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Torrents uploaded by dubplanet (92 torrents) RSS

AddedCategory commentsNameSizeSeedsLeechers
10 Apr 15Movies[D]Hard Target - Full Throttle (Official Music Video) in High Definition78.57 MB31
24 Sep 10Movies2 comments[D]Going Back Movie Music Video HD 1080 - Hard Target ft Gemstar and Kensta Lopez in High Definition102.61 MB20
03 Sep 10Movies[D]Hard Target ft LAWS - Fade 2 Black Music Video HD in High Definition58.99 MB12
03 May 12Movies1 comments[D]Hard Target feat Gemstar Movie VIDEO TRAILER HD in High Definition4.61 MB11
07 Sep 10Movies1 comments[D]Gemstar - Lights Please music Video HD in High Definition27.16 MB21
09 Oct 08Music[D]Hot Girlz - Nico-OO in Reggae5.2 MB10
09 Jul 10Music[D]Goin Down - Hard Target in Rock7.74 MB10
23 Oct 12Music[D]Da Kidd - Click Tight Official Music Video in Hip Hop116.06 MB10
09 Oct 08Music[D]Say Oh!!! Gemstar featuring Laws in Hip Hop6.62 MB10
21 Jan 10Music[D]That's Some Real Sh..- Hard Target ft Kensta Lopez and Gemstar in Hip Hop5.77 MB10
09 May 12Music1 comments[D]Fred Durst x Hard Target - Look Out Music Video HD [1080] 2012 in Hip Hop188.94 MB10
16 May 09Music[D]Party with Me Music Video - dubplanet in Hip Hop130.79 MB10
13 Nov 14Music[D]Gemstar Momma Video Teaser in Hip Hop62.43 MB10
09 Oct 08Music[D]Da Vinci - Incient in Hip Hop4.8 MB10
09 Sep 10Music1 comments[D]Trap Happy - Gemstar ft Sean Ryte in Hip Hop3.93 MB10
12 Jun 13Music[D]Gemstar - Bars in Hip Hop8.35 MB10
09 Oct 08Music[D]Rip - Gemstar feat. Mook Diamondz in Hip Hop3.6 MB10
19 May 10Music[D]Something Got To Change [Single]- Gemstar Ft Hard Target in Hip Hop7.66 MB10
15 Jun 12Music[D]Kensta Lopez feat Gemstar - Hypocrite (Official Music Video) in Hip Hop55.97 MB10
24 Dec 09Music[D]East Flatbush - Troublesum in Reggae4.68 MB10
20 Jan 12Music[D]Mucih - Dubplanet woggle in Dubstep10.54 MB10
21 Oct 08Music[D]Gemstar EP - Dubplanet Promo in Hip Hop17.35 MB10
17 Dec 10Music[D]Rain Come Down - Gemstar ft Hard Target and Laws in Hip Hop7.79 MB10
21 Mar 14Music[D]20 Benz - Road Code in Reggae1.94 MB10
09 Oct 08Music[D]Gemstar - Click in Hip Hop4.06 MB10
24 Jul 10Music[D]Gemstar - All Around The World" Music Video HD in Hip Hop46.86 MB10
16 Feb 13Music[D]DJ Gio - Beast Mode Mixtape 2013 in Reggae129.41 MB10
09 Oct 08Music[D]Make Money - Gemstar feat. Capital P in Hip Hop4.59 MB10
28 Feb 10Music[D]She Only Want Everything - Gemstar ft Hard Target in Rap5.56 MB10
11 May 12Music1 comments[D]The Avengers Theme Song - SK of Hollywood South in Hip Hop43.2 MB60
08 Sep 09Music2 comments[D]Mark Me for Dead(Single) - Hard Target ft Gemstar[Exclusive] in Hip Hop11.99 MB10
03 Jul 11Music[D]Hard Target - Karma Mixtape in Hip Hop149.58 MB10
28 Mar 15Music[D]Return of The Red Eye Mixtape - Hard Target, Gemstar & Kensta Lopez in Hip Hop89.39 MB20
10 Oct 08Music[D]Crying Out - Incient ft. Alphi International in Reggae2.78 MB10
23 Sep 10Music[D]Blame me Gemstar ft Hard Target in Hip Hop4.22 MB10
10 Sep 13Music[D]Slow Drift Riddim Mixed by DJ Gio in Reggae14.48 MB20
09 Oct 08Music[D]Outrageous - Gemstar in Hip Hop3.07 MB10
25 Dec 09Music[D]Gemstar - Streetz Gon Burn Vol 3 in Hip Hop55.9 MB10
22 Feb 12Music1 comments[D]Gemstar - Exclusive Single ***NEW*** in Hip Hop11.62 MB10
04 Nov 08Music[D]Exclusive Nico double O Mix - Dubplanet in Reggae28.49 MB10
21 Dec 10Music[D]Gemstar - L.O.L Mixtape in Hip Hop120.39 MB10
20 Apr 14Music[D]Hard Target x Gemstar - Walk On By[Single] in Hip Hop8.44 MB10
09 Oct 08Music[D]Freestyle - Incient in Hip Hop3.47 MB10
26 Aug 10Music[D]Lights Please - Gemstar in Hip Hop2.23 MB10
21 Feb 13Music[D]Gemstar - Vortex (Single) in Hip Hop5.65 MB10
