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Torrents uploaded by MIDIMarc (114 torrents) RSS

AddedCategory commentsNameSizeSeedsLeechers
30 Aug 14Music[D]MIDIMarc - Beats In The Key Of C: A Tribute To Pimp C in Instrumental99.11 MB11
23 Aug 13Music[D]L'Daialogue x MIDIMarc feat FatRat Da Czar - Whatever It Is in Hip Hop15.55 MB10
11 Aug 13Music[D]L'Daialogue x MIDIMarc - Friends (From InDAIPendent 2) in Hip Hop8.8 MB10
19 May 13Music[D]LiKWUiD x Ced L Young - Dorm Room Diaries Bass Music 101 co 2000 in Hip Hop31.29 MB10
11 Feb 12Music[D]Fat Rat Da Czar - Tryin To Make It prod by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop7.82 MB10
11 Nov 11Music[D]DJ Prince Ice - Heavy D Tribute Mix in Hip Hop88.6 MB30
14 Jan 11Music[D]Fat Ra Da Czar - I Know You Don't Love Me RELOADED (Hosted by DJ Cannon Banyon and MIDIMarc in Hip Hop183.96 MB10
31 Dec 10Music[D]Fat Rat Da Czar - The Invitation (Mixtape Version) prod by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop12.34 MB10
21 Nov 10Music[D]Fat Rat Da Czar Interview on WSOUF Radio in Hip Hop86.61 MB10
12 Oct 10Music[D]Fat Rat Da Czar feat Piazo and Dan Johns - Do Whud I Do RMX prod by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop15.13 MB10
05 Oct 10Music[D]DJ Cannnon Banyon and MIDIMarc Present Fat Rat Da Czar - I Know You Don't Love Me in Hip Hop207.1 MB10
07 Sep 10Music1 comments[D]E-Clipz - Misery prod by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop4.04 MB10
18 Aug 10Music[D]SB - South Carolina feat GrandFlippah and Baby Floss in Hip Hop4.17 MB10
17 Aug 10Music[D]SB - Backstabbers feat J Marquis prod by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop4.28 MB10
26 May 10Music[D]SB - MetWorkin Vol 1 - Hosted by DJ Cannon Banyon and 9Million in Hip Hop89.04 MB10
20 May 10Music[D]P-Watts feat Piazo and Pachino Dino - Grown Man Remix prod by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop10.21 MB10
10 Mar 10Music[D]The Backyardigans (MIDIMarc and Boondak Syndicate) in Hip Hop89.77 MB10
16 Feb 10Music[D]Young Wine - Love Is Gone prod by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop10.41 MB01
07 Feb 10Music[D]Bun B -No Mixtape-(HopNotchBeats.Com) in Hip Hop70.31 MB10
06 Feb 10Music[D]Diablo Archer - I FLY Archer - 2010 in Hip Hop28.02 MB20
02 Feb 10Music[D]Fat Rat Da Czar - Something Aint Right in Hip Hop8.34 MB10
02 Feb 10Music[D]L'Daialogue DiCaprio-InDAIpendent (Produced by Midi Marc) in Hip Hop87.15 MB10
29 Jan 10Music[D]L'Daialogue DiCaprio-InDAIpendent (Produced by Midi Marc) in Hip Hop291 B10
26 Jan 10Music[D]Chevy Man - I Got Chevy's (Car Lot Commercial) prod by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop3.88 MB10
19 Jan 10Music[D]A Free Beat From MIDIMarc - The Love We Shared Is Gone in Hip Hop20.69 MB10
08 Jan 10Music[D]Top Billion and MIDIMarc - You Need Soul in Hip Hop70.81 MB10
08 Dec 09Music[D]The Notorious BIG-MIDIMarc - Machine Gun Funk in Hip Hop122.98 MB100
08 Dec 09Music[D]The Notorious BIG-MIDIMarc - Machine Gun Funk in Hip Hop122.98 MB16
05 Dec 09Music[D]Marly Mar - Charleston prod by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop5.69 MB10
03 Dec 09Music[D]Hollywood - Got Em For Da Low (Beat CD) Vol 1 in Instrumental73.89 MB10
28 Nov 09Music3 comments[D]Hollywood - Got Em For Da Low (Beat CD) Vol 1 in Hip Hop75.68 MB10
25 Nov 09Music1 comments[D]MIDIMarc - A Tribute To Michael Jackson (Instrumentals) in Hip Hop89.06 MB20
20 Oct 09Music[D]DJ Chuck T and Marly Mar-Traffickin' Muzik in Hip Hop138.13 MB20
03 Oct 09Music[D]Amen ft Saigon - What You're Looking For in Hip Hop8.2 MB10
28 Sep 09Music[D]Jody Breeze ft Hollywood - Straight Up produced by Zaytoven in Hip Hop3.8 MB20
02 Sep 09Music[D]Boondak Syndicate feat Carmen - Secret Lover prod by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop5.4 MB10
