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Torrents uploaded by nitmeare (381 torrents) RSS

AddedCategory commentsNameSizeSeedsLeechers
12 Dec 14Books1 comments[D]The Chinese Cook Book (1917) in Ebooks1.81 MB20
12 Dec 14Books[D]Ebook - Steam engine theory and practice (1922) in Ebooks30.22 MB40
12 Dec 14Books[D]Das Leiden unsers Herren Jesu Christi (1460) in Ebooks23.69 MB20
10 Dec 14Books[D]Senate Report on CIA Torture - PDF - Download in Ebooks62.64 MB40
07 Jul 14Books[D]Free Ebook - Anatomy and Physiology of Animals in Ebooks15.19 MB20
04 Jul 14Books[D]Anarchismus in Ebooks4.5 MB10
03 Jan 14Books[D]Anarchy - By Errico MALATESTA Audiobook in Audio books97.55 MB10
06 Nov 12Other[D]What is Anonymous ? What is The Hackers Plan ? in Other304.63 MB40
22 Sep 12Other[D]Die GEMA - Bruno Kramm erklärt uns alle fiesen Details der GEMA in Other63.35 MB10
11 Sep 12Books[D]Das Grundeinkommen : Würdigung - Wertungen - Wege in Ebooks5.87 MB10
19 Aug 12Books[D]Manifesto against Labour - Krisis-Group in Ebooks221.89 KB10
16 Aug 12Books[D]Manifesto against Labour (Audio Version) in Audio books149.1 MB10
08 Aug 12Books[D]Die Anarchisten - Hörbuch - John Henry Mackay in Audio books636.96 MB10
14 Jul 12Movies[D]Ein Volk in Waffen - Der Spanische Anarchismus 1936 in Documentary425.53 MB11
05 Jul 12Books[D]Jean Jacques Rousseau A Discourse Upon the Origin and the Foundation of the Inequality Among Mankind in Audio books152.46 MB10
28 Feb 12Books[D]Audiobook - Leviathan - Thomas Hobbes in Audio books1.21 GB30
26 Feb 12Books[D]Audiobook - Socialism: Utopian and Scientific (Friedrich Engels) in Audio books154.23 MB10
25 Feb 12Books[D]Peter Kropotkin Audiobook: Memoirs of a Revolutionist in Audio books916.85 MB10
25 Feb 12Books[D]Audiobook - The Conquest of bread by Peter Kropotkin in Audio books371.89 MB10
24 Feb 12Books[D]Audiobook - Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution by Peter Kropotkin (1842-1921) in Audio books520.39 MB10
23 Feb 12Books[D]Ebook - The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom in Ebooks3.55 MB10
14 Jan 10Movies[D]ww2 Documentary: NORMANDY, THE AIRBORNE INVASION OF FORTRESS EUROPE in Documentary2.39 GB541
13 Jan 10Books[D]Rebels; into anarchy--and out again (1920) (ebook) in Ebooks37.19 MB10
10 Jan 10Books[D]Paris on the barricades; a story of the immortal struggle of the Communards of 1871 in Ebooks63.11 MB20
09 Jan 10Books[D]TheDigital Revoluion and Piracy (ebook) in Ebooks629.21 KB20
09 Jan 10Books[D]Ebook - The evolution of revolution (1921) in Ebooks31.29 MB10
08 Jan 10Movies3 comments[D]Man and Space (The need for maned space exploration 1961) in Documentary1008 MB181
08 Jan 10Movies1 comments[D]Video: THE CIVIL RIGHTS MARCH ON WASHINGTON – 1963 in Other951.59 MB20
07 Jan 10Movies1 comments[D]Communism - The Big Lie (1950s Anti Communist Propaganda) in Documentary906.21 MB11
07 Jan 10Other[D]Hacking in the age of declining everything - What can we do when everything we thought turns out to in Other225.3 MB10
07 Jan 10Movies3 comments[D]WWII Documentary : At the Front in North Africa – 1943 in Documentary1.88 GB40
07 Jan 10Movies[D]CCC-TV - Liquid Democracy Direkter Parlamentarismus – gemeinsam verbindlich entscheiden in Other708.09 MB20
