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Torrents uploaded by MurderWeapon (15 torrents) RSS

AddedCategory commentsNameSizeSeedsLeechers
11 Jun 14Books[D]Screw Comics! #1 - HD .cbz - Milqtoast Comics - toOnZDaY in Comics40.68 MB20
20 Apr 13Music[D]Lee Lawson - Blazed & Suffused: 420.2013 in Hip Hop151.48 MB10
17 Aug 11Music[D]Lee Lawson - Nuts, Bolts, & Screws (Rap Beats / Downtempo / Screw Mix) {320kbps} in Hip Hop202.71 MB20
20 Apr 10Music[D]HAPPY 420 - Lee Lawson - Last Holiday 420.2010 [screw / downtempo mix]{256kbpsMP3} in Hip Hop195.92 MB10
04 Nov 09Movies2 comments[D]Music Video - Alice in Wonderland vs. Filthy Habits by Frank Zappa - toonzday in Animation61.71 MB20
26 Aug 09Music[D]Lee Lawson - Slow Times in Screwston, High - Back 2 School Oh Nine (256kbps) in Hip Hop143.22 MB10
28 Jul 09Music[D]Lee Lawson - A ScrewHead's Guide to Hurricane Season part I (256kbps) [A Screwed Up Mix] in Hip Hop98.27 MB10
15 Jun 09Music3 comments[D]Lee Lawson - Transfixion (A Screw / Trip-Hop / Instrumental Mix){256kbps} in Hip Hop166.82 MB20
03 Apr 09Music3 comments[D]Lee Lawson - Chocklit Dub {A Reggae Dub Mix} (256kbps) in Reggae78.18 MB10
28 Mar 09Music5 comments[D]Lee Lawson - '04 to Infinity {3 ClasSick Screw Tapes}(128kbps) in Hip Hop201.37 MB10
18 Mar 09Music[D]Lee Lawson - The Evil Octo Saga {Two Screw Mixes} (192kbps) in Hip Hop215.9 MB10
15 Mar 09Music[D]Lee Lawson - All Up in Yo' Sheetz Box-Set {2 Bangin' Screw Mixes} (128kbps) in Hip Hop140.55 MB10
13 Mar 09Music[D]Lee Lawson - Night-Time Cometh {Two Screw Mixes} (128kbps) in Hip Hop140.96 MB10
12 Mar 09Music1 comments[D]Lee Lawson - Hot Winter's Day {A Dope Screw Mix} (224kbps) in Hip Hop126.28 MB20
11 Mar 09Music1 comments[D]Lee Lawson - FebFifteen {A Screw/Trip-Hop Mix} (256kbps) in Hip Hop107.15 MB10