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Torrents uploaded by neferiu (64 torrents) RSS

AddedCategory commentsNameSizeSeedsLeechers
07 Sep 15Music[D]mikedecline & Ryan Stinson - Prairie Mouth in Instrumental93.35 MB20
23 Jan 14Music[D]PHONO010: Ryan Stinson - FUTURA (Deluxe Edition) in Instrumental75.88 MB10
28 Nov 13Music[D]PHONO015: Charly Hustle - The Super Professional Beats in Instrumental39.59 MB11
28 Nov 13Music[D]PHONO011: Hustle & Thrive - The Super Professionals EP in Hip Hop39.08 MB10
17 Nov 13Music[D]PHONO009: mikedecline - ALL FALL/miniluv in Instrumental50.96 MB10
17 Nov 13Music[D]PHONO008: mikedecline - MOOD SOOP in Instrumental104.54 MB10
17 Nov 13Music[D]PHONO002: Chapter Thrive & Ryan Stinson - 20 Something (The Beats) in Instrumental80.15 MB10
27 Apr 13Music[D]PHONO005: mikedecline - Calmmunicate in Instrumental79.04 MB10
27 Apr 13Music[D]PHONO003: mikedecline - Umbrellatons in Instrumental67.02 MB10
23 Apr 13Music[D]NEF160: Wax Organix Presents Beastie Organix (The Beastie Boys Remix Project) in Hip Hop40.67 MB10
14 Feb 13Music[D]NEF159: Stilz - Love Confidential in Hip Hop40.87 MB10
31 Jan 13Music[D]NEF144: Neferiu Records - 2011 in Electronic122.61 MB10
31 Jan 13Music[D]NEF151: Wax Organix - Blackened White in Electronic85.29 MB10
31 Jan 13Music[D]NEF136: Touch - Reject in Hip Hop87.38 MB10
31 Jan 13Music[D]NEF141: Stilz - The Bachelor from Venus in Hip Hop56.19 MB10
31 Jan 13Music[D]NEF135: The Dirty Sample - The Insane Chessboard (Ghostface Killah Remixes) in Hip Hop39.78 MB10
31 Jan 13Music[D]NEF145: Two Blue Apes - Kings EP in Hip Hop26.84 MB10
31 Jan 13Music[D]NEF140: Shep & Stilz - Digital Sol in Hip Hop40.15 MB10
31 Jan 13Music[D]NEF147: Mantrakid - MissyKid (Missy Elliott Remixes) in Hip Hop47.88 MB10
31 Jan 13Music[D]NEF139: Imaginations Treetrunk - EFF ESS BEE in Hip Hop83.75 MB10
31 Jan 13Music[D]NEF146: Mokhov - Halcyon EP in Electronic38.29 MB10
31 Jan 13Music[D]NEF143: Mantrakid - Dragon Lullabies in Electronic48.92 MB10
31 Jan 13Music[D]NEF142: Graciellita - Past the Hour EP - Mokhov Remixes in Electronic37.21 MB10
31 Jan 13Music[D]NEF150: Cityscape - Sanctuary EP in Electronic52.34 MB10
31 Jan 13Music[D]NEF157: 22tape - mosaicchangetone in Hip Hop46.27 MB10
31 Jan 13Music[D]NEF148: 22tape - Firefly Bulletshots EP in Hip Hop57.68 MB10
07 Jan 13Music[D]NEF158 - Mantrakid: Xenochrony (A Beat-Tape Tribute to Frank Zappa) in Hip Hop82.88 MB10
27 Oct 12Music[D]NEF153 - Second Architect: Wargame Constructor Set in Hip Hop63.27 MB10
27 Oct 12Music[D]NEF154 - CNTPS: Proper EP in Hip Hop22.4 MB10
21 Mar 12Music[D]NEF149 - Maxime Robin: D.I.Y. Swag in Instrumental133.13 MB10
