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Torrents uploaded by LegsAkimbo (171 torrents) RSS

AddedCategory commentsNameSizeSeedsLeechers
09 Jan 17Music[D]Bang Man - Core Blimey [Drum & Bass/Breakcore/Breaks] in Drum N Bass99.28 MB30
29 Dec 16Music[D]IMPLANT - Spinal Cord [Speedcore/Flashcore/Ambient] in Hardcore171.55 MB40
29 Dec 16Music[D]Hexagon Trail - BLACK CHRISTMAS [Techno/Power Electronics] in Electronic15.69 MB131
29 Dec 16Music[D]Emo Headache - Flowers and Cockroaches [Breakcore/Hardcore/Speedcore] in Electronic64.64 MB21
14 Dec 16Music[D]Hyperdriver - Analog [Breakcore/Noise/Ambient] in Electronic100.02 MB20
18 Oct 16Music[D]The Newcastle upon tyne Speed Donk Experience - Speed Donk Bangers Volume. 2 [DONK] in Electronic49.26 MB40
07 Oct 16Music[D]Low Entropy - Confrontation [Acid/Hardcore/Doomcore] in Hardcore158.49 MB20
07 Oct 16Music[D]ILL - Time To Get...ILL [Breakcore/Speedcore] in Electronic17.92 MB20
07 Oct 16Music[D]Eater Of Sheep/Bl00d Overdrive - Soft Noize Wall 2! [Extratone/Speedcore/Noise] in Electronic35.28 MB20
30 Sep 16Music[D]The Sound Of The Fox - We're Ready To Party [Breakcore/Hardtek] in Electronic47.86 MB30
22 Sep 16Music[D]Matt Bleak - Proxy War [Extratone/Speedcore/Noise] in Electronic36.01 MB21
16 Sep 16Music[D]pi r^2 - Uptempo For The Slow Enjoyment Of Life [Terror/Hardcore Techno] in Hardcore26.35 MB20
24 Aug 16Music[D]Frontcore - Time Of Sorrow [Breakcore/Metal] in Electronic9.3 MB10
20 Jul 16Music[D]Enja Bergman - Atmospheric Jungle [Jungle] in Drum N Bass187.51 MB20
12 Jun 16Music[D]Burning Cyborg - Entering Digital Infinity [Digi-Grind/Speedcore/Grindcore] in Electronic16.77 MB10
15 May 16Music[D]Erohypnos - Nurse [Breakcore] in Electronic38.86 MB20
03 May 16Music[D]Enja Bergman - LMF/Sex Music [Jungle] in Drum N Bass26.02 MB20
09 Apr 16Music[D]NoizyAzFuck vs Skitzaph0nic - Lurking Darkness [Crossbreed/Hardcore/Breakcore] in Hardcore26.45 MB10
27 Mar 16Music[D]Noistruct - Has Been [Breakcore/Darkstep] in Electronic69.7 MB10
13 Feb 16Music[D]Noizy Az Fuck - Exulansis [Breakcore/Drum&Bass/Hardcore] in Electronic63.01 MB10
07 Feb 16Music[D]Yudlugar - Roadkill For Dinner [Speedcore/Splitter/Terror] in Electronic137.74 MB10
07 Feb 16Music[D]Sadistician - Richie and Eddie go fucking haaaaaaaaaardcore and break shit mix in Electronic136.41 MB20
07 Feb 16Music[D]PRESSTERROR Live @ Rigormortis Vs Braincore [Speedcore/Splitter/Extratone/Suizidcore] in Electronic144.49 MB10
07 Feb 16Music[D]Sadistic Hate - Even Hell Can Be Terrorised [Terror/Speedcore] in Hardcore94.89 MB10
07 Feb 16Music[D]Sadistician - Decayed Sleep Gratified By The Cold [Hardcore/Speedcore/Terror/Breakcore] in Hardcore186.58 MB10
