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Torrents uploaded by WMRecordings (81 torrents) RSS

AddedCategory commentsNameSizeSeedsLeechers
02 Aug 10Music[D]Keshco - Lego Of Me [WM109] in Alternative37.33 MB20
06 Jul 10Music[D]Claudio Nuñez & Sergio Paolucci - Apariencias Desnudas [WM Recordings WM108] in Jazz165.69 MB10
16 Apr 10Music[D]Various Artists - Water, Wind & Sails [WM Recordings WM001] in Compilation72.39 MB10
16 Apr 10Music[D]Various Artists - NetLabel Coalition Volume 1 [WM Recordings WM107] in Compilation107.55 MB10
17 Mar 10Music[D]Aunt Jamamas Big Band Vigilantes - Live on KEXP Seattle [WM Recordings WM106] in Jazz79.26 MB10
06 Mar 10Music[D]Various Artists - Greatest It [WM Recordings WM105] in Electronic161.85 MB10
16 Feb 10Music[D]Stefano Roncarolo & Sandro Marinoni - Mirage [WM Recordings WM104] in Instrumental62.22 MB10
13 Jan 10Music[D]Les Baudouins Morts - Le Disque d'Or des Baudouins Morts [WM Recordings WM103] in Punk90.94 MB10
14 Dec 09Music[D]D'r Sjaak - Speees KojBoj [WM Recordings WM101] in Pop87.39 MB10
26 Nov 09Music[D]Terry Douglas - Instant forever [WM Recordings WM026] in Alternative47.23 MB10
26 Nov 09Music[D]Various Artists - 1000 Covers 1000 manifestos [WM Recordings WM028] in Compilation46.5 MB20
17 Nov 09Music[D]daghoti. - i've got braces, too! [WM Recordings WM029] in Electronic71.26 MB10
09 Nov 09Music[D]Sid Peacock - You can't buy everything forever [WM Recordings WM030] in Jazz55.42 MB20
09 Nov 09Music[D]Nambavan - Sex, Drugs and Russian Girls [WM Recordings WM031] in Electronic36.69 MB10
06 Nov 09Music58 comments[D]Various Artists - WM x 100 / 100 x WM [WM Recordings WM100] in Compilation266.92 MB20
03 Nov 09Music[D]Various Artists - Zum Geburtstag von Moritz R und Frank F [WM Recordings WM032] in Compilation33.77 MB10
03 Nov 09Music[D]Lee Rosevere - Play [WM Recordings WM033] in Ambient41.27 MB10
03 Nov 09Music[D]Rusty Toolkit - Toolshed homage [WM Recordings WM034] in Lo-Fi18.95 MB10
03 Nov 09Music[D]Bacco Baccanels - Bollate Centro [WM Recordings WM035] in Pop34.88 MB10
03 Nov 09Music[D]D'r Sjaak - En toch wakker [WM Recordings WM036] in Pop55.43 MB10
28 Oct 09Music[D]D'r Sjaak - Schijnheiligen [WM Recordings WM037] in Electronic24.22 MB10
28 Oct 09Music[D]Mellsch - Mellsch [WM Recordings WM038] in Other69.3 MB10
28 Oct 09Music[D]Century of Aeroplanes - Travel in any direction [WM Recordings WM039] in Ambient40.17 MB10
28 Oct 09Music[D]Vernon LeNoir - YAWK! [WM Recordings WM040] in Electronic40.9 MB20
23 Oct 09Music1 comments[D]Various Artists - We're not in it for the money [WM Recordings WM041] in Indie72.88 MB10
23 Oct 09Music[D]Gorowski - I don't believe you [WM Recordings WM042] in Electronic81.48 MB10
23 Oct 09Music[D]Sminky - Before life [WM Recordings WM043] in Pop33.99 MB10
30 Sep 09Music[D]The Family Simpson - Montague's Lunchtime Speciale [WM Recordings WM099] in Indie47.72 MB10
03 Sep 09Music[D]Vernon LeNoir - Balkan Spezialitaeten [WM Recordings WM044] in International28.54 MB10
03 Sep 09Music[D]Kinetic Jane - Kinetic Jane [WM Recordings WM045] in Alternative48.85 MB10
03 Sep 09Music[D]Kukkiva Kunnas - Grand poodles [WM Recordings WM046] in Electronic71.81 MB10
03 Sep 09Music[D]Kukkiva Kunnas - Ordem progresso [WM Recordings WM047] in Electronic81.45 MB10
02 Sep 09Music[D]Happy Elf - Together [WM Recordings WM048] in Electronic61.54 MB10
02 Sep 09Music[D]Nambavan - Last night the dj shaved my ass [WM Recordings WM049] in Trance / House / Dance40.61 MB20
02 Sep 09Music[D]Zloty Dawai - Dada Work Chant [WM Recordings WM050] in Jazz60.44 MB10
02 Sep 09Music[D]Gitarrenarmee - Composing after playing pt. 1-4 [WM Recordings WM051] in Instrumental31.45 MB20
02 Sep 09Music[D]René Vis - Traded time [WM Recordings WM052] in Pop39.95 MB10
02 Sep 09Music[D]Dagos - Ten years backwards [WM Recordings WM053] in Pop20.28 MB10
02 Sep 09Music[D]Doron Deutsch - Big bright lights [WM Recordings WM054] in Pop30.5 MB10
02 Sep 09Music[D]Nambavan - Chechnya on a dance floor (part 2) [WM Recordings WM055] in Trance / House / Dance52.75 MB10