04 Jan 10Movies1 comments[D]I Am Not Alone – In a 1950s soviet prison (1956) in Documentary1.17 GB10
31 Dec 09Movies[D]Cuba : The Battle of America (1960) in Documentary2.33 GB20
30 Dec 09Movies1 comments[D]Video: Antartica Expedition 1939 (Historical Footage) in Documentary1.22 GB10
25 Dec 09Movies1 comments[D]Video: How to Fly the P-47: Ground Handling, Take-Off, Normal Flight, Landing (1943) in Documentary1.12 GB10
24 Dec 09Movies[D]Video: Christmas 1950 in Other123.9 MB10
24 Dec 09Movies1 comments[D]TECHNOLOGY FOR TOMORROW (EYE IN THE SKY) in Documentary1.28 GB40
23 Dec 09Movies1 comments[D]World War2 Documentary: Desert Victory – 1943 in Documentary699 MB60
22 Dec 09Movies1 comments[D]Doku: Czechoslovakia’s Invasion by the Sovietunion (1968) in Documentary761.73 MB30
14 Dec 09Movies1 comments[D]Unconquerable Tibet: Anti-Communist Revolt (1959) in Documentary434.82 MB10
14 Dec 09Movies1 comments[D]How to Fly the B-17 Bomber: Flight Operations (1943) in Documentary192.71 MB30
11 Dec 09Movies4 comments[D]Footage : HINDENBURG CRASH, 05/06/1937 in Other474.29 MB30
10 Dec 09Movies1 comments[D]Documentary: The Plow That Broke the Great Plains (1937) in Documentary1.15 GB30
10 Dec 09Movies1 comments[D]Documentary : The Battle of Ia Drang Valley (1965)(Vietnam War) in Documentary1.27 GB20
09 Dec 09Movies[D]Video: North Korea: THE PUEBLO INCIDENT in Documentary1.28 GB10
09 Dec 09Movies1 comments[D]World War 2 Documentary: LISTEN TO BRITAIN (1942) in Documentary912.66 MB40
09 Dec 09Movies1 comments[D]Video: PRES. NIXON SPEAKS FROM WHITE HOUSE ON WATERGATE in Other1.59 GB20
07 Dec 09Movies2 comments[D]Documentary: China Leaps Forward in Documentary2.24 GB20
06 Dec 09Movies4 comments[D]WW2 Documentary: The fight for the Sky in Documentary1.87 GB20
05 Dec 09Movies5 comments[D]Documentary : The General George S. Patton Story in Documentary1.26 GB50
04 Dec 09Movies1 comments[D]Christmas Brings Joy To Everyone - 1945 in Other145.83 MB10
30 Nov 09Movies[D]News Magazine of the Screen: Atomic Energy in Documentary519.7 MB30
26 Nov 09Movies4 comments[D]Cosmic Origins Spectrograph - Exploring Physics Across the Universe in Documentary282.53 MB30
19 Nov 09Movies9 comments[D]Hubblecast 31: Sky merger yields sparkling dividends (Full HD – 1080P) in Documentary190.09 MB20
06 Nov 09Movies1 comments[D]Documentary - The Carbon Connection in Documentary461.87 MB33
04 Nov 09Movies[D]Video: Radio at War (ca. 1944 US WW2 Propaganda) in Documentary500.04 MB11
03 Nov 09Movies[D]Nasa HD: Ares 1-X Test Rocket Launches in Other176.98 MB110
01 Nov 09Books11 comments[D]Ebook - 300 culinary receipts (Cookbook) in Ebooks48.91 MB30
01 Nov 09Other[D]Alan Woods - The Relevance of Socialism in the 21st Century in Other21.61 MB10
30 Oct 09Movies[D]No Copy - Die Geschichte der ditalen Raubkopie in Documentary55.18 MB10
29 Oct 09TV Shows4 comments[D]Video: Linux in Hollywood in Other25.64 MB10
27 Oct 09Movies9 comments[D]Venezuela Bolivariana: People and Struggle of the Fourth World War in Documentary2.9 GB10
26 Oct 09Other2 comments[D]Internet Archive Creative Commons Promo (2009) in Other236.56 MB10
26 Oct 09Other[D]Merkel zu Finanzminister Schäuble und den 100.000 D-Mark in Other4.66 MB10
24 Oct 09Books[D]Ebook - The Diaries of Leo Tolstoy (1917) in Ebooks8.94 MB10