02 Mar 11Music[D]NEF104: Cinister Cee - Cinstrumentals in Hip Hop267.52 MB10
02 Mar 11Music[D]NEF106: Ricca Razor Sharp - 12 Steps to a Deffer You in Hip Hop84.66 MB10
01 Mar 11Music[D]NEF103: Audible Intelligence - Winter 2006 in Hip Hop142.26 MB20
01 Mar 11Music[D]NEF007: Desexia - Offered to the Idol in Electronic145.05 MB10
01 Mar 11Music[D]NEF006: Sense - Melancholica in Electronic18.49 MB10
01 Mar 11Music[D]NEF008: Muscadine - upanddown EP in Hip Hop35.91 MB10
01 Mar 11Music[D]NEF010: Ecotone & Mantrakid - Stereo in Hip Hop60.29 MB10
01 Mar 11Music[D]NEF003: Mantrakid - After 10 EP in Hip Hop28.84 MB10
28 Feb 11Music[D]NEF115: Mantrakid - Palmflowerblack in Electronic126.18 MB10
28 Feb 11Music[D]NEF121: Metawon - Choplifter in Hip Hop142.61 MB10
27 Feb 11Music[D]NEF125: Ginsberg's Inkling: Ummm in Hip Hop111.55 MB20
27 Feb 11Music[D]NEF130: Neferiu Records - Tendown in Hip Hop164.48 MB10
27 Feb 11Music[D]NEF125: Ginsberg's Inkling: Ummm in Hip Hop111.55 MB20
27 Feb 11Music[D]NEF126: Ricca Razor Sharp & EQ: Opposites Attract in Hip Hop106.46 MB10
27 Feb 11Music[D]NEF132: Jon Brando - No Laptop Bummer Disk in Hip Hop50.47 MB20
27 Feb 11Music[D]NEF131: Touch - Alienated in Hip Hop146.64 MB10
26 Feb 11Music[D]NEF105: Pete Meadows - Existension in Electronic119.85 MB20
26 Feb 11Music[D]NEF123: Fatt Matt & Big Moves - Rusty Hooks - Digital 12 in Hip Hop124.32 MB10
26 Feb 11Music[D]Touch and Nato - This Shit is Mad Real Ft. Vinnie Paz in Hip Hop6.74 MB10
26 Feb 11Music[D]NEF122: The Dirty Sample - Two Blue Apes in Hip Hop102.03 MB10
26 Feb 11Music[D]NEF127: Chadio - Stolen Moments in Hip Hop132.61 MB40
26 Feb 11Music[D]NEF128: The Dirty Sample - Unluck in Hip Hop57.95 MB10
26 Feb 11Music[D]NEF129: Dockta Valkus - INFOBOMB EP in Hip Hop40.25 MB10
25 Feb 11Music[D]NEF137: Cityscape - Advertisements in Electronic63.04 MB10
25 Feb 11Music[D]NEF133: Max Prime & Marc Pause - Prime Directive: Show 'n Prove in Hip Hop38.46 MB10
13 Jan 11Music[D]NEF134 - Metawon & The Dirty Sample: Toothface Swaggerfoot in Hip Hop124.6 MB10
27 Nov 09Music[D]NEF118: The Dirty Sample - Sounds in Hip Hop118.71 MB10
27 Nov 09Music[D]NEF114: Shep & DJ Stilz - Radio Gente in Hip Hop78.67 MB10
27 Nov 09Music[D]NEF112: Metawon - Electric Dyslexic in Hip Hop96.5 MB10
27 Nov 09Music[D]NEF110: The Dirty Sample Presents the Belvedere Sessions in Hip Hop126.78 MB10
27 Nov 09Music[D]NEF101: Mantrakid - Neutralmonism in Electronic67.45 MB10
27 Nov 09Music[D]NEF002: Salice - Salice in Electronic68.45 MB10
27 Nov 09Music[D]The Dirty Sample - The Perfect Mask (A MF Doom Tribute) in Hip Hop43.51 MB10
06 Nov 09Music[D]Mantrakid - Palmflowerblack (XRNS Source) in Electronic1.18 GB10