB10
04 Dec 11Music[D]Lil Wayne - Century Of The Carter(For Promo use Only) plus A-Guttah - "Rise & Grind" street single. in Hip Hop298.66 MB32
05 Nov 11Music[D]Rockboy K9 - The Motto (Remix) in Hip Hop4.44 MB10
01 Nov 11Music[D]Exclusive Tunes HD 4(Hosted by Rockboy K9) - Biggy Jiggy Mixtapes in Hip Hop204.89 MB11
01 Nov 11Music[D]Rockboy K9 - Killshot (The Art Of Defending Every Fantasy) in Hip Hop34.79 MB10
13 Oct 11Music[D]Kanye West - Ye' Vinci DVD Trailer in Hip Hop7.69 MB10
13 Oct 11Music[D]Rockboy K9 - Supa Dope Errythang (Prod. By DC The Kid) in Hip Hop5.19 MB10
23 Sep 11Music[D]Rockboy k9 - KillShot in Hip Hop6.34 MB10
23 Sep 11Music[D]Rockboy k9 - Breaking The Glass in Hip Hop2.59 MB10
23 Sep 11Music[D]Rockboy k9 - Bank of Justice in Hip Hop4.05 MB10
23 Sep 11Music[D]Rockboy k9 - Living For My Yesterdays in Hip Hop3.99 MB10
23 Sep 11Music[D]Rockboy k9 - Malcolm's Pain in Hip Hop4.26 MB10
23 Sep 11Music[D]Rockboy k9 - Blame My Mama(feat. Low) in Hip Hop5.13 MB01
23 Sep 11Music[D]Rockboy k9 - The Secret Society EP in Hip Hop40.43 MB10
23 Sep 11Music[D]Rockboy k9 - Secret Society(feat. Kenlo Key) in Hip Hop7.95 MB10
23 Sep 11Music[D]Rockboy k9 - For Colors Only in Hip Hop5.7 MB10
09 Mar 11Music[D] Fedarro - No Bullshit(RMX) Cover - in R&B9.06 MB10
09 Mar 11Music[D]Fedarro ft June B - Lay U Down(RMX) - in R&B10.43 MB10
09 Mar 11Music[D] Fedarro - Facebook Love - in R&B7.13 MB10
09 Mar 11Music[D]Fedarro - Mz Drug Dealer - in R&B9.86 MB10
09 Mar 11Music[D]Fedarro - Over Loving You - in R&B9.7 MB10
09 Mar 11Music[D]Fedarro ft Nuk L - Love It - in R&B10.54 MB10
09 Mar 11Music[D]Fedarro - Sex Session - in R&B5.45 MB10
09 Mar 11Music[D] Fedarro - Hey - in R&B9.18 MB10
09 Mar 11Music[D]Fedarro - There Goes My Baby Cover - in R&B10.54 MB10
09 Mar 11Music[D]Fedarro - I Go - in R&B8.36 MB10
09 Mar 11Music[D]Fedarro - Karma Love - in R&B7.46 MB10
09 Mar 11Music[D]Fedarro - Dont Go Away - in R&B9.66 MB10
09 Mar 11Music[D]Fedarro - Lay You Down - in R&B7.5 MB10
09 Mar 11Music[D]Fedarro ft Teck - Let It Loose - in R&B9.45 MB10
09 Mar 11Music[D] Fedarro - Personal - in R&B7.11 MB10
09 Mar 11Music[D]Fedarro - Good Love - in R&B3.51 MB10