21 Oct 09Books1 comments[D]Men of Iron (Audio Book) in Audio books372.44 MB10
20 Oct 09Movies13 comments[D]Video: Postwar Germany: 28 Months After V-E Day (1947) in Documentary1.19 GB20
14 Oct 09Movies16 comments[D]Video: America Goes Over (1918) rare World War 1 footage in Documentary1.65 GB10
14 Oct 09Movies1 comments[D]Dynamic American City (1950s) in Documentary556.1 MB250
12 Oct 09Movies1 comments[D]Video: Wastage of Human Resources in Documentary271.84 MB40
11 Oct 09Movies6 comments[D]Video: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Other18.39 MB40
10 Oct 09Movies6 comments[D]Gaia - World Order Ruled from the Internet in Other23.09 MB10
10 Oct 09Movies[D]Stay Safe, Stay Strong: The Facts About Nuclear Weapons (1960) in Documentary600.51 MB20
10 Oct 09Movies[D]Radiological Defense (1961) in Documentary606.18 MB20
09 Oct 09Movies1 comments[D]Are You Popular ? in Other261.04 MB10
09 Oct 09Books[D]Karl Marx - Das Kapital ( Hörbuch )(German) in Audio books1.89 GB41
09 Oct 09Movies1 comments[D]Master Hands - 1936 in Other722.23 MB20
09 Oct 09Books[D]Ebook - Gospel hymns in Ebooks36.29 MB10
07 Oct 09Movies1 comments[D]Columbia University - Student Revolt 1968 in Documentary1 GB20
07 Oct 09Movies[D]Vietnam War: Progress To Peace (1967) in Documentary1.26 GB10
06 Oct 09Movies[D]Red Chinese Battle Plan (US Cold War Propaganda) in Documentary251.66 MB20
06 Oct 09Movies[D]Anti-War Demonstrators Storm Pentagon, in Other47.98 MB10
05 Oct 09Movies3 comments[D]Why Vietnam War ? in Documentary1.06 GB01
03 Oct 09Other[D]Elektronischer Reporter: Zukunft des Journalismus : wer soll das bezahlen? in Podcasts96.03 MB10
01 Oct 09Books[D]Ebook - Die Piratenpartei in Ebooks1.93 MB10
27 Sep 09Other[D]Piratenpartei : Ich Bin Pirat (2009) in Other73.3 MB10
27 Sep 09Music[D]Piratenpartei Song: Alle, die mit uns den Bundestag entern in Other12.19 MB10
27 Sep 09Music[D]Piratenpartei Song zur Bundestagswahl 2009 Piraten Ahoi in Other3.93 MB10
23 Sep 09Books1 comments[D]Ebook - The spirit of labor (1907) in Ebooks36.61 MB10
17 Sep 09Books5 comments[D]Anarchism and Other Essays (Audiobook by Emma Goldman) in Audio books320.27 MB20
16 Sep 09Books2 comments[D]Ebook - Communication Theory in Ebooks1.23 MB30
16 Sep 09Movies9 comments[D]Hubblecast HD 30: Rebirth of an icon (1080P) in Documentary383.02 MB20
15 Sep 09Books1 comments[D]Ebook - Engineering Acoustics in Ebooks3.17 MB10
15 Sep 09Books1 comments[D]Ebook - First Aid in Ebooks9.35 MB10
14 Sep 09Books8 comments[D]Audiobook - An Introduction to Metaphysics in Audio books96.95 MB20
14 Sep 09Books3 comments[D]Audiobook - The Autobiography of Charles Darwin in Audio books151.08 MB20
10 Sep 09Software12 comments[D]Ubuntu 9.04 Portable in Windows - Other1.14 GB10
10 Sep 09Books[D]Ebook - The Iroquois; or, The bright side of Indian character (1855) in Ebooks13.13 MB20
09 Sep 09Books[D]Ebook - Freie Software Zwischen Privat- und Gemeineigentum in Ebooks1.5 MB10
08 Sep 09Books1 comments[D]Ebook - Individual Liberty by Benjamin Tuker in Ebooks4.16 MB10
08 Sep 09Books[D]Ebook - The place of anarchism in socialistic evolution; an address by Pierre Kropotkin in Ebooks1.74 MB10
08 Sep 09Books[D]Ebook - Modern Science and Anarchism (Petr Alekseevich Kropotkin) in Ebooks1.13 MB10