09 Oct 08Music[D]Don't Be Mad Feat. Young G. in Hip Hop3.09 MB10
25 Apr 10Music[D]All Around The World - Gemstar in Hip Hop4.87 MB10
12 May 12Music[D]Hard Target x Fred Durst - Look Out 320kbps MP3 in Rock12.11 MB10
27 Oct 09Music2 comments[D]Gemstar - Don't Worry with lyrics in Rap46.77 MB10
26 Aug 11Music[D]Gemstar - Final Destination in Hip Hop7.92 MB20
10 Oct 08Music[D]Heavy Mix Dubplanet in Hip Hop82.79 MB10
02 Dec 13Music[D]Gemstar - Perfect Music Video - Open Skies Album in Hip Hop86.08 MB10
09 Oct 08Music[D]World Peace - Donovan Banzana in Reggae5.8 MB10
16 Jun 10Music[D]Airplanes remix - Hard Target ft Lisa Gallo and Gemstar in Hip Hop9.2 MB10
26 Jul 12Music1 comments[D]Christina Aguilera x Gemstar - Castle Wall Remix in Hip Hop7.33 MB10
01 Jan 10Music[D]Snap a Pictura Gemstar ft Hard Target and Mason Caine in Rap10.96 MB10
28 Feb 12Music[D]Gemstar - LMAO Mixtape in Hip Hop129.02 MB10
15 Nov 08Music1 comments[D]Exclusive "Conspiracy Theory" Kensta Lopez ft Gemstar in Hip Hop3.39 MB10
06 Feb 11Music[D]Already Late - Hard Target in Hip Hop9.74 MB10
04 May 14Music[D]Gemstar - Bars (Official Music Video) with Lyrics in Hip Hop107.4 MB10
09 Oct 08Music[D]Gon Crazy - Gemstar in Hip Hop3.15 MB10
03 Mar 13Music[D]Bone Skizz ft. Choppa Clique - Gotto Go [Single] 2013 in Hip Hop6.06 MB10
09 Oct 08Music[D]Bounce - Gemstar Feat. Trae Dae in Hip Hop6.41 MB10
26 May 12Music[D]Gemstar ft. Hard Target - Running Away OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO in Hip Hop47.29 MB10
25 Nov 09Music[D]Paparazzi - Eternal Tru ft. Hard Target in Hip Hop5.65 MB10
06 Nov 11Music[D]Gemstar - Trust Nobody with bonus videos in Hip Hop51.93 MB10
07 Jul 15Music1 comments[D]Nadege -What Is Love(Reggae Cover) produced by DJ Gio/Johari in Reggae7.68 MB10
12 Oct 08Music[D]Miami Beach Ft. Ramega and Trae Dae[single] in Hip Hop3.07 MB10
01 Oct 10Music[D]Hard Target, Gemstar and Kensta Lopez - Return of the Red Eye Mixtape in Hip Hop109.22 MB10
07 Dec 13Music[D]Gemstar - It's a Party - Open Skies in Reggae11 MB11
09 Oct 08Music[D]What a Surprise - Donovan Banzana in Reggae4.9 MB10
07 Jul 10Music2 comments[D]Big Boi - Marpo ft Gemstar in Hip Hop7.79 MB10
11 Sep 12Music1 comments[D]Music Gemstar in Hip Hop4.75 MB10
20 Jan 10Music[D]On My Feet Gemstar ft Mason Caine in Hip Hop5.21 MB10
11 Jan 09Music[D]Gemstar in Hip Hop6.65 MB10
07 Feb 11Music[D]Hard Target- Shut Up & Rap Vol. 4 Mixtape [320 kps] in Hip Hop104.91 MB10
04 Aug 14Music[D]Gemstar - Outkast in Hip Hop9.64 MB10
09 Oct 08Music[D]Oh Please!!! - Crazy P featuring Incient in Reggae3.93 MB10
28 May 13Music[D]Gemstar - Life Been Good - Music Video - Open Skies in Hip Hop272.26 MB10
09 Oct 08Music[D]Headbanger - Gemstar feat. Flamez in Hip Hop5.7 MB10
11 May 10Music[D]ROE - Digi-Tall (2010) [Single] in Electronic7.24 MB10
30 May 12Music[D]Gemstar - Never Take Away (Official Music Video) in Hip Hop30.67 MB10
07 Dec 09Music[D]Marked Me for Dead[Single] Hard Target ft Gemstar & Eternal Tru in Hip Hop11.99 MB20
05 Jan 12Music2 comments[D]Gemstar ft Hard Target - Running Away Trailer in Hip Hop6.58 MB10
23 Aug 15Music[D]Gemstar - Momma (Official Music Video)HD in Hip Hop79.19 MB30
09 Nov 10Music[D]Put It on The Map - Gemstar - LEAK in Hip Hop5.7 MB10
10 Dec 13Music[D]Hard Target x Cymple man - Miley Cyrus [Single] in Hip Hop26.95 MB10
10 Apr 11Other[D]Midnight Train Music Video (1080p HD)- Hard Target in Other130.52 MB10
19 May 10Other1 comments[D]Dualist in Podcasts73.17 MB10
27 Apr 10Other[D]Behind the scenes video "Big Boy" Marpo ft Gemstar in Other46.29 MB10
13 Oct 08Other[D]Make Money Music Movie - Gemstar ft Capital P in Other9.27 MB10