06 Feb 16Music[D]PRESSTERROR Live @ TRASH N CORE 18 [Speedcore/Splitter/Extratone/Suizidcore] in Electronic216.58 MB10
06 Feb 16Music[D]Sadistician - Molten Pools Of Colossal Evil [Speedcore/Hardcore] in Electronic106.79 MB10
26 Jan 16Music[D]Chaotic Sadism - Hardcore Proton Donation [Acid/Hardcore] in Electronic63.59 MB20
09 Jan 16Music[D]Sadistic Foxician - Nonsensical Nightstalking [Breakcore/Hardcore] in Electronic24.05 MB20
31 Dec 15Music[D]HateWire - Demonic.Live.Vomit [Speedcore/Splitter] in Electronic130.89 MB20
29 Dec 15Music[D]R10T33R - High Tech Wreck [Chiptune/Breakcore] in Electronic37.02 MB40
29 Dec 15Music[D]SHT - Burritos Part 1 & 2/Acid 106 [Hardcore] in Electronic104.3 MB20
29 Dec 15Music[D]Gridbug - Intact Hypervessel [Flashcore] in Electronic51.01 MB41
29 Dec 15Music[D]Hexagon Trail - A Beginning (Descent) [Dark Ambient/IDM] in Ambient54.23 MB20
29 Dec 15Music[D]The Newcastle Upon Tyne Speed Donk Experience - Speed Donk Bangers Volume. 1 [DONK] in Electronic59.89 MB30
29 Dec 15Music[D]HateWire - Let's Get Methy! [Speedcore/Splitter/Nekro Tekno] in Electronic40.47 MB20
29 Dec 15Music[D]Black Death - Respect [Speedcore] in Electronic11.75 MB10
29 Dec 15Music[D]Blood Overdrive VS Eater Of Sheep VS Distorted Maniac - Soft Noize Wall in Electronic17.86 MB10
19 Nov 15Music[D]Horror Gob - Through the Tuthgum Tunnel [Electro] in Alternative122.55 MB20
22 Oct 15Music[D]NUH - Product Of The 80s [Happy Hardcore/Hardcore] in Hardcore39.7 MB30
12 Sep 15Music[D]Sir.Vixx & tooth_eye - Hole [Breakcore] in Electronic60.09 MB20
10 Aug 15Music[D]Matheus - HA! [Breakcore/Jungle] [WAV] in Electronic319.05 MB10
18 Jul 15Music[D]The Artbreaker - anxietybreaks [Jungle] in Drum N Bass74.98 MB10
20 Jun 15Music[D]V/A - Still Fucked Up [Speedcore/Breakcore] in Compilation235.72 MB10
14 Jun 15Music[D]C*ntcutter - Harsh Times [Splitter/Extratone/Speedcore] in Electronic40.45 MB10
06 Jun 15Music[D]IMPLΛNT - Mentally Crippled [Speedcore/Flash/Splitter/Ambient] in Hardcore99.17 MB10
31 May 15Music[D]Emo Headache - Emo Sucks [Gabber/Breakcore/Speedcore/Crapcore] in Electronic114.14 MB10
31 May 15Music[D]Nocturnal Nightmare - Allt Har Sitt Slut REMASTER [Black Metal] in Heavy/Death Metal28.05 MB01
16 May 15Music[D]Dark Nostradamus - Die Heimsuchung EP [Speedcore] in Hardcore66.68 MB10
09 May 15Music[D]Divmondz - No Time For Peace [Deathcore/Shoegaze] in Alternative63.7 MB10
02 May 15Music[D]Nocturnal Nightmare - Allt Har Sitt Slut [Black Metal] in Heavy/Death Metal27.92 MB20
25 Apr 15Music[D]Kuvera B - Requiescat In Pace [Hardcore] in Hardcore43.79 MB10
17 Apr 15Music[D]Ohmega Sir - Skull Fetish [Speedcore/Flashcore/Ambient] in Hardcore91.49 MB20
11 Apr 15Music[D]Black Death - Fucking Fancy EP [Speedcore] in Hardcore36.38 MB30