05 Sep 09Software29 comments[D]Tool - Process Hacker 1.5 in Windows - Other1.17 MB10
30 Aug 09Books5 comments[D]Ebook - Alice's adventures in Wonderland in Ebooks10.48 MB20
29 Aug 09Movies[D]Molly Grows Up (1950s teenage education film) in Other378.87 MB40
28 Aug 09Books[D]Ebook - Die Lobbyschlacht um Software-Patente in Ebooks1.94 MB10
26 Aug 09Books1 comments[D]Ebook - Consciousness Studies Edition 2.0 in Ebooks3.04 MB20
26 Aug 09Books1 comments[D]Ebook - US History in Audio books966.64 KB10
26 Aug 09Books6 comments[D]Ebook - Human physiology in Ebooks13.78 MB30
26 Aug 09Books1 comments[D]Ebook - Guy Fawkes; or, The gunpowder treason, an historical romance in Ebooks46.69 MB10
26 Aug 09Books2 comments[D]Ebook - Special Relativity (Physics) in Ebooks1.43 MB20
24 Aug 09Books9 comments[D]Ebook - Chess in Ebooks3.32 MB30
19 Aug 09Books[D]Ebook - Modern steam engines: an elementary treatise upon the steam engine in Ebooks47.72 MB30
19 Aug 09Books[D]Ebook - The life of Napoleon Bonaparte: down to the peace of Tolentino and the in Ebooks23.5 MB10
19 Aug 09Books1 comments[D]Ebook - Some thoughts concerning education - by John Locke in Ebooks12.67 MB21
19 Aug 09Books1 comments[D]Ebook - Picture of slavery in the United States of America? in Ebooks8.09 MB20
17 Aug 09Books[D]Ebook - The church and slavery in Ebooks12.68 MB11
13 Aug 09Movies7 comments[D]Nasa: APOLLO 07 and 08 ONBOARD FILM (1968) in Documentary2.75 GB20
12 Aug 09Games13 comments[D]Game: Secret Maryo Chronicles (Super Mario) win32 + Mac OS X in Windows175.59 MB80
08 Aug 09Movies13 comments[D]Nasa video: APOLLO LAUNCH VIEWS (1968) in Other2.37 GB20
07 Aug 09Movies3 comments[D]Social-Sex Attitudes in Adolescence in Documentary523.59 MB50
31 Jul 09Books[D]Ebook - Tracts of Mr. Thomas Hobbs of Malmsbury in Ebooks27.15 MB20
31 Jul 09Movies[D]Obama video: The President Highlights Health Insurance Consumer Protections in Other675.87 MB20
26 Jul 09Movies14 comments[D]Coca Cola : Pearl of the Orient (1955) (Philippines) in Documentary487.11 MB02
23 Jul 09Movies4 comments[D]Nasa video: Apollo 9 - Three To Make Ready (1969) in Documentary172.45 MB11
23 Jul 09Movies1 comments[D]Nasa Video: Apollo 8: Go For TLI (1969) in Documentary219.1 MB10
22 Jul 09Books1 comments[D]Ebook - Spirit of Laws by Montesquieu in Ebooks23.8 MB10
20 Jul 09Other12 comments[D] Nasa Animation: To the Moon (2008) in Other49.16 MB10
19 Jul 09Movies3 comments[D]Nasa video - What is a Planet? in Documentary40.79 MB10
18 Jul 09Movies10 comments[D]Flight of Apollo 11 (1969) in Documentary282.3 MB10
17 Jul 09Movies53 comments[D]Nasa HD: Apollo 11 Moonwalk Montage in Documentary51.75 MB10
15 Jul 09Books17 comments[D]Ebook - The Kama Sutra of Vatsayayana in Ebooks1.26 MB90
15 Jul 09Other[D]A New Vision for Urban and Metropolitan Policy in Other149 MB10
15 Jul 09Books3 comments[D]Ebook - Stories from the Arabian nights in Ebooks26.74 MB13
15 Jul 09Books3 comments[D]Ebook - French and English philosophers: Descartes, Rousseau, Voltaire, Hobbes in Ebooks31.4 MB10
14 Jul 09Books7 comments[D]Audiobook - A Short History of the United States in Audio books459.92 MB40
13 Jul 09Books20 comments[D]The 9/11 Commission report ( PDF Format ) in Ebooks11.91 MB12