02 Sep 09Music[D]Lee Rosevere - Play 2 [WM Recordings WM056] in Ambient55.69 MB10
27 Aug 09Music[D]Claudio Nunez - Odd Times, Uneven Dreams [WM Recordings WM098] in Jazz162.95 MB10
26 Aug 09Music[D]Necronomikon Quartett - Input [WM Recordings WM057] in Instrumental40.42 MB10
26 Aug 09Music[D]Spheriot - Livingroom orbits [WM Recordings WM058] in Pop69.1 MB10
26 Aug 09Music[D]Thiaz Itch - El baile de los fantasmas [WM Recordings WM059] in Electronic44.65 MB10
16 Aug 09Music[D]ElMaes - Geburah! Variations on the number 5 [WM Recordings WM060] in Electronic61.43 MB10
16 Aug 09Music[D]Hanns Ahring/Jean Quist/Maren Schram - Die Fenster des Detlev Sierks [WM Recordings WM061] in Electronic101.07 MB10
06 Aug 09Music[D]Klaz* - Kachtil [WM Recordings WM062] in Ambient36.74 MB10
05 Aug 09Music3 comments[D]Various Artists - Mystic Moods [WM Recordings WM063] in Electronic150.91 MB10
05 Aug 09Music[D]The Rabbits - Squirrel brain [WM Recordings WM064] in Rock51.03 MB10
20 Jul 09Music[D]Claudio Nunez - Barking At The Wrong Tree [WM Recordings WM097] in Classical145.16 MB10
09 Jul 09Music[D]daghoti. - how tall is robin gibb? [WM Recordings WM066] in Electronic79.13 MB10
02 Jul 09Music[D]Gorowski - Simulators can [WM Recordings WM067] in Electronic101.73 MB10
02 Jul 09Music[D]3Sacchetti - Bora! Bora! Mr. Motto [WM Recordings WM068] in Alternative42.14 MB10
02 Jul 09Music[D]Century of Aeroplanes - A simple process [WM Recordings WM069] in Ambient37.31 MB10
02 Jul 09Music[D]Various Artists - A tribute to Chenard Walcker volume 1 [WM Recordings WM070] in Electronic23.72 MB10
15 Jun 09Music[D]Happy Elf - Sexmachine [WM Recordings WM096] in Pop72.55 MB10
28 May 09Music[D]Norja - Vuonoja [WM Recordings WM071] in Electronic99.64 MB10
28 May 09Music[D]Greg Houwer - Roads of oblivion [WM Recordings WM072] in Pop29.15 MB10
27 May 09Music[D]Manuele Atzeni - The Miyazaki Tour EP [WM Recordings WM095] in Trance / House / Dance46.45 MB10
21 May 09Music[D]Jeff McLeod - At the end of the path [WM Recordings WM073] in Alternative46.25 MB10
21 May 09Music[D]Lee Rosevere - Play 3 [WM Recordings WM074] in Electronic76.19 MB10
09 May 09Music[D]Sminky - Lizard's Tale [WM Recordings WM094] in Pop42.59 MB10
07 May 09Music[D]Various Artists - Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka: Porn Music For The Masses Vol 2 [WM Recordings WM076] in Soundtracks137.44 MB10
07 May 09Music[D]Phil Reavis - The Reagan Years [WM Recordings WM077] in Indie76.79 MB10
28 Apr 09Music[D]brunk - sept 2003 [WM Recordings WM078] in Alternative88.67 MB10
27 Apr 09Music[D]The Hathaway Family Plot - Wal*Mart-Approved Music [WM Recordings WM093] in Alternative50.8 MB10
20 Apr 09Music[D]Happy Elf - Loose your head [WM Recordings WM079] in Pop41.05 MB10
20 Apr 09Music[D]brunk - none of the above [WM Recordings WM080] in Electronic49.23 MB10
16 Apr 09Music1 comments[D]The Aperion Project - All Music is Improvised [WM Recordings WM081] in Jazz44.53 MB10
15 Apr 09Music[D]brunk - so lo so fi [WM Recordings WM082] in Lo-Fi72.97 MB10
15 Apr 09Music[D]The Rabbits - That Cave of Love part 1 [WM Recordings WM083] in Alternative75.82 MB10
13 Apr 09Music[D]Keshco - Trolley Crash [WM Recordings WM084] in Indie31.27 MB10
13 Apr 09Music[D]Skryxl - Everything Looks Better On Fire [WM Recordings WM085] in Other45.71 MB10
11 Apr 09Music[D] - Today is Sunday [WM Recordings WM086] in Indie68.03 MB10
09 Apr 09Music[D]Spheriot - Bekennerschreiben [WM Recordings WM087] in Indie92.19 MB10
09 Apr 09Music2 comments[D]Noteherder & McCloud - The Tail [WM Recordings WM088] in Electronic90.38 MB10
09 Apr 09Music[D]Thee Contortionists vs. Jeff McLeod - Electronics [WM Recordings WM089] in Electronic93.38 MB20
07 Apr 09Music[D]invertebrata - 4 [WM Recordings WM090] in Lo-Fi67.8 MB10
06 Apr 09Music[D]Panicphobia - When Eggs Burst [WM Recordings WM091] in Rock18.26 MB10
06 Apr 09Music[D]brunk - insert coins to continue [WM Recordings WM092] in Electronic60.34 MB10