03 Apr 15Music[D]DJ Freak - The Axis Of Evil EP [Hardcore/Speedcore] in Hardcore65.77 MB20
28 Mar 15Music[D]Neanderthal Von Core - Dealers In Death [Speedcore/Terror] in Hardcore40.97 MB20
20 Mar 15Music1 comments[D]CelloFun - Frogcore 5102 [Breakcore] in Electronic59.98 MB10
13 Mar 15Music[D]The Sound Of The Fox - 1 or 2. No, actually 4 of my best, most unique tracks that I made awesome! in Electronic50.13 MB10
08 Mar 15Music[D]Bang Man - I'm The Guy [Drum & Bass/Breakcore] in Drum N Bass141.98 MB10
03 Mar 15Music[D]Sadistician - My ideas, opinions and views may not necessarily be those of the X-Factor judges EP in Electronic72.24 MB10
21 Feb 15Music[D]Divmondz - YOYOYO [Deathcore/Shoegaze] in Alternative66.16 MB10
14 Feb 15Music[D]Kuvera B - The UnNamed [Techno/Industrial Hardcore] in Hardcore41.86 MB10
07 Feb 15Music[D]V/A - STIFF LEGS! [Speedcore/Breakcore/Hardcore] in Compilation346.56 MB10
31 Jan 15Music[D]The Perverts - Not So Friendly EP [Punk/Spazzcore/Pop] in Punk218.64 MB10
23 Jan 15Music[D]V/A - Heftiger Kopfschmerz - Intense Terror Den Trend Vol.2 [Speedcore/Terror] in Compilation116.86 MB10
16 Jan 15Music[D]Scrubber Fox - iLL KnocKa [Drum & Bass/IDM/Breakcore] in Electronic68.7 MB20
10 Jan 15Music[D]Neanderthal Von Core - Spirals Of Involution [Speedcore] in Electronic74.32 MB10
03 Jan 15Music[D]S.v.P - Listen To Your Mind (Everything You Know Is Chocolate) [Hardcore Tekno] in Hardcore89.57 MB10
28 Dec 14Music[D]IMPLΛNT - Rejected Legs Of Corpses [Speedcore] in Electronic150.67 MB10
19 Dec 14Music[D]ULTRADOZER - LETHAL CHAMBERS [Speedcore/Terror] in Hardcore121.01 MB10
13 Dec 14Music[D]Stray.CE - End Of The Rabbit Hole [Chiptune/8-BIT] in Electronic42.76 MB01
07 Dec 14Music[D]CRN:66116 - Music For Serial Killers To Masturbate To [Noise/Ambient] in Electronic83.85 MB10
30 Nov 14Music[D]Neocoretex VS 3rd Antichrist - Opposite Ov Neutrality [Drone/Extratone] in Electronic1019.9 MB01
21 Nov 14Music[D]MATT:Scratch - All In Good Time [Breakcore/Hardtek] in Electronic146.06 MB20
15 Nov 14Music[D]V/A - Heftiger Kopfschmerz - Intense Terror Den Trend [Speedcore/Terror] in Compilation257.27 MB10
11 Nov 14Music[D]Crackbutcher [Noise/Drone] in Electronic54.3 MB10
21 Oct 14Music[D]Keith Kazus - No Rave Today [Rave/Breaks/Core] in Electronic55.63 MB10
10 Oct 14Music[D]Kuvera B - 0014#xxxx [Techno] [WAV] in Techno200.16 MB04
04 Oct 14Music[D]Mandark - Internal [Dark Ambient] in Ambient105.79 MB15
27 Sep 14Music[D]Neanderthal Von Core - Wreckage Of Humanity [Speedcore] in Hardcore55.89 MB10
19 Sep 14Music[D]Yurugu'S Speech feat Infernal Noise - Igneous Ebola [Drone/Noise] in Electronic95.25 MB10
12 Sep 14Music[D]Neanderthal Von Core - Comedian Of Speedcore [Speedcore] in Electronic44.47 MB10