13 Jul 09Books1 comments[D]Ebook - A Manual of the Steam Engine and Other Prime Movers in Ebooks26.04 MB50
12 Jul 09Books[D]Ebook - Historical studies in philosophy (1912) in Ebooks18.97 MB10
12 Jul 09Books1 comments[D]Ebook - The story of Doctor Dolittle, being the history of his peculiar life at home and astonishing in Ebooks12.53 MB01
04 Jul 09Other6 comments[D]Obama: Weekly Address: On the 4th of July, Overcoming America’s Challenges in Podcasts47.05 MB20
02 Jul 09Movies[D]USA: A National Discussion on Health Care Reform in Other737.75 MB20
02 Jul 09Other[D]ESOcast 8: Behind every great astronomer stands a great engineer in Podcasts203.89 MB10
29 Jun 09Books3 comments[D]Ebook - Twilight by FRANK DANBY in Ebooks150.47 MB15
29 Jun 09Books[D]Ebook - Letters from a cat in Ebooks11.71 MB10
29 Jun 09Books3 comments[D]Ebook - The rise and fall of anarchy in America in Ebooks19.48 MB10
29 Jun 09Other2 comments[D]President Obama: Working Together for Immigration Reform 2009 in Podcasts70.76 MB20
27 Jun 09Movies4 comments[D]Hubblecast 29: Mission Accomplished: Healing Hubble (HD 1080P) in Documentary229.5 MB10
23 Jun 09Movies[D]Du bist Terrorist - Video in Other59.29 MB10
20 Jun 09Other9 comments[D]Obama: Weekly Address: Financial Reform to Protect Consumers FRIDAY, JUNE 19TH, 2009 in Other48.95 MB10
20 Jun 09Books[D]Ebook - The memoirs of Paul Kruger, four times President of the South African Republic (1902) in Ebooks86.76 MB20
20 Jun 09Books1 comments[D]Ebook - The origins of the Islamic state : being a translation from the Arabic in Ebooks46.77 MB20
20 Jun 09Books6 comments[D]Audiobook - War and Peace - Book3 - by Leo Tolstoy in Audio books277.01 MB50
19 Jun 09Books[D]Ebook - A Pirate of the Caribbees in Ebooks16.72 MB10
19 Jun 09Books4 comments[D]Audiobook - War and Peace, Book 02 by Leo tolstoy in Audio books255.29 MB40
19 Jun 09Other12 comments[D]President Obama: New Foundation, New Stability - WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17TH, 2009 AT 1:48 PM in Other210.86 MB60
18 Jun 09Books5 comments[D]Audiobook - War and Peace - Leo Tolstoy - Book1 in Audio books303.89 MB30
18 Jun 09Books3 comments[D]Audiobook - An Essay on Criticism by Alexander Pope in Audio books41.46 MB11
17 Jun 09Other17 comments[D]Obama speech: Why Reform, Why Now - MON, JUNE 15, 4:19 PM EST in Other599.58 MB10
17 Jun 09Games10 comments[D]Wormux - The Game (Worms clone) v.0.8.3 Windows + Mac in Windows103.92 MB11
16 Jun 09Movies1 comments[D]Wings for This Man (1945) WWII Airforce Propaganda video in Documentary338.46 MB20
16 Jun 09Books1 comments[D]Ebook - HANDBOOK OF AMERICAN INDIANS NORTH OF MEXICO in Ebooks317.69 MB32
15 Jun 09Books[D]Ebook collection - Strategy and tactics of world communism (1955) in Ebooks122.09 MB10
14 Jun 09Movies1 comments[D]The 280 mm Atomic Gun at the Nevada Proving Ground (1953) in Documentary510.66 MB10
14 Jun 09Other3 comments[D]Whitehouse: Weekly Address: Health Care Reform as the Key to Our Fiscal Future in Podcasts52.13 MB10
13 Jun 09Games31 comments[D]FlightGear flight simulator in Windows225.3 MB52
12 Jun 09Movies21 comments[D]Documentary: GNU / Linux : The Codebreakers in Documentary1.52 GB80
12 Jun 09Books[D]Audiobook - Agricola by Publius Cornelius Tacitus in Audio books81.74 MB10
