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Torrents uploaded by vincedelgato (26 torrents) RSS

AddedCategory commentsNameSizeSeedsLeechers
19 Jan 10Music[D]1997 - a long psycadelic story-song about the end of days in Psychedelic18.03 MB10
26 Oct 09Music1 comments[D]5 songs by John Kammerer in Psychedelic22.67 MB10
24 Nov 09Music[D]5 State Killing Spree - String Theory (album) 256kbps MP3s in Alternative65.82 MB10
16 Jan 11Music6 comments[D]5SKS "The Zodiac" - Complete Album - 256k MP3s in Alternative140.08 MB10
18 Jan 10Music4 comments[D]5SKS - 1st single of 2010 - Higher in Rock10.34 MB10
09 Dec 09Music15 comments[D]5SKS - pre-release - all album tracks plus hidden tracks and b-sides in Unsigned/Amateur100.08 MB11
24 Jan 10Music14 comments[D]5SKS - Soundtrack to the End of the World (Indie Rock) in Indie138.54 MB10
26 Oct 10Music1 comments[D]5SKS - Subliminal - The Banned LP in Indie78.57 MB10
15 Jul 10Music9 comments[D]5SKS - Subterranean - Artist Release - Indie Rock in Indie164.63 MB10
05 Nov 10Music8 comments[D]5SKS - Teabagging Sarah Palin in Rock49.51 MB20
11 Feb 11Music[D]Acoustic Guitar and Singing - Bootleg CD in Alternative119.48 MB10
23 Nov 09Music[D]AWESOME POP-ROCK-PSYCADELIA in Psychedelic133.78 MB10
26 Oct 09Music2 comments[D]Best New Artist 2010 - GET THIS! - 9-song EP pre-release in Alternative44.77 MB10
19 Jan 10Music1 comments[D]Dolphin - Polarity - 1996 full album 256k MP3s with back cover (rare!) in Rock80.86 MB10
13 Feb 11Music[D]iTunes Top 5 new releases -February 2011 in Alternative40.24 MB20
31 Mar 11Music[D]iTunes Top 5 new releases March 2011 in Alternative31.35 MB20
31 Jan 10Movies[D]Music Video about how the powers that be orchestrated 9/11 in Documentary23.59 MB21
06 Feb 12Music2 comments[D]My Music MP3 collection - 105 songs in Alternative697.13 MB30
23 Nov 09Music3 comments[D]New song - Resurrection Blues - get it here before its released on iTunes! in Rock7.77 MB10
19 Jan 10Music2 comments[D]Stone Pony - Come Away - 1992 80kbps in Rock20.94 MB10
02 Aug 12Music2 comments[D]The Open Road - Full Album plus bonuses 256k MP3s in Alternative105.96 MB10
24 Mar 11Other3 comments[D]The Secret Yajweh Tapes - Volume One in Other70.04 MB10
15 Nov 10Music[D]UFO Disclosure Project 2011 - Secret Files in Alternative136.96 MB10
05 Nov 10Music[D]Velvet Alex - Not the Only Alien in Alternative79.71 MB10
31 Jan 10Music[D]Words That Can't be Written in Pop230.01 MB10
14 Feb 12Other[D]Yajweh - Vault Tape - February 2012 in Podcasts85.56 MB10