05 Sep 14Music[D]Low Entropy - Rebellion [Acid/Techno/Hardcore/Doomcore] in Hardcore189.84 MB10
30 Aug 14Music[D]Mists Of Poveglia - Woodland Light Water Dark [Dark Ambient] in Electronic194.99 MB10
22 Aug 14Music[D]Stray.CE - Build Your Own Future [Chiptune] [WAV] in Electronic199.31 MB01
15 Aug 14Music[D]Platemaker - £400 of unwanted salmon [Noisecore] in Electronic131.61 MB10
09 Aug 14Music[D]Ohmega Sir - The Summoning [Breakcore/Speedcore] [WAV] in Electronic451.14 MB10
01 Aug 14Music[D]Egodiscordia - Pathway to Eternal Despair [Speedcore] [WAV] in Electronic395.96 MB10
25 Jul 14Music[D]Low Entropy - Defiant [Acid/Hardcore/Doomcore] [WAV] in Hardcore341.16 MB10
18 Jul 14Music[D]Bellicose - The Pugnacious EP [Dubstep] [WAV] in Dubstep174.71 MB10
11 Jul 14Music[D]Saturn Form Essence - Saturn Structure 19 [Dark Ambient/Drone/Space] in Compilation615.71 MB10
04 Jul 14Music[D]V/A - And Now For Something Completely Fucked Up in Compilation676.31 MB01
29 Jun 14Music[D]Cum Sock - Cum Sock [Punk/Grindcore/Metal] in Heavy/Death Metal28.38 MB30
21 Jun 14Music[D]Eardrums Torturer - Melophobiac Nightmare [Splittercore/Noise] in Electronic29.93 MB10
13 Jun 14Music[D]Inverted Scrotum - Shit From The Swamp [Speedcore/Noisecore] in Electronic14.23 MB10
06 Jun 14Music[D]DJ Contaminator - Speed Contamination EP [Speedcore] in Electronic47.76 MB10
02 Jun 14Music[D]Bassatan - SplittaBlast EP [Splittercore/Speedcore] in Electronic16.16 MB10
29 May 14Music[D]The M.S.P. - Betelgeuse Is Near [Flashcore/Speedcore] in Electronic28.97 MB10
23 May 14Music[D]Emo Headache - Tweenstar LP [Gabber/Breakcore/Mashup] in Electronic107.72 MB10
19 May 14Music[D]Begravelsenatt - I skumring brann kirker [Black Metal] in Heavy/Death Metal10.19 MB25
15 May 14Music[D]General Consensus - Happy Menace EP [Dub] in Reggae62.77 MB10
09 May 14Music[D]CRN:66116 - Trapped In The Ways Of The Gray [Ambient] in Ambient32.82 MB10
06 May 14Music[D]Disco C*nt - Downfall Of Humanity [Speedcore] in Electronic95.91 MB10
01 May 14Music[D]Noistruct - Trollbasher EP [Breakcore] in Electronic28.03 MB10
24 Apr 14Music[D]Dislasystem - Theta [Breakcore/IDM] in Electronic30.96 MB10
17 Apr 14Music[D]Hersenerosie - Memories Of A Weird Mental Patient [Speedcore/Splitter/Extratone] in Electronic42.86 MB451
11 Apr 14Music[D]Buttermesser - Schneidet Nicht EP [Speedcore/Hardcore] in Hardcore242.71 MB10
05 Apr 14Music[D]Adam Freethinker - A Walk In The Village [Hardcore Techno/Speedcore] in Electronic73 MB10
27 Mar 14Music[D]Menthe De Menthe - Indifferenza [Hardcore/Analogue/Chip] in Electronic70.56 MB10
20 Mar 14Music[D]Menthe De Menthe - Declino Inesorabile [Hardcore/Weird] in Electronic89.88 MB10
14 Mar 14Music[D]DJ Freak - Destroy The System EP [Hardcore/Speedcore] in Electronic32.76 MB10