12 Jun 09Books[D]Audiobook - Ars Poetica and Carmen Saeculare in Audio books108.46 MB22
11 Jun 09Other[D]Obama Speech: Good news for the Taxpayer in Podcasts104.48 MB10
11 Jun 09Books2 comments[D]Audiobook - A Traveller in War-Time (By Winston Churchill in Audio books139.92 MB20
10 Jun 09Books1 comments[D]Audiobook - Lenin : Two Tactics of Social-Democracy in the Democratic Revolution in Audio books357.95 MB20
09 Jun 09Books2 comments[D]Ebook - The history of the devil, as well ancient as modern in Ebooks36.45 MB10
09 Jun 09Books2 comments[D]Open-Office ebook pack for v3.x in Ebooks110.25 MB20
08 Jun 09Books3 comments[D]Ebook - The revolutions of Europe: being an historical view of the European nations in Ebooks40.68 MB01
07 Jun 09Movies10 comments[D] Nasa HD: Oceans of Climate Change (720p) in Documentary141.49 MB41
07 Jun 09Books2 comments[D]Ebook - FREE CULTURE by Lawrence Lessig in Ebooks41.31 MB21
07 Jun 09Books[D]Arabic Chrestomathy : selected passages from Arabic prose-writers in Ebooks21.46 MB10
07 Jun 09Books[D]Ebook - The pursuit of happiness and other poems in Ebooks9.11 MB40
07 Jun 09Movies93 comments[D] Nasa HD: Constellation: Earth, Moon, Mars (720p) in Documentary470.25 MB81
06 Jun 09Books2 comments[D]Ebook - Vector analysis, a text-book for the use of students of mathematics and physics in Ebooks41.53 MB20
06 Jun 09Books2 comments[D]Ebook - African invertebrates : a journal of biodiversity research (1919) in Ebooks33.69 MB11
06 Jun 09Books6 comments[D]Ebook - The Descent of man (1871) by Charles Darwin in Ebooks13.22 MB10
06 Jun 09Books[D]Ebook - Charles Darwin: The Power of Movement in Plants (1900) in Ebooks25.99 MB31
06 Jun 09Books11 comments[D]Ebook - A course of pure mathematics in Ebooks40.36 MB60
05 Jun 09Books2 comments[D]Ebook - The animal kingdom, arranged according to its organization, serving as a foundation for the in Ebooks107.45 MB01
05 Jun 09Books[D]Ebook - The economics of communism, with special reference to Russia's experiment (1921) in Ebooks17.73 MB10
05 Jun 09Books[D]Ebook - Communism in Central Europe in the time of the Reformation in Ebooks22.39 MB01
05 Jun 09Books[D]Ebook - Revolutionary communism in the United States in Ebooks1.26 MB01
05 Jun 09Books1 comments[D]ebook - In Russian and French prisons - by Kropotkin, Petr ( Anarchist Literature ) in Ebooks28.72 MB10
05 Jun 09Books[D]ebook - The place of anarchism in socialistic evolution; by Pierre Kropotkin in Ebooks1.74 MB11
04 Jun 09Other49 comments[D]President Obama speaks to the Muslim world from Cairo in Podcasts178.98 MB20
03 Jun 09Other1 comments[D]Obama: End of an Old General Motors in Podcasts159.81 MB01
02 Jun 09Books[D]Novalis: Hymns to the Night (Audiobook) in Audio books23.15 MB20
20 May 09Movies[D]President Obama: A Culture Change on Climate Change in Other165.11 MB11
14 May 09Movies3 comments[D]Hubblecast 28 HD: The fifth and final Hubble servicing mission in Documentary266.82 MB21
03 May 09Books12 comments[D]Ebook - EVERYONE’S GUIDE TO BY-PASSING INTERNET CENSORSHIP in Ebooks2.06 MB01
01 May 09Books3 comments[D]Audiobook - The Book of Dragons in Audio books198.32 MB20
20 Apr 09Movies[D]Chateau Thierry and the Aisne-Marne Operation (Historical ww1 footage) in Documentary184.55 MB10