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Torrents uploaded by frankeivind (59 torrents) RSS

AddedCategory commentsNameSizeSeedsLeechers
24 Dec 13Movies[D]big-buck-bunny_nintendo_3ds-edition in Animation570.12 MB21
21 Dec 13Other[D]franks_retrocast_02_spaceharrier3d_3ds-edition in Podcasts77.78 MB10
07 Nov 13Other[D]oisang-ferga_minutt-for-minutt in Other2.38 GB10
21 Dec 11Movies[D]Winter.and.birds.720p.3D.side-by-side in Documentary136.28 MB40
21 Dec 11Movies[D]Winter.and.birds.Nintendo3DS in Documentary152.78 MB10
18 Dec 11Movies[D]Flamsbana.3D.720p.side-by-side in Documentary334.48 MB10
18 Dec 11Movies[D]Train_journey_in_3D_Nintendo3DS in Documentary109.29 MB20
17 Dec 11Movies1 comments[D]Aquarium_3D_720p in Documentary333.44 MB120
17 Dec 11Movies[D]Aquarium3D_Nintendo3DS in Documentary225.3 MB31
17 Dec 11Movies[D]Train_journey_in_3D_for_Nintendo3DS_long_version in Documentary308.26 MB10
17 Dec 11Movies[D]Train_journey_in_3D_for_Nintendo3DS_short_version in Documentary109.29 MB10
06 Nov 11TV Shows[D]Hurtigruten.time-lapse.iPhone in Other1013.66 MB20
27 Aug 11Pictures[D]Hurtigruten_a_painting_slideshow in Other137.83 MB10
27 Aug 11Other[D]Hurtigruten_a_painting_4k [video] in Other284.06 MB80
27 Aug 11Other[D]Hurtigruten_a_painting_1080p [video] in Other166.46 MB10
13 Jul 11Other[D]hurtigruten.timelapse.1000x.bergen-kirkenes in Other509.94 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e35.VDS-KKN_timelapse (Vadsø - Kirkenes) in Other111.75 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e34.VRD-VDS_timelapse (Vardø - Vadsø) in Other146.03 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e33.BJF-VRD_timelapse (Båtsfjord - Vardø) in Other153.23 MB01
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e32.BVG-BJF_timelapse (Berlevåg - Båtsfjord) in Other92.1 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e31.MEH-BVG_timelapse (Mehamn - Berlevåg) in Other131.21 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e30.KJD-MEH_timelapse (Kjøllefjord - Mehamn) in Other102.88 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e29.HVG-KJD_timelapse (Honningsvåg - Kjøllefjord) in Other122.26 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e28.HVS-HVG_timelapse (Havøysund - Honningsvåg) in Other112.71 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e27.HFT-HVS_timelapse (Hammerfest - Havøysund) in Other150.12 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e26.OKD-HFT_timelapse (Øksfjord - Hammerfest) in Other140.46 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e25.SRY-OKD_timelapse (Skjervøy - Øksfjord) in Other165.19 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e24.TOS-SRY_timelapse (Tromsø - Skjervøy) in Other204.9 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e23.FNS-TOS_timelapse (Finnsnes - Tromsø) in Other150.49 MB01
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e22.HRD-FNS_timelapse (Harstad - Finnsnes) in Other173.43 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e21.RIN-HRD_timelapse (Risøyhamn - Harstad) in Other100.9 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e20.SRD-RIN_timelapse (Sortland - Risøyhamn) in Other71.33 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e19.SKN-SRD_timelapse (Storkmarknes - Sortland) in Other67.05 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e18.SVJ-SKN_timelapse (Svolvær - Storkmarknes) in Other188.08 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e17.STU-SVJ_timelapse (Stamsund - Svolvær) in Other86.24 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e16.BOO-STU_timelapse (Bodø - Stamsund) in Other194.77 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e15.ORS-BOO_timelapse (Ørnes - Bodø) in Other140.95 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e14.NES-ORS_timelapse (Nesna - Ørnes) in Other185.71 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e13.SSJ-NES_timelapse (Sandnessjøen - Nesna) in Other72.11 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e12.BNN-SSJ_timelapse (Brønnøysund - Sandnessjøen) in Other137.65 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e11.RVK-BNN_timelapse (Rørvik - Brønnøysund) in Other177.45 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e10.TRD-RVK_timelapse (Trondheim - Rørvik) in Other419.26 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e09.KSU-TRD_timelapse (Kristiansund - Trondheim) in Other319.59 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e08.MOL-KSU_timelapse (Molde - Kristiansund) in Other176.37 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e07.AE2-MOL_timelapse (Ålesund - Molde) in Other130.51 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e04.TVK-AES_timelapse (Torvik - Ålesund) in Other66.7 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]Hurtigruten.e03.MAL-TVK_timelapse (Måløy - Torvik) in Other137.27 MB10
10 Jul 11Other[D]hurtigruten.e01.BGO-FRO_timelapse (Bergen - Florø) in Other311.12 MB10
25 Jun 11Music[D]Hurtigruten: "Ambient Sea Waves" (MP3, 256Kbps) in Ambient109.88 MB10
22 Jun 11Other[D]Hurtigruten - timelapse [e05-06]: Geirangerfjorden (Ålesund-Geiranger-Ålesund) in Other867.31 MB10
19 Jun 11Other[D]Hurtigruten: Florø - Måløy [e02] in Other180.7 MB10
26 Oct 10Other[D]My hometown in Winter 3D [side-by-side] in Other168.8 MB01
17 Oct 10Other[D]Aiptek 3D i2 - side-by-side 3D-test in Other166.17 MB10
07 Sep 10Other1 comments[D]Flambsbana: Anaglyph 3D vs fake 3D in Other121.9 MB20
04 Sep 10Other[D]Flåmsbanen anaglyph 3D 1080p in Other1.11 GB01
27 Jun 10Other[D]Bybanen i 3D (anaglyph) in Other224.36 MB10
23 Apr 10Other[D]Bergensbanen time laps 720p in Other303.35 MB10
23 Apr 10Movies[D]Bergensbanen 3D 720p (anaglyph 3D) in Other296.22 MB10
23 Apr 10Other[D]StoppDLD: demonstrasjon, OSLO in Other226.58 MB10