11 Mar 14Music[D]DJ Freak - The Archion Intrusion EP [Hardcore] in Hardcore47.89 MB10
06 Mar 14Music[D]Hovf - Vargtid [Black Metal] in Metal27.38 MB10
25 Feb 14Music[D]Noistruct - Annushorribilis [Breakcore] in Electronic108.41 MB10
19 Feb 14Music[D]Yudlugar - VHEMT [Speedcore] in Hardcore60.42 MB10
16 Feb 14Music[D]CoreCaine - LIVE [Speedcore/Hardcore] in Electronic211.04 MB10
10 Feb 14Music[D]7!cHO - EXTRATONE TOOLS VS DISCO ZOMBIES [Extratone/Speedcore] in Electronic26.13 MB01
06 Feb 14Music[D][100LEGS] V/A - One Hundred Curses [Hardcore/Breakcore/Speedcore] in Compilation334.64 MB10
27 Jan 14Music[D]Pigeon Cadaver - Omnitenens: Machina [Speedcore] in Electronic34.54 MB10
21 Jan 14Music[D]Noizy Az Fuck - Various Atrocities [Breakcore] in Electronic52.02 MB01
15 Jan 14Music[D]Noizefucker - Weazlebash [Hardcore/Speedcore] in Electronic34.91 MB10
09 Jan 14Music[D]Noize Overdose - Xtratone Party [Speedcore/Extratone] in Electronic28.11 MB10
03 Jan 14Music[D]Tetrahydrocannibal - Putrescent Whiffs From The Thrice-used Dildo Bong [Gorenoise/Grindcore] [WAV] in Metal145.49 MB20
02 Jan 14Music[D]Kuvera B - LEGSNET59 [Techno/Hardcore] in Electronic47.01 MB10
31 Dec 13Music2 comments[D]Hersenerosie - Stricken By Madness [Speedcore/Splitter] in Electronic53.04 MB110
27 Dec 13Music[D]Speed Maelstrom - Drum Storm [Speedcore] in Electronic80.01 MB10
23 Dec 13Music[D]CoreCaine - Hell's Basement [Hardcore/Speedcore] in Electronic54.1 MB10
18 Dec 13Music[D]Matheus - Lead The Way [Breakcore/Jungle] in Electronic42.18 MB10
16 Dec 13Music[D]NUH and YUDLUGAR present... A Soundtrack to Extreme Ironing [Hardcore/Speedcore] in Electronic73.87 MB10
14 Dec 13Music[D]PRESSTERROR - Pissing On The Mainstream [Speedcore] in Electronic291.03 MB10
13 Dec 13Music[D]DJ Astral - No System [Dubstep] in Dubstep102.02 MB01
13 Dec 13Music[D]DJ Astral - Brainbeat [Dubstep] in Dubstep77.45 MB10
12 Dec 13Music[D]Underiu$ - Epic Win [Dubstep] in Dubstep82.7 MB10
12 Dec 13Music[D]Underiu$ - Suicide Matrix [Dubstep] in Dubstep75.98 MB10
11 Dec 13Music[D]Underiu$ - Epic Transformers Saga [Dubstep] in Dubstep87.37 MB30
11 Dec 13Music[D]DJ Astral & Underiu$ - Drop The Bass Not Bombs [Dubstep] in Dubstep91.6 MB10
09 Dec 13Music[D]Divmondz - Handicapped [Nu-Metal] in Metal77.17 MB10
07 Dec 13Music[D]Divmondz - Hasta el fin de los tiempos [Grindcore/Deathcore] in Heavy/Death Metal82.44 MB20
07 Dec 13Music[D]Divmondz - I Like You [Nu-Metal] in Metal106.25 MB14
06 Dec 13Music[D]Stort - di-STORT-ion [Grindcore/Industrial] in Metal59.66 MB10
06 Dec 13Music[D]WDMS - Detritus [Hardcore/Speedcore] in Other73.55 MB10
06 Dec 13Music[D]D.A.T. - One Of The Freaks EP [Hardcore/Tribe] in Hardcore30.99 MB10