30 Aug 09Music[D]DJ Cannon Banyon - Bad Mother Fuckers 8 in Hip Hop73.53 MB10
16 Jul 09Music[D]Fat Rat Da Czar - Do Whud I Do prod by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop10.2 MB10
16 Jul 09Music[D]DJ X-Factor - Panty Droppers vol 10 hosted by The Dream Team in R&B95.66 MB42
16 Jul 09Music[D]DJ X-Factor - Panty Droppers vol 10 hosted by The Dream Team in R&B95.66 MB30
16 Jul 09Music[D]DJ Candyvelli - Southern Allience - DJ X Factor - Baby Makers Vol 1 in R&B154.39 MB22
16 Jul 09Music[D]DJ Candyvelli - Southern Allience - DJ X Factor - Baby Makers Vol 1 in R&B154.39 MB20
06 Jul 09Music1 comments[D]Amen - Head On LP (2009) production by Khrysis, DJ Forge, MIDIMarc and more in Hip Hop45.58 MB10
05 Jul 09Music1 comments[D]A Free Beat From MIDIMarc - SEA 2 in Hip Hop3.78 MB01
20 Jun 09Music4 comments[D]Diablo Archer - Motion produced by Rockwell in Hip Hop4.13 MB20
17 Jun 09Music[D]Diablo Archer - Kisses In The Rain produced by J Manifest in Hip Hop1.75 MB20
16 Jun 09Music3 comments[D]Until You Come Back To Me - A Free Beat from MIDIMarc in Hip Hop4.38 MB10
12 Jun 09Music[D]DJ CANNON BANYON - BAD MUTHER FUCKERS PART 6 in Hip Hop84.19 MB10
11 Jun 09Music[D]Mr. Flip - Body Like That prod by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop3.97 MB10
10 Jun 09Music1 comments[D]Diablo Archer - Lift (2009) Retail in Hip Hop50.12 MB30
05 Jun 09Music1 comments[D]E-Clipz - Fuck You Play Me (Mixtape) 2009 in Hip Hop92.81 MB10
05 Jun 09Music[D]Amen - Nature Boy in Hip Hop4.81 MB10
05 Jun 09Music[D]Marly Mar - Last Call featuring Mista Taylor in Hip Hop4.76 MB10
05 Jun 09Music[D]Marly Mar - Whole Club Watchin in Hip Hop4.79 MB10
31 May 09Music[D]Gorilla Zoe featuring Hollywood and KO - Shawty Bad in Hip Hop6.83 MB12
30 May 09Music[D]Team I.R.A.C. - Pants Saggin Remix prod by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop6.15 MB10
26 May 09Music[D]Hollywood and KO featuring Gorilla Zoe - Shawty Bad in Hip Hop6.83 MB10
25 May 09Music[D]Amen - Bad Situation produced by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop4.42 MB10
21 May 09Music2 comments[D]DJ Cannon Banyon-DJ Dyce- Hoodz Most Wanted in Hip Hop63.7 MB10
18 May 09Music[D]DJ Cannon Banyon - Bad MuhFuckers 4 in Hip Hop67.55 MB10
01 May 09Music[D]Biggy Jiggy and NaGee - Road To Suceess in Hip Hop49.16 MB10
30 Apr 09Music1 comments[D]Trap-A-Holics - Gucci Mane - Wilt Chamberlain 7 in Hip Hop64.09 MB10
29 Apr 09Music5 comments[D]DJ Cannon Banyon - MIDIMarc - Super Shootin The Breeze Instrumentals 3 (2009) in Instrumental58.91 MB10
28 Apr 09Music[D]Mike Jones - Shootin The Breeze with Mike Jones in Hip Hop59.61 MB10
28 Apr 09Music[D]DJ Cannon Banyon - Bad MotherFuckers 4 in Hip Hop67.55 MB10
28 Apr 09Music3 comments[D]Kid Cudi - Shootin The Breeze Day and Night (Mixtape)2009 in Hip Hop49.45 MB11
28 Apr 09Music[D]Diablo Archer - Everyday Hero & Super Ordinary in Hip Hop10.1 MB30
13 Apr 09Music[D]DJ Cannon Banyon - DJ Chuck T - Shootin The Breeze 40 in Hip Hop73.55 MB10
09 Apr 09Music[D]DJ Cannon Banyon - Bad MotherFuckers 3 in Hip Hop70.35 MB10
09 Apr 09Music[D]Yo Gotti - Lil Wayne - Gucci Mane - OJ Da Juiceman - I Got Em produced by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop5.08 MB215
06 Apr 09Music[D]DJ Dyce & DJ Cannon Banyon - Cola Boyz - Young Jeezy & Jay-Z in Hip Hop110.07 MB10
26 Mar 09Music[D]Juicy J featuring Project Pat - 30 Inches Remix prod by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop5.36 MB10
20 Mar 09Music1 comments[D]DJ Cannon Banyon - Bad Motherfuckers 2 in Hip Hop66.14 MB10
18 Mar 09Music[D]A Dot McCray - The WishList EP in Hip Hop31.13 MB10
13 Mar 09Music[D]Rock Dolo - Highway Rebel (2009) in Hip Hop63.53 MB10