05 Dec 13Music[D]Hektek - Grasping For The Darkness [Hardcore Techno] in Hardcore52.46 MB10
05 Dec 13Music[D]WDMS - Childish [Hardcore/Speedcore] in Electronic20.05 MB10
05 Dec 13Music[D]wh3lp Vs Hung Clunge Fooey: Round 3 [Breakcore, Jungle-Tek] in Electronic22.96 MB10
05 Dec 13Music[D]Darklime - No Legs For Bootlegs Part 3: Mashup [Hardcore/Gabber] in Hardcore46.49 MB10
05 Dec 13Music[D]LXC - Lyzerk (Noisy Junkfood Acidized Mix) [Mash-up/Breakcore] in Electronic7.62 MB10
05 Dec 13Music[D]Darklime - No Legs For Bootlegs Part 2: RMX [Hardcore/Gabber] in Hardcore21.89 MB10
05 Dec 13Music[D]Darklime - No Legs For Bootlegs [Hardcore/Speedcore] in Hardcore17.72 MB10
05 Dec 13Music[D]V/A - 5 Super Shiny Love Songs, Delicately Assembled With You In Mind in Other21.17 MB10
05 Dec 13Music[D]Mandi Dextrous, DJ Fortress & Linear - The Dextortion EP [Hardcore, House] in Hardstyle/Jump20.13 MB10
05 Dec 13Music[D]Linear - Saucecore EP [Hardcore/Speedcore] in Electronic46.91 MB10
04 Dec 13Music[D]Sadistic Hate VS Yudlugar - Keep Away From Children [Speedcore] in Electronic79.04 MB10
03 Dec 13Music[D]Noize Overdose - System Error #1990 [Hardcore/Speedcore] in Electronic14.18 MB10
03 Dec 13Music[D]Noizefucker - Vomiting Noize [Speedcore/Breakcore] in Electronic37.94 MB10
03 Dec 13Music[D]Lobotomic Garden - Mutant DNA [Breakcore] in Electronic29.08 MB10
02 Dec 13Music[D]Hollow Phobos - The Universe, Megalithic [Dark Ambient] in Ambient36.09 MB10
02 Dec 13Music[D]Deprecation - Zerraufen [Noise/Ambient] in Electronic68.56 MB10
02 Dec 13Music[D]DJ Kaos - True Faith [Drum & Bass/Breakcore/Noise] in Electronic47.95 MB10
28 Nov 13Music[D]Ohmega Sir - The Summoning [Breakcore/Speedcore] in Electronic82.82 MB10
22 Nov 13Music[D]Egodiscordia - Pathway to Eternal Despair [Speedcore] in Electronic68.91 MB10
19 Nov 13Music[D]Bellicose - Bad Mans Folly [Dubstep] in Dubstep24.77 MB10
16 Nov 13Music[D]Bellicose - The Pugnacious EP [Dubstep] in Dubstep37.14 MB20
13 Nov 13Music[D]Menthe De Menthe - Dostoevskij [Hardcore/Experimental] in Electronic47.09 MB10
06 Nov 13Music[D]Emo Headache - Variations On The Devil [Breakcore/Gabber] in Electronic232.26 MB10
02 Nov 13Music[D]Low Entropy - Defiant [Acid/Hardcore/Doomcore] in Electronic64.51 MB10
27 Oct 13Music[D]3rd Antichrist - Beneath Ancient [Drone/Doom] in Metal144.07 MB10
25 Oct 13Music[D]Adam Freethinker - Walk out of Darkness [Acid/Hardcore Techno] in Electronic484.75 MB10
24 Oct 13Music[D]Nocturnal Nightmare - Reflections Of A Suicidal Mind [Black Metal] in Metal45.23 MB10
24 Oct 13Music[D]Yurugu's Speech feat. Infernal Noise - From Errors Through Horrors [Drone] in Electronic266 MB10
24 Oct 13Music[D]3rd Antichrist - Beneath Ancient [Drone/Doom] [WAV] in Metal300.22 MB10