24 Feb 09Music[D]Yo Gotti featuring Pleasure P - Lets Vibe Remix prod by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop6.03 MB10
23 Feb 09Music6 comments[D]DJ Cannon Banyon - MIDIMarc - Shootin The Breeze Instrumentals - Straight Out Of This World 2009 in Hip Hop27.89 MB10
19 Feb 09Music3 comments[D]DJ Cannon Banyon - MIDIMarc - Good Ass Remix (2009) in Hip Hop76.37 MB10
01 Feb 09Music[D]Charlie Waters - I Do This in Hip Hop4.49 MB10
31 Jan 09Music2 comments[D]Marly Mar - Hood Rich produced by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop3.6 MB10
30 Jan 09Music[D]Hollywood - True Hollywood Stories hosted by DJ Khaled and DJ Dyce in Hip Hop72.34 MB11
04 Jan 09Music1 comments[D]Kakalak Gat - Finally Here - 2009 in Hip Hop106.06 MB10
29 Oct 08Music[D]Gucci Mane - Stoopid Remix in Hip Hop6.17 MB10
27 Oct 08Music[D]K. Hill - The Return Of Monroe Hutchin in Hip Hop56.23 MB10
25 Oct 08Music1 comments[D]Soulja Boy - Bird Walk Remix in Hip Hop5.68 MB10
21 Oct 08Music[D]Project Pat featuring OJ Da Juiceman - Keep It Hood Remix in Hip Hop6.36 MB10
19 Sep 08Music[D]DJ Dyce - Beef In Bankhead - TI vs Shawty Lo in Hip Hop55.62 MB10
10 Sep 08Music[D]DJ KINGPIN - A Story To Tell Volume 1 in Hip Hop90.53 MB10
07 Sep 08Music[D]DG Yola - Aint Gone Let Up Remix prod by MIDIMarc mp3 in Hip Hop5.86 MB20
06 Sep 08Music[D]DJ Cannon Banyon and MIDIMarc - Shootin The Breeze in Hip Hop48.68 MB10
05 Sep 08Music1 comments[D]DJ Cannon Banyon - Gucci Mane vs Yo Gotti in Hip Hop104.64 MB21
04 Sep 08Music1 comments[D]DJ DYCE - Triple Trapstars 2 (TI, Gucci Mane, & Young Jeezy) in Hip Hop106.6 MB10
04 Sep 08Music2 comments[D]Rebel Starr Presents - Adventures In The Boondocks (cartoon inspired) in Hip Hop95.18 MB10
03 Sep 08Music[D]DJ DYCE and Marly Mar - South Cak Connection in Hip Hop95.07 MB10
27 Aug 08Music[D]Ntelligence - The Flood (from his debut album Black Boy Lost) in Hip Hop10.79 MB10
26 Aug 08Music[D]Ice Mike feat Raw White, Beer 30, and Lil Boosie - Buddy Do I produced by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop6.74 MB10
06 Aug 08Music1 comments[D]Ntelligence - Jump Off (from his debut album Black Boy Lost) in Hip Hop7.1 MB10
05 Aug 08Music1 comments[D]Ntelligence - Black Boy Lost - production by Nicolay, MIDIMarc, and more in Hip Hop153.9 MB01
05 Aug 08Music[D]Marly Mar - Ridin Clean produced by 40oz in Rap2.81 MB10
04 Aug 08Music[D]Preach - Welcome To Bluetopia - Sponsored by Sedgwick & Cedar Colthing in Hip Hop39.72 MB10
31 Jul 08Music5 comments[D]Ntelligence - Monkey Shit produced by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop10.87 MB10
10 Jul 08Music[D]DJ DYCE presents Young Jeezy - Return Of The Snowman in Rap73.83 MB11
10 Jul 08Music[D]Spectac and 9th Wonder - The Corner Of Spec and 9th in Hip Hop57.15 MB01
22 Apr 08Music2 comments[D]Preach - Garveyism feat production by Nicolay and MIDIMarc in Hip Hop43.98 MB10
15 Apr 08Music[D]Shawty Lo - Girls Gone Wild Remix produced by MIDIMarc ( in Hip Hop3.58 MB10
11 Apr 08Music[D]FatRat Da Czar - Like A Fat Rat produced by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop7.15 MB10
08 Apr 08Music[D]Gucci Mane - Freaky Gurl Remix prod by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop3.38 MB10
04 Apr 08Music[D]Nicolay featuring Ntelligence ( 2 Tracks in Hip Hop6.09 MB10
27 Mar 08Music[D]UGK featuring OutKast - International Players Anthem REMIX produced by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop4.72 MB20
16 Mar 08Music[D]CP - The Stashbox hosted by BK One in Hip Hop61.61 MB10
13 Mar 08Music7 comments[D]DJ Dyce - Dirty R&B Volume 1 in R&B99.2 MB10
12 Mar 08Other[D]MIDIMarc - No Lyrics Necessary Volume 1 in Other56.5 MB10
11 Mar 08Music2 comments[D]MIDIMarc Presents: All Souled Out Volume 1 in R&B82